Best Muay Thai Gloves (Updated 2024)

If you’re new to Muay Thai or an experienced veteran, sooner or later you’ll need a new pair of Muay Thai gloves. With so many different models and styles available, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right pair!

To make it easier for everyone, we have put together a list of the best Muay Thai gloves on the market. We’ve done all the research, so all you have to do is pick your favorite!

Everyone strives to make the smartest purchase they can, ensuring their money is well spent. I have had firsthand experience of the pain that comes with getting the wrong gloves for Muay Thai training; I once suffered wrist injuries due to a lack of wrist support in my early pair of gloves. This has taught me how essential it is to have the appropriate gloves for training.

I have come to understand that through my own experience, mistakes, and research, as well as advice from my Thai boxing trainers and gym mates, I have discovered what works best when it comes to purchasing gloves for Muay Thai. My findings have been shaped by the guidance of those who are more knowledgeable in this field.

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The Best Muay Thai Gloves Revealed

When shopping for Muay Thai gloves, it is important to consider the quality of leather used in their construction. Look for premium leather that has been reinforced with heavy stitching to prevent any tears or rips.

Additionally, the gloves should have multilayered foam padding which provides superior protection and shock absorption. Ensure that the wrist support offered by the glove is adequate, as this will help protect against injuries. Finally, make sure that they fit comfortably and are within your budget.

How To Choose Your Muay Thai Gloves

It’s recommended that you purchase a pair of training gloves for Muay Thai when you first start. Although some gyms provide their members with the use of gloves for free, the odor and padding may have deteriorated over time due to frequent punching. As such, it is best to buy a pair of gloves to ensure your hands are properly protected.

As you grow into a more experienced martial artist, you may find yourself owning multiple pairs of gloves. This could be for sparring, collecting, having a rotation of pairs, or coordinating your workout look. As you advance, it might be worth investing in higher quality and better-constructed gloves.

When it comes to selecting your first pair of boxing gloves, there are several important things to consider. Think about what type of boxing you will be doing and whether you’ll need them for sparring or bag work. It’s crucial to find a pair that is comfortable to wear and has adequate padding for protection. Make sure they fit properly and feature a secure closure like Velcro straps or laces. Pay attention to the weight too; heavier gloves offer more protection.

The Right Size Muay Thai Gloves

Glove sizing for boxing is determined by the weight of the user. Gloves that are between 4 and 18 oz in size are typically used for general training purposes. The heavier the gloves, the more cushioning they provide, which can lead to better protection. It is important to choose the right size of glove to ensure maximum safety while boxing.

Generally, 10-14 oz gloves are typical for training and are sufficient as long as they fit correctly and provide adequate padding for protection. If you weigh more, you may want to look into heavier 16-18 oz gloves.

This chart provides a general guide to help you determine the size of training gloves that best fits your body weight. It is important to note that this is not an absolute size guide and may vary depending on the style and brand of the gloves:

Body Weight Recommended Gloves Size

  • 100lbs & below – 8oz – 10oz
  • 100lbs – 125lbs – 8oz – 12oz
  • 125lbs – 150lbs – 10oz – 14oz
  • 150lbs – 180lbs – 10oz – 14oz
  • 180lbs & above – 12oz – 16oz

The size of gloves used for training is a topic of debate among martial artists. Some argue that using heavier gloves (16 or 18 oz) is beneficial for conditioning, yet there are drawbacks to this approach. Heavy gloves can restrict movement and impede the development of certain techniques.

When you move on to sparring, it is a must to wear gloves that are heavier (14 to 18 oz). The extra padding provided by these gloves keeps your hands and sparring partner safe by reducing the force of impact when punches land on your opponent.

When I start my training, I prefer to use 12 oz gloves since they provide me with enough protection for my hands while allowing me to concentrate on refining my techniques and movements. A lot of muay thai fighters opt for 10oz gloves when training; if you go any lighter than that, you can really feel the full force of every punch you throw.

A Reasonable Price

Those who are looking for a cost-effective way to train in martial arts will be pleased to learn that punching gloves are reasonably priced. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced practitioner, these gloves can provide the protection and support needed without putting too much strain on your wallet.

