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MMA Reviews

Diamond MMA Cup Review

When it comes to protection in MMA, one of the most important things to protect are, well y’know. While cups have been around for decades from sports such as Cricket, Baseball and American football, there was a need for a more specialised protective cup for fighters. Founded in 2009, originally as a fight wear apparel …

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Best Wrestling Kneepads 2021

If someone gets injured during MMA training, it’s normally from wrestling. This could be from just a freak accident or by falling awkwardly (very common) but is also often from not wearing the proper protective gear to mitigate damage. Best Wrestling Knee Pads Reviewed Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads These knee pads come in a complete …

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Best Water Punching Bags 2021

Hitting a punching bag can be surprisingly tough on your hands, joints, feet, etc. Looking in from the outside, you might think that a heavy bag (despite the name) is easy and fun to punch and to kick. You’ve no doubt already seen someone using a heavy bag before in some form or another but …

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Best MMA Books 2021

There are so many great stories in MMA. The birth of the sport in itself is a fantastic tale and the story of its rise most likely hasn’t even properly begun yet as MMA is still so young. So many MMA fighters have had incredible lives so far. With some of them, you only catch …

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Best Kids Punching Bags 2021

Kids and heavy bags don’t mix. Heavy bags are tough and dense and can easily hurt or injure your hands and wrists if you aren’t prepared. This is true for when adults use them. Throw a full power roundhouse at a dense heavy bag and you may just find yourself falling to the floor in …

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