The Best Heavy Bag Stands (Updated 2024)

Everyone would like to have a heavy bag hanging in their own home. Boxers, Muay Thai kick-boxers and MMA fighters will benefit greatly from being seconds away from a heavy bag workout anytime they’re at home. In fact, even people that don’t train would surely like a heavy bag ready to go whenever they’re feeling stressed or angry after a tough day at the office.

The big problem though is how difficult they are to set up. As you can guess by the name, heavy bags are heavy. They’re heavy and they’re unwieldy and they have to be attached to your ceiling, which can be hard to do.

You have to make sure that your ceiling can handle that kind of weight too, because many can’t. You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night after hearing a loud bang to discover that your brand new heavy bag is on the floor amidst a substantial pile of rubble.

Even if your ceiling can handle the load, it can be a real pain trying to attach it and hook it in. It’s just as difficult to remove the bag from the ceiling too when it’s in your way and you want it gone.

Luckily, many companies have been coming up with ways to get around this problem so that more and more people are able to have and make use of heavy bags.

But what is considered to be the best heavy bag stand? This is a free-standing structure that can hold your heavy bag without you having to do any drilling or DIY in your home. You simply set up the stand and attach the heavy bag, usually with a heavy-duty carabiner and then you’re good to go.

Below, we’ve listed the best of these stands that money can buy.

Aoneky Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger - Heavy Duty Punching Bag Hanger - Boxing Bag Hanger
Speed Bag Holder
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Best Value
Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand 350lbs Capacity. Heavy Duty Punching Bag Stand with 4 Sand Bags
Speed Bag Holder
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Most Versatile
Everlast - 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand
Speed Bag Holder
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The Best Heavy Bag Stands Reviewed

Editor's Choice - Aoneky Wall Mounted Heavy Bag Stand
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Aoneky Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger - Heavy Duty Punching Bag Hanger - Boxing Bag Hanger
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Freestanding heavy bag stands are great. You get to have and use a heavy bag whilst mitigating many of the downsides that come with owning one. But if you don’t want the added bulk of the free-standing stand, then this stand may be for you.

It simply screws into the wall and you’re able to hang a heavy bag from it without drilling into your ceiling or having entire areas of your home intruded upon.

It’s a very low profile design that can be installed high on your wall and left up there without ruining your home aesthetic.

It also makes it easy to attach and remove the heavy bag so you only have it up when you want to. When you don’t, it can easily be stored in a storage room/closet.

The Aoneky Wall Mounted Heavy Bag Stand is one of the best heavy bag stands available on the market, thanks to its 100-pound weight capacity, and while it’s not as much as one of the other heavy bag stands, this can be offset by how small this product actually is.

The swivel chain included has a weight limit of 150 pounds, which means you know whatever you’re going to hang from it is going to feel nice and secure

This heavy bag stand actually comes with its own heavy bag stand, which is why we consider it to be one of the best value products on the market.

Aside from being of great value, this product also has one of the highest capacities topping out at 350 pounds. So you can use any heavy bag that you want!

This is also one of the most stable heavy bag stands on the market, weighing over 100 pounds and has three sturdy legs.

The Outslayer heavy bag stand also comes with 4 unfilled sandbags that you can use to add additional support.

In total, the heavy bag stand can reach up to 240 pounds weight capacity, which is going to be more than enough to hold your heavy bag. This is the ideal bag stand for home.

However, if you’re looking for manoeuvrability, this may not be the heavy bag stand for you, as it is considerably heavy.

Next on our list of the best heavy bag stands is the Everlast Two Station Heavy Bag Stand.

Want somewhere where you can hang your heavy bag but also have to make use of your speed bag too? Everlast have you covered with this two stations heavy bag stand.

One side houses the heavy bag station whilst the opposite side has a section where you can quickly and easily hang your speed bag. It’s also possible to adjust the height of the speed bag so it’s perfect for you. No having to drill into your ceiling either.

The frame flares out at the back too which is handy in stopping the heavy bag from flying back too wildly.

The frame itself is constructed from the strongest powder-coated steel tubing so you never have to worry about the frame breaking or coming apart with heavy use.

This heavy bag stand has a 100-pound weight limit, so it’s more than sufficient to hold a decent heavy bag.

It also features poles on that legs that you can sit weights on and also rings which you can use as further anchoring points.

Century Heavy Bag Stand
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Century Heavy Bag Stand, One Size
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This strong and sturdy frame can hold heavy bags of up 100 pounds whilst only weighing 63 pounds itself.

The sleek steel construction provides exceptional strength and durability whilst remaining strangely stylish.

This is the frame to buy if you want to make sure your heavy bag station looks as aesthetically pleasing as it can.

Adding further to the sleek design, it only has three metal pegs to store the weights to keep the whole thing secure.

Some cheaper frames have more pegs and it can make the whole station look quite messy and disorganised.

The powder-coated steel tubing makes sure that the stand can fulfil it’s structural purposes whilst looking damn good.

One of the issues with the cheaper, lower-quality heavy bag that stands out there is that the cage that houses the heavy bag often limits your striking angles. But not with this stand from Ringside.

The steel arm where you hook the bag on to is further raised and angled so that you get unparalleled striking access to the big.

No metal poles or stands getting in the way of your training. With this stand, you get 180-degree access to the bag so you can throw punches, kicks, elbows and knees without restriction.

But strength was the focus when crafting this stand. It can withstand any strike you throw at it without falling apart. No matter how big and strong you are.

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Everlast are the premier company when it comes to punching bags and boxing equipment and their heavy bag stand is no different.

The best thing about Everlast is that their gear is relatively inexpensive but the quality is sky high, and just like their punching bags, their heavy bag stands are just as good.

The stand holds a weight of 100 pounds, which is quite standard, but it’s the ease of use that makes this bag stand a featured product.

A couple of screws and tightening bolts and you’re off to the races.

The heavy bag stand also features prongs for weight plates so you can add them on there for extra stability.

So get your best punching bag, put it on your stand and you know you’re going to get a sturdy piece of equipment.

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The century Cornerman is probably one of the most stable punching bag stands that we’ve encountered.

While it has a 100-pound weight capacity like a lot of other products, what really catches your eye is the incredibly long base legs.

These base legs can extend out to an incredible 7.5 feet from the corner, meaning you should have no problem when it comes to stability.

Another unique feature of the Century Cornerman are the spring-loaded suspension pole which adds a huge amount of shock absorption to the entire rig.

The huge legs also feature sturdy rubber feet, which also add to the shock absorption value of this product, but also stop your floor from getting scratched up by the metal poles.

The top hanger pole is one of the longest we’ve reviewed and this means the heavy bag has movement to swing.

And to top it all off, the centre column is adjustable, with 6 height adjustments going from 72 inches all the way to 102 inches, so anyone should be able to train with this heavy bag stand.

What to Look for in a Heavy Bag Stand

Durability – When you’re looking for a heavy bag stand, construction and durability are some of the key things you should be looking out for.

A heavy bag stand is going to get as much punishment as the heavy bag so you need something that’s going to be constructed entirely out of metal, and with that also needs to feature some strong welding.

Stability – The last thing you need while you’re hitting the bag is for your heavy bag stand to topple over, so stability is a big need for a product such as this. Look for products that have adjustable feet also have the ability for you to load weight plates onto them.

Also, look at adding a rubber mat underneath for extra friction.

Value – Excellent quality is going to come at a premium, but at the same time, you should be expecting the same from your heavy bag.

The products that we have reviewed today have the best of both worlds when it comes to quality and price.

Warranty – A