Premium quality, genuine leather gloves crafted in Thailand can be purchased online from Amazon or local Thai retailers for approximately $70 to $100. If you have connections in the country, you may be able to purchase them at a cheaper price.

Excellent Craftsmanship

Muay Thai is a high-impact sport where you will be doing pad work and hitting a dense heavy bag from the start. To ensure your gloves last through consistent punishment, you should invest in durable gloves with good padding.

Genuine leather continues to be favored over synthetic material for its longevity, but the quality of the latter has seen tremendous improvement. It is now softer and can be crafted to resemble real leather. Moreover, synthetic leather is far less expensive than genuine leather and comes in a wider range of colors and textures.

Synthetic leather, such as microfiber leather, has become an increasingly popular substitute for genuine leather. This form of synthetic leather is crafted from polyester fibers and is both durable and comfortable to the touch. It can not only withstand wear and tear but also allows for some breathability, which helps keep it from becoming overly warm when used for long periods of time. Additionally, microfiber leather has a water-resistant quality that makes it ideal for outdoor usage.

The conscientious consumer has a choice to make when it comes to gloves: real leather or animal-free synthetics. If ethical considerations are a priority, then the decision is easy; opt for the synthetic option. No matter which material you choose, you can be sure to find a pair of sturdy gloves that will last for years.

Lace-up vs Velcro Muay Thai Gloves

Punching gloves come in both lace-up and hook-and-loop (velcro) varieties. Lace-ups provide a secure fit that won’t shift easily when tightly laced, but they require the help of another person to fasten them, making them impractical for use in the gym. On the other hand, hook-and-loop gloves are much more convenient and ideal for gym training as you can easily put them on yourself.

During a typical workout session, the choice of whether or not to use gloves is entirely up to the individual. Velcro gloves are an ideal choice for these scenarios as they can easily be put on and taken off without assistance. However, if a tighter fit is desired, traditional laces may be employed as they are unlikely to come undone during exercise.

Boxing vs Muay Thai Gloves

When it comes to general Muay Thai training, both Muay Thai and boxing gloves can be used for bagwork and padwork. While there may be subtle differences in their construction, these will not make a difference to the average martial artist or fighter.

Boxing gloves have increased padding around the knuckle area as they are primarily used for punching. On the other hand, Muay Thai gloves are designed with uniform padding across their entire surface to enable better blocking of kicks. This makes them more square-shaped at the knuckle area with less cushioning, allowing for greater flexibility when using one’s hands, especially when clinching.

Best Muay Thai Gloves 2023

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV-1

At the top of the Muay Thai brand hierarchy is Fairtex. This brand is highly popular outside of Thailand, especially in the USA, for its superior quality and construction. From training gear like gloves, shin guards and bags to complete kits with shorts and tops, Fairtex has something for every Muay Thai enthusiast. The company’s attention to detail ensures that all their products meet the highest standards of performance and durability.

The 1990s saw Fairtex gloves become increasingly popular, thanks in part to their successful advertising campaign. However, the brand’s success can also be attributed to more practical reasons. People appreciate the comfort and quality of these gloves, making them the preferred choice for many.

Fairtex gloves are not as soft as those from Twins or Top King, but they still provide adequate protection for the knuckles. The BGV1 range also offers a wide selection of colors and designs, so you’re sure to find a pair that appeals to you.

There are seemingly endless praises to be given to Fairtex’s gloves. As a beginner in Muay Thai, there’s no better pair to start with than Fairtex! These gloves are incredibly crafted, light in weight and have an array of eye catching colors. Moreover, the padding is top notch which safeguards the hands from any possible harm.

This top Thai brand is renowned for its high-quality products. They conduct rigorous tests to ensure their products meet the highest standards of excellence, and customer reviews of this brand are overwhelmingly positive. There are very few negative reviews to be found online.

Even as other brands have seen a decrease in quality, Fairtex has maintained its standard of excellence, producing superb martial arts equipment for fighters and muay thai gyms worldwide. The company continues to provide the highest quality goods to customers from all corners of the globe.

