2015 BJJ Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Here is a list of all of the announced Black Friday deals, so snap up a BJJ bargain today! Big thanks to /r/BJJ and Tom Bell for helping me collate this list for you. Do or Die Black Friday coupon hyperblack Meerkatsu 20% off with code BJJARTIST Valor 20% discount... read more

Jiu-Jitsu For All – Mike Bingham, Fightworx Taunton

What is your name? Mike Bingham Where do you work? HMP Where do you train? Fightworx, Taunton When did you start training BJJ? I started training bjj in the gi last year in April/May How did you find Jiu-Jitsu? First I found traditional Jiu-Jitsu through my older... read more

The ultimate guide to grip training for BJJ

This article was written by BJJ Brown Belt Samuel Spiegelman, who owns and runs Applied Strength and Conditioning Chicago. He has also written a number of articles for BreakingMuscle and holds a bachelor degree in Exercise Science. Today he’s going to help you... read more

Interview with Chelsea Leah

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend a seminar held by Atos black belt Chelsea Leah a.k.a Chelsea Bainbridge-Donner. The Shoyoroll sponsored athlete showed us a number of positions from De La Riva, a guard regularly favoured by the school she teaches at... read more

British Black Belt Interview – Tom Barlow

When I first started this blog I had a vision of interviewing every single British Black Belt in the country, while that hasn’t happened for a while, I’ve decided to revive this with a bang. Today we have an interview with British Black Belt and 3 time... read more

The Great Gracie University Scam

Updated September 2015 After Murilo Bustamante and Royce Gracie, another prominent Jiu-Jitsu figure has spoken out openly against online learning and grading in Jiu-Jitsu, more specifically Gracie University. ADCC 2013 champion Kron Gracie. The son of Rickson, who... read more

Tattoos and BJJ – How long before I can roll?

This seems to crop up very commonly as a question on lots of forums, if you do a search you will see some lots of peoples opinions and varying length of times. I decided to write this piece to help you make an informed decision and not ruin a piece of that that you... read more

Black Monkey Dragonball Z rashguard review

A few months ago I was approached by Black Monkey about their rashguards and the very kindly let me review one of their products and while this product may not give you a power level of over 9000, it will impress. Read on for a more thorough review. Black Monkey is... read more

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