The Best Speed Bags For Boxing 2021

Anyone can chuck on a pair of gloves and hit a heavy bag as hard as they can.  They might not look very good or be able to display any discernible technique, but anyone can do it. A speed bag however… It takes skill to hit a speed bag and keep that rhythm.

There are many attributes you need to have in order to be effective at the speed bag. You need timing. You need hand-eye coordination. You need rhythm. You need speed…


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These attributes are also vital in becoming a good boxer/fighter at any level, and somewhat counter-intuitively, the best way to build these attributes in the first place is to train on the speed bag.

It’ll be tough going at first. You’ll be able to hit it once, maybe twice but you won’t be able to get a rhythm going. It’ll be frustrating and it’s difficult to make progress.

Part of what makes it difficult to improve on these bags is that there’s normally one or two speed bags in the gym. They have to be shared with a large group of people and you just don’t get enough time on them to build your speed and hand-eye coordination.

The best thing you can do is to buy one for your home.

Most speed bags are relatively easy to set up and then you can use them to your hearts content. For as long and often as you like. With your own home speed bag, it’s incredibly easy to use it each and every day.

In fact, you’ll probably find it difficult to resist hitting as you walk past it everyday.

The Best Speed Bags For Home

Everlast Elite Speed Bag

This Everlast speed bag comes deflated but it is very easy to inflate and hook up. Once it’s set, you’re ready to go. It can be purchased in two different sizes: Medium (9” x 6”) or Large (10” x 7”).

Both are excellent but we recommend going with the slightly smaller, medium model unless you’re particularly big or a complete beginner.

The top grade leather and reinforced seams allow the bag to take a beating, day after day, and retain it’s shape and consistency. You can use it for ages without the seams coming apart or the leather cracking or tearing.

When it comes to quality boxing gear, Everlast know what they’re doing. This speed bag is perfectly balanced to allow for accurate rebounds.

Ringside Apex Speed Bag

The Ringside Apex speed bag can be purchased in three different sizes: x-small, small and medium.

What size you pick depends mostly on your current skill level with speed bags and also your general size. Though unless you’re that much bigger or smaller than usual, pick the size that suits your skill level.

The tear drop shape allows it cut through the air with a balanced rebound so it moves just the way a quality speed bag should.

There are four different colour options including red and white, blue and white and a flashy yet retro pink and lime style. The leather itself has a shimmering effect that does not take away any durability from the product.

Ringside have reinforced the triple-stitched seams to make it even stronger and more stout.

Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag

Title have manufactured the Gyro speed bag with precision to give true, accurate rebounds and rapid recoil so you better have your hands and reflexes ready.

An XXS (4” x 7”) model is available for those who want a real challenge, though larger, more standards sizes are also readily available.

Even the larger bags are fast with a rapid response like you would expect from a smaller, nippier bag.

The bag comes deflated to allow you to pump it up to your desired fullness. A slightly less full pump (4psi) is better for beginners as the bag will be slightly more forgiving of less-accurate shots; you can start of easy and improve upwards from there.

ReaShape EZ Portable Speed Bag

This bag is perfect for beginners. The biggest issue with buying a speed bag is that you normally have to set them up yourself. Whilst this isn’t actually that hard to do, it can be a pain if you don’t have the room or you’re not DIY inclined at all.

This speed-bag is completely portable and is set up by hooking it on to your doorframe.

Just like you would with a portable pull-up bar. Funnily enough, this speed bag actually comes with a built in pull-up bar along the base so you get two workout tools in one.

Set up literally takes seconds. No screws, no drills.

Once you’ve installed it, you can expect the same quality speed bag workout you would get with a bag that’s been drilled into the ceiling. The only difference is that you can pop this one off the door frame and tuck it away when you don’t need it.

Contender Fight Sports Speed Bag

If you are after a durable speed bag that can take a supreme beating without falling apart, then Contender Fight Sports have you covered.

The leather construction features welted seams to ensure extreme durability. You will never have to worry about the seams coming away or the dreaded cracking of the leather. It’ll stay solid with each and every strike.

Despite the sturdiness of the bag, it’s still very fast and responsive. Sometimes there is a trade off between the stoutness of the bag and the speed, but Contender have managed to blend the two perfectly so you get all the benefits without any of the negatives.


It doesn’t take any skill or talent to charge up a big punch and let loose. A great boxer needs to have much more in their arsenal than just strength and punching power if they hope to be successful.

A heavy punch means nothing if you don’t have your timing right. Power shots are useless if you don’t have the hand-eye coordination to launch your fist exactly where it needs to be.

And your raw strength is useless if your opponent is too fast, peppering you with a hundred shots before you can even hope to land a single punch.

Using a speed bag properly and consistently will set you apart from the rest of your peers and your competition.


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