Yokkao Institution Muay Thai Gloves

YOKKAO Institution Boxing Glove - Blue - 10 oz
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Since its launch in 2010, Yokkao has gone from strength to strength in terms of product design and quality improvements. Their Institution Boxing Gloves line, released in 2017, offers great value for money and is designed with a sleek look. Manufactured from high-grade synthetic leather with triple layer foam padding, these gloves come in various sizes and colors so customers can find the perfect fit for them.

I recently purchased my second pair of gloves from the company based in Bangkok. After having great success with a synthetic pair that lasted me more than a year, I decided to upgrade this year. I chose The Institution, and they provided an amazing product. 

The fit of the Yokkao gloves was just right for me. They allowed me to make a strong fist and provided great padding and support for my wrists and knuckles. The fabric was soft and flexible, making it easy to move my hands when training. I could tell that these gloves had been designed with comfort in mind.

The leather feel is great, breathable and you can tell it’s high-grade real leather. Note that it will take a couple of sessions to break into the gloves but there on, they are perfect.

If you’re looking for a pair of gloves that look great, Yokkao provides unbeatable style and quality. Their collections are regularly updated with the latest designs to keep up with current trends. With their Italian heritage, these gloves boast fashionable and stylish styles that would be appreciated in any fashion capital.

Twins Special Muay Thai Gloves

Twins Boxing Muay Thai Training Sparring Gloves (Black,16 oz)
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Twins Special is one of the top Muay Thai brands in Thailand today. Their premium cowhide leather gloves are beloved by both casual gym-goers, trainers, and professional fighters alike. Boasting superior quality and resilience, they offer a wide range of models to choose from – but the most popular choices remain the FGV12, FGV14, and V14.

Twins gloves offer superior wrist support and protection for your knuckles. Constructed with high-quality leather, these gloves come in a wide array of colors to suit any style. The thick padding ensures a secure fit while providing ample cushioning and protection from impact.

The padding of the gloves is extensive, providing protection from knuckles to the back of the hand. This ensures that you can train your hands and build up their strength to better withstand punches.

This gear is perfect for any beginner to the sport as it is very soft and gentle on the hands, while also providing sufficient protection and support for the wrist. They are a great choice as they offer comfort and safety.

The hand compartments of these gloves are spacious yet snug, making them a popular choice among Westerners. Their high-quality leather construction gives them great durability, making them ideal for long time use.

The designs of the BGVL-3 are simple and one-toned. If you desire something more elaborate, then you should take a look at the Twins FBGV for a more stylish appearance.

Twins Special has raised their prices over the past year, making them comparable to those of Fairtex in Thailand. No longer can they be considered the working class hero as they have moved up to a top-level range of Thai gear.

Top King Boxing Gloves 

TOP KING Boxing Muay Thai Training Gloves (TKBGSA (Air) - Black/Black/Black, 10 oz)
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Another popular Muay Thai option that you may come across in the gym is Top King. These gloves offer comparable levels of protection to those from Twins, and it is interesting to note that both brands are actually owned by two brothers. Although Twins might be the more widely known choice, Top King gloves have a distinctive look that will likely draw your attention.

One reason why Top King Muay Thai gear is so popular is due to its bold and distinct aesthetics. I personally enjoy their products for the quality of craftsmanship and materials used, such as cowhide leather. They have incorporated their expertise in creating some of the best gloves that are designed with a mix of cotton and foam to provide optimal protection for your hands when practicing Muay Thai.

These robust gloves are well-constructed and have a cushioning foam padding to safeguard the knuckles and wrists. It is important to note that the cuffs extend nearly halfway up your forearms and provide great support for your wrists.

Top King gloves offer a snug fit for those with small- and medium-sized hands. Their superior quality ensures that you won’t need to look for another brand after trying them out. The hand compartment fits comfortably, creating an ideal experience for the wearer.

Windy Muay Thai Gloves BGVH

Windy Leather Muay Thai Training Sparring Gloves, 16-Ounce, Black
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Windy has been a leader in the Muay Thai gear industry since 1951, offering good quality products to the community. Their signature BGVH model gloves have been a fan favorite for decades, remaining popular among both long-time devotees and those new to the sport.

This popular brand has been around for some time, but has still managed to capture the attention of younger generations. They appreciate its classic look and high-quality standards.

The padding on these gloves is evenly distributed, giving them a balanced feel. Their fit is comparable to the popular Twins Special BGVL-3 model, making them comfortable and snug right out of the box. There’s no need to break them in; they’re ready for action straight away!

While all other brands are focusing on fancy designs for their gloves, Windy has stayed true to their game over the years. Their high-quality genuine leather and solid workmanship provide an unbeatable level of comfort during training, so I highly recommend these Windy BGVH gloves.

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa Marvel Hero Elite Boxing Gloves for Men and Women - Captain Marvel, 12 oz
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If you’re looking to invest more in a pair of gloves, T3 boxing gloves from a renowned MMA brand may be the option for you. These gloves are sure to provide the best quality and comfortable fit when training or competing. With their top-of-the-line construction, these gloves will last you for years to come.

The Hayabusa T 3 model is their flagship product, with extensive research and innovation put into its design. Aside from a modern look compared to the earlier version, the T3 comes with several impressive features.

The remarkable feature of these gloves is their dual wrist wrap which was taken from its predecessor. This additional wrap locking system ensures that the gloves stay snugly in place on your wrist, offering comparable support as lace-ups but with less hassle. Moreover, the design has been enhanced to ensure a better fit and comfort. The composition of these gloves is comprised of both leather and synthetic leather, providing strength and durability while still being lightweight.

One of the most unique features of this product is its “wipe-away sweat thumb”. It is made with a special fabric that absorbs moisture, allowing users to easily wipe away sweat from their face during workouts. This thoughtful feature from the design team may not be a major selling point, but it is certainly appreciated by those who use it.

The anti-microbial technology of these gloves is noteworthy. This technology offers many benefits, such as anti-odor properties, improved ventilation, enhanced breathability, and thermo-regulating features. These features help to keep your hands cool and dry quickly – an ideal solution for those with sweaty hands.

These gloves are a great choice for anyone looking for the best thai boxing gloves. The only issue I have noticed is that they don’t open up as easily as traditional Muay Thai gloves when clinching. Other than this, they provide a great fit right away and require very little breaking in.

The Hayabusa T3 has addressed a number of issues observed by customers in the previous version of the Tokushu Regenesis gloves. The construction of these gloves entails the use of high-quality materials, providing excellent protection and support for the wrists. Additionally, numerous small modifications have been made to ensure it is worthy of being ranked amongst the best boxing gloves available on the market today. If you are in search of a pair of gloves that offer superb protection, comfort and performance, then the Hayabusa T3 should be your top choice.

Venum Challenger 3.0 Boxing Gloves

Venum Challenger 3.0 Boxing Gloves - Black/Coral-14oz
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The Challenger is Venum’s best-selling boxing glove for beginners. Crafted from synthetic leather, these gloves are designed with high-quality padding to provide great shock absorption and thick wide cuffs for a more secure fit. These gloves are perfect for those just starting out in boxing and offer excellent value.

The use of thermal-regulating mesh is a clever highlight which aids in enhancing the breathability and comfort of the garment. This mesh helps regulate the temperature, ensuring that the person wearing it remains comfortable.

These gloves are designed to fit the average hand size comfortably and are extremely soft, eliminating the need for a break-in period. Not only do they look great, but their affordable price point makes them an unbeatable value.

The low-cost model has a few cutbacks to keep its price point low. It uses a less durable PU leather than the Elite model which utilizes premium synthetic Skintex leather. The cost-saving measure also means that the padding isn’t stitched into the cover but instead just glued in place.

The Venum Challenger range has recently been updated with more colors, making it easier to find something that suits you. If you have a larger budget, the Elite series made in Thailand is the better option. However, for the best value for money, Thai gloves are the way to go.

Title Pro Style Boxing Gloves

TITLE Boxing PRO Style Heavy Bag Gloves
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These genuine leather gloves are a fantastic deal for under $50. You won’t find another pair of pure leather gloves at this price point. These gloves feel wonderfully soft and supple while providing excellent protection from the elements. Furthermore, they appear stylish and come in a wide selection of sizes and colors.

These gloves feature a firm padding and are designed to be durable enough to handle the strain of frequent bag workouts. The velcro straps are also quite wide, ensuring a secure fit that will stay in place while you’re training.

From my experience, the only issue that has been reported is some slight color bleeding once you start using the gloves. Although they have a basic design, they are incredibly durable and offer great protection for their price range. If you’re looking for quality boxing gloves that can stand up to regular use, these may be the best option for your money.

Sanabul Training Gloves

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves (Black/Metallic Blue, 12 oz)
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Sanabul is a California-based MMA brand that offers a wide selection of gear and equipment. I was first drawn to the company when I saw their 5-star rated gym bag. They also offer some of the most cost-effective training gloves on the market.

The positives of these training gloves are twofold: first, they feature mesh palm ventilation with anti-microbial lining to help reduce foul odors. Secondly, they have a stretchable wrist wrap that offers a secure fit. Moreover, the price of these gloves makes them an excellent value.

The Sanabul Muay Thai gloves are designed with a heavy top, similar to boxing gloves, that provides extra padding over the knuckles. This makes them ideal for hand-heavy fighters, as well as an excellent choice for sparring. The padding helps protect your hands from any possible bruising or damage during practice. Additionally, the snug fit allows for better control of movement and accuracy when throwing punches.

For the cost, I wouldn’t anticipate these gloves to last as long as the more expensive options mentioned above. Nonetheless, they would be an excellent option for those who are just beginning in Muay Thai and looking for their first Muay Thai gloves.

RDX Ego Series Maya Hide Leather Training Gloves

RDX is a well-known combat sports company based in the United Kingdom. Its products are used by both professional and amateur fighters, as well as in boxing, muay thai, and mixed martial arts competitions. These RDX gloves offer decent quality at an affordable price of less than fifty dollars (at the time of writing), providing adequate padding, comfort, and support for the wrists.

The inner fabric of the glove is designed to draw moisture away from your hands, leaving you feeling cool and dry even during intense workouts. The material is breathable and quick-drying to ensure that your hands remain comfortable no matter how strenuous the activity.

If you’re on the lookout for an animal-friendly leather alternative, Maya hide might be the perfect option for you. This synthetic material is created from polyurethane, making it a durable and resilient choice for shoes or apparel. It offers a look and feel that’s comparable to genuine leather but without the need of any animal hides in its production. In addition, it is relatively easy to clean and maintain since it is resistant to both water and fading.

Best Muay Thai Gloves – Conclusion

Finding the perfect pair of muay thai boxing gloves can be a challenge. You want to make sure you select a pair that will provide optimal support and protection for your hands while still being reasonably durable. Trying on different gloves until you find one that fits perfectly is the best way to go about it. Additionally, it’s important to consider the material of the gloves, as this can influence their comfort level and durability. Taking all these factors into account will ensure you get the best pair of muay thai gloves for your needs.

Finding the right pair of good Muay Thai gloves can be a daunting task. With so many different options available, it can be hard to know which ones are the best for your specific needs. To help make the decision easier, I have provided some information and recommendations of some of the most popular gloves on the market. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, these gloves will help get you started on your Muay Thai journey. As always, stay safe and keep fighting!

Here are some more suggestions for selecting the best Muay Thai gloves:

  • Consider the state of your finances. Muay Thai gloves can cost anything from $50 to $200 or more.
  • Select the appropriate size. Muay Thai gloves should be snug but not overly so. Your fingers should be free to move, but your knuckles should not be able to contact the rear of the glove.
  • Take into account the type of padding. Muay Thai gloves are available with several kinds of cushioning. Some gloves are thicker around the knuckles, while others are thicker around the palm. Select the type of cushioning that best meets your requirements.
  • Think about the brand. Muay Thai gloves are offered in a variety of styles. Fairtex, Twins Special, Top King, and Yokkao are some popular brands. Conduct some research to discover a reliable brand with a solid reputation for quality.
  • Consider the design. Muay Thai gloves are available in a range of styles. Some gloves are made for practice, while others are made for competition. Choose the style that best meets your requirements.

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