The Best Interval Timer (Updated 2024)

No Jiu Jitsu gym is complete without a strong and robust interval timer. Often hidden in plain site, many people purchase the first timer they see and give it minimal consideration. The five timers featured in this list were picked for their individual qualities such as vibration, types and sounds, durability, convenience and ease of use.

The Best Interval Timers

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The flex timer is unique in this list in that it is able to be operated by an app on your smart phone, tablet or smart watch. Boasting a 2.3” LED display with an 85db buzzer, this timer can be seen and heard from anywhere in your gym. The timer comes with a wall mount so that it can be safely harnessed on the wall where it is safe from any straying sparring sessions. The LED digits are blue/red for increased visibility when far away from the timer and it also enables you to save custom workout lengths over six different time modes e.g. standard, round, interval etc. The timer also comes with a cool audio sync feature which allows you to replace the inbuilt sounds and play your own sounds through the timers buzzer. You can have your own music fade in and out to indicate the start and end of rounds for example.

 BTSIGN LED Interval Timer

The Eu timer comes at a fraction of the cost of the previous timer and it shows in terms of aesthetics and features. Coming in different colours (red/green) and with a larger outer bezel, this timer is a cheaper alternative to some of the more expensive options. The display comes at 1.5” and the digits are large enough to be seen at a fair distance away. The timer may not be the most visible in larger gyms but it is large enough to be functional. The timer comes with a variety of counter functions too e.g. a boxing, tabata, MMA setting which emulates the times of a typical boxing or MMA round. The timer can be operated remotely too with the remote that comes included. Unfortunately the timer comes with only the custom buzzer, however, this buzzer does its job by being audible enough to be heard over even the noisiest of gyms.

 Gymboss Interval Timer

Being the smallest and cheapest timer on this list, the Gymboss interval timer can still hold its own against the big boys when it comes to personal use. This is clearly a timer for the individual. A wrist strap can be bought separately if the individual wishes to wear the timer during a workout. However, it may be a little too large for jogging or any high impact activity. It’s more appropriate place would be clipped onto the side of exercise equipment or close to the individual training. The timer comes with a built in stopwatch and clock feature; excellent for personal best timings. It is also good for traveling as it only requires AAA batteries for power. Being small, it also packs a punch in terms of sound. Like the larger timers, this smaller timer can easily cut through the din of your average gym. If you’re training alone or traveling somewhere without it’s own timing equipment installed, then this timer is for you.


This timer is similar in aesthetics to the Flex timer. It comes with the same coloured LED digits and the same overall look, though with a much thicker outer bezel. This could be considered a mid-range Timer for a mid-range price. The LED screen comes at 1.8” and like previous timers, is quite visible from varying distances within a gym environment. The timer is most suitably placed when harnessed to a wall and it comes complete with remote operation via the use of the included remote. The timer can set training and rest times very easily and it also has a ‘countdown’ timer before the actual timer starts recording. The timer comes with it’s own custom buzzer which is loud and attention grabbing and perfect for a typical noisy gym atmosphere.

 BTBSIGN Timer 2.3”

Being from the same company as above, this 2.3” timer could be considered the bigger brother of the 1.8” version. It comes in the same design and colours as the 1.8” and with the same features. Like the previous timer, this is best placed up on a wall in the gym, where it attains best visibility. The LED screen comes with a ten year lifespan and the buzzer, like in the previous model is loud and cuts through the sounds of your typical gym quite easily. Also, this timer, as well as the previous model, comes with a general clock feature. So when it is not being used as a timer, it can take the place of a regular, and highly visible clock within the gym.

All in all, there are some fantastic timers on this list. Each one does it’s job well and which one you end up purchasing will depend on a few factors. Namely: the size of your gym, the number of people training, the noise of your gym and personal aesthetic taste.

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