Best Water Punching Bags (Updated 2022)

Hitting a punching bag can be surprisingly tough on your hands, joints, feet, etc. Looking in from the outside, you might think that a heavy bag (despite the name) is easy and fun to punch and to kick. You’ve no doubt already seen someone using a heavy bag before in some form or another but if you’ve never actually used one yourself before, then you might be in for a nasty surprise.

Best Water Punching Bags Reviewed

Everlast HydroStrike Water Bag 100lbs

Everlast likes to keep up with trends and technology and are always at the forefront of boxing/MMA equipment.

Their HydroStrike bags are perfect for those who’ve always wanted their own punching bag but don’t have the time, space or inclination to set up a full size, sand-filled heavy bag in their own home.

The size and shape is very versatile, allowing you to throw strikes from every possible angle, including uppercuts. One of the problems with most heavy bags is that due to the length/shape, it’s impossible to practice your uppercut punches. With the HydroStrike bag, you’ll really be able to hone and develop this punch without having to have a partner holding pads for you.

Whilst it is incredibly durable and long-lasting, Everlast has provided a two-year warranty in case of any mishaps, dud unit, etc.

Everlast has developed their own specific technologies which allow their products to always sit at the top of the heap. One such technology is their HydroStrike technology in this bag, which increases strike absorption which makes this bag far easier on the small joints of your hands and your wrists.

Aqua Training Bag 15 inch, 75lbs

This is a great smaller/mid-sized punching bag that can be housed indoors in your own home, your own gym or even used outdoors. Great for an outside workout in the hotter, summer months of the year.

The bag itself ships un-filled, as you might expect, and includes garden hose filling nozzle and stoppers so you can quickly fill it yourself at your own leisure.

The Aqua Training Bag has been expertly designed to no hard spots or settling. Meaning that the weight is distributed perfectly so the bag can be struck any number of ways without the bag splitting, tearing, etc.

Unlike many bags on the market, water-filled or not, the Aqua training bag is available in several different style options. Great colours such as blood-red, fireball orange and bad boy blue are available to choose from.

Aqua Training Bag 18-inch and 21-inch Option

There are tons of different sizes and shapes of training bags with a variety of different uses; some bags are meant for power shots, others are smaller to help you hone in on your accuracy and precision. This bag, however, does it all. It works great for practising those big, heavy punches just as well as it helps you practice your speed and dexterity. This product is a true all-rounder.

This Aqua Training Bag is available in two options, an 18-inch size and 21-inch heavy bag size. As said before, you can use any size for practising your harder shots, but if you’re a bigger fighter or you know that you hit harder or are just concerned that about the durability of the bag, then you can opt for the 21-inch bag.

Like the smaller 15 inch bag, it has been expertly designed with toughness and durability in mind so that you can use day in and day out without complaint.

Ringside HydroBlast Water Heavy Bag

Sand-filled heavy bags can be expensive. Many come unfilled but they also come filled and you often don’t have the option of one or the other when buying the same bag. It’s either or. This can drastically drive the price up due to the increased shipping costs of the heavier item.

Water filled bags are a great alternative and way around this issue as the unfilled bags are still lighter than the unfilled heavy bags. This means that you save money on both the unit cost and the shipping cost. All without sacrificing quality or durability of materials.

If you know your boxing gear, then you know Ringside. Everything they put out on the market is of the highest quality and this bag is no different. They offer this bag in sizes of 24lbs, all the way up to a huge 153lbs, though all bags come unfilled.

Whatever you plan on using your bag for, Ringside have a bag size for you.


A water-filled punching bag gives you all the benefits of the stodgier, sand-filled bags but without any of the negatives. In fact, it’s extremely difficult to find any downside to purchasing one of these excellent bags.

Heavy bags are packed tight with dense, and heavy, sand. Punching a bag without warming up and/or not using proper wraps and gloves can cause you pain. Throwing a full power punch without knowing what you’re doing could easily injure a wrist and stop you from training further. It’s also not uncommon for someone to throw a round kick at a heavy bag and end up bruising their shins.

Another issue with heavy bags is that when you buy them for your own home, you often have to fill them up yourself. The most common way to do this is by using special rag-like materials or more commonly, sand. Now, for the vast majority of people, these aren’t things that you just have lying around. Most people don’t just have bags and bags of sand kept around the house for a rainy day. However, most people do readily have access to water.

Getting a water-filled punching bag is a great alternative to having your own heavy bag. You can quickly and easily fill them up in your own home without having to buy any additional materials. Once it’s all set up, you’ll find the bags to be much easier on your hands, legs and joints/ligaments.