Twins Gloves Review (Updated 2024)

Twins has been in the Muay Thai boxing gear for over 25 years. Companies like Twins and Fairtex are two of the biggest names you think of when thinking about elite Thai boxing gear. Almost no other companies even come close to them in regards to influence and quality of gear.

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Twins operate out of Thailand. All of the production, sales and exportation operations come out of Thailand, the homeland of Muay Thai. There is something very special and inimitable about working from the source. Sure, there are plenty of top companies who are based out of the US, Europe, etc. who produce Muay Thai gear but you can’t quite get that needed authenticity from them the same way you can get from companies like Twins and Fairtex.

Twins know exactly what goes into make the absolute best gear possible. Not just with the gloves but with everything that they produce. Their shin-pads, their shorts, head gear, clothing, etc. Everything is crafted to the highest possible spec with the purity of Muay Thai in mind when doing so.

With the burgeoning of MMA and their safe dominance of the Muay Thai world, Twins have seeped into other market areas to bring their excellent craftsmanship and irreplaceable experience to the worlds of MMA, boxing and other combat sports.

Best Twins Gloves Reviewed

Whether you need a pair of boxing gloves for boxing, MMA or Muay Thai, you can’t go wrong with Twins. Most of their boxing gloves are designed with Muay Thai and feature Thai specific style elements such as a shorter cuff and a more compact, shorter glove, but they still work perfectly with the western style of boxing.

Twins Special Signature Fancy Boxing Gloves

Twins Special Boxing Gloves (Dragon Black Gold) (12 Ounce)
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These are a great all rounder pair of gloves. As specified before, the shorter cuff of these, and other Muay Thai style gloves, are perfect for clinching and grappling and allowing a certain fluidity of movement that you just don’t get with the more traditional western-style boxing gloves.

Despite the shorter cuff, these gloves still provide more than adequate protection to the wearers wrists. All the benefits of the shorter glove but with none of the downside.

They are also available in a wide variety of weights/sizes, from the tiny 8oz, fight weight glove, up to bigger, well-padded, 16oz sparring glove. Unless you have smaller hands/are a smaller trainer, we recommend you err towards the heavier sides as many gyms will not allow you to spar against opponents when using anything smaller than 14-16oz gloves. Despite the weight as well, with adequate hand-wrapping you shouldn’t have much trouble fitting into the gloves. Most boxing gloves are remarkably one-size-fits-all. But please do you your due diligence before purchasing.

After the weight options, you also have almost 20 different style options to choose from. There are plenty of wacky, gregarious options to choose form such as a golden dragon style, different countries flags, tiger print, camouflage, etc.

If you’re someone how likes to express themselves through the styles/colours of their gear then you’ll be well at home here with the wide array of options.

Twins Special Velcro Boxing Gloves

Twins Special Leather Boxing Gloves - BGVL-3 - w/Velcro Wrist Strap (Black, 16oz)
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The Special Velcro boxing glove from Twins is a very distinctive Thai style of glove. It features an extremely short, compact cuff which makes the rest of the glove look slightly oversized. Not in a weird way and definitely not in a way that undermines the structural integrity of the glove, but the head of the glove compared to the cuff does strike a stark contrast.

Even with the shorter cuff, your wrists are still safe and they’re still protected. The thick velcro strap can easily be fastened, unfastened and adjusted at will, even whilst wearing the glove. No need to have someone on hand to help you in and out of your gloves. If you plan on working your clinch game in sparring then you’d be hard-pressed to find a better pair of gloves, especially if training against someone who’s wearing a classic, western boxing glove. This also leads to a glove that is more conducive to MMA sparring; a more compact glove that won’t get in the way as much when trying to incorporate grappling into your training/sparring.

A wide variety of sizes are an offer here, starting at 8oz and working it’s way up to a huge 18oz. 18oz are a great size if you’ve got large hands and really want to go hard during sparring, though of course you should always exercise common sense when it comes to sparring.

There are also eight colour options to choose from: white, black, blue, green, orange, pink, red and yellow. Almost all the colours of the rainbow.

Twins Special Muay Thai BGVLA 2 Air Flow Gloves

Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves (Air Flow - Black/White/Red, 14 oz)
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Like most Twins gloves, there are plenty of size and colour options to choose from. They start from as low as 8oz and go up to the standard 16oz sparring gloves. If you’re purchasing a pair of gloves with the intention of using them in fight, then go for the 8 to 10oz gloves. The term weight is better used to describe the gloves rather than size, as the inner compartment of most boxing gloves are very similar and intended to be worn by adults of varying hand sizes.

There are also seven matte colour options including white, blue, green and more.

They feature a grab-bar within the glove to help you make a fist better. This bar is both a big comfort feature and a safety feature. Hands are very delicate appendages and people that get into streets fights/bare knuckle fights often break their hands. The addition of a grab bar allows your hand to be safer and more secure and just generally be in a more natural position and alignment. This natural position helps keep the hand from breaking on impact by keeping everything tight and compact.

The Air Flow system of the gloves is fantastic as they allow your hands to stay cool and sweat-free during training and then for the glove to naturally dry itself out when not in use; so your glove is dry and odour-free for your next session.