The Best MMA and Muay Thai Ankle Supports (Updated 2024)

Injuries and aches and pains are part and parcel when training MMA and BJJ. If you’re training hard and training often, then you’re bound to have the occasional joint and ligament pains, suffer muscular soreness and be covered in bruises. And you’ll likely have no idea how you got a single one of them.

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Your ankles are a part of your body that are very susceptible to injury and the occasional tweaking. You can quite easily tread funny once during your warm-up and end up sidelined for weeks.

But worse than that, weak and unstable ankles can lead to problems further up your legs. Particularly your knees. Serious knee injuries are one of the most devastating yet common problems you can have in MMA and you’ll want to do everything you can to prevent them from happening.

The Best Ankle Supports for MMA

Many trainees use ankle wraps to give them a level of safety that is paramount when training.

The padding around the ankle keeps the joint stable and prevents it from moving out of place. It also keeps the whole area warm and mobile so you’re ready to strike at a moments notice. The same material that keeps your ankles warm also provides friction on the mats to stop you from slipping over. Like I said, one misstep or a slip on a wet spot and you and your ankle are out of commission.

Be wise and get yourself a set of ankle wraps so you can stay safe.
 Venum Kontact Muay Thai/Kick-Boxing Ankle Wraps

The Venum Kontact ankle wrap provide the perfect amount of padding when training, particularly when hitting the heavy bag. Even if you’ve been training for a while, after a long session of throwing hard kicks at the heavy bag, you’re going to be feeling some pain in your ankles. Let these ankle wraps bear the brunt of it rather than your poor joints.

These wraps tend to come up quite large so if you’re a bigger guy who has trouble fitting into ordinary sized equipments then you’re in luck.

The wraps are made of thick, high-quality cotton that will hold up to rough training. They are also available in 6 different colours so you can quite easily colour code to match your shorts/rash-guard if that is something that’s important to you.
 Pro Combat Muay Thai and MMA Ankle Support Wraps

Pro Combat have produced a particularly thick and durable wrap here with this product. They only come in a single all-black style because they are all about substance and function. You may find that they need breaking in when you first try them on which is a good thing because once they’re broken in they are the perfect fit for what you need. The wrap fully supports your ankle and lower instep and covers more of the heel itself than some wraps do.

You can train with reckless abandon in sparring and on the heavy bag without the nagging fear of impeding ankle injury lurking in the back of your mind.

If you already have an ankle injury, some people have reported to wearing their Pro Combat ankle wraps throughout their normal daily life and eradicating their ankle pain!
 Fairtex Ankle Supports

If you train Muay Thai as well as MMA/BJJ, then you know Fairtex.

Fairtex are an incredible brand of training gear who produce top-notch gloves, shorts, shin-pads, Thai pads and much more. They even used to produce the official fight gloves for the legendary Strikeforce MMA promotion.

These ankle wraps are no departure from their impossibly high standards.

The high quality elastic fabric build allows them to fit a wide range of sizes without compromising stability in your ankle.

Once you’ve put them on and moved them in place, they’re not coming off. You can train through your class from start to finish without having to constantly rearrange the wraps and stop them from slipping off.

RDX are the MMA brand to go for when you don’t want to break the bank but don’t want to be lumbered with an inferior product. And unlike other cheap brands, all RDX gear actually looks good!

You have 4 sizes to choose from: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. But all are made of the same elastic blend which allows for plenty of give either away. No matter if your feet are tiny or humungous, RDX have you covered. This same material blend allows them to retain size and consistency no matter how many times you use them and wash them.

The brace is snug around the weaker areas of your ankle to give them much needed support and also features impact absorption so the brace takes the damage, not you.
 Combat Sports Breathable Compression Sleeve Ankle Support

If you like bright colours and want an ankle support sleeve that really pops (in a good way) then you should try this ankle support from Combat Sports. You have 10 colour options to choose from and each of them look excellent.

Whilst your entire ankle is supported, this brace features extra precision compression in the certain areas that need it to give even more stability and support.

The whole sleeve is very breathable and allows you full function of your ankle, leg and foot without restricting your movement. You can even use them during strength training protocols too like weight training so that your muscles are the ones doing the work rather than the small joints and ligaments.


If you already have an ankle injury or becoming injured is one of your biggest training concerns, then you’d be very wise and prudent to invest in a pair of ankle wraps.

But not all ankle wraps are made equally. Some are just simply not worth your hard-earned money. If we were to choose one, we would look to pick the [amazon_textlink asin=’B006ZYTELG’ text=’Fairtex ankle supports’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’attacktheba01-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f3c0a7f6-03db-11e7-8eee-f7a776776fad’].

So that’s why we created this Top 5 list.

We’ve done the hard work and research for you to pick out what we believe to be the best bang for your buck ankle wraps out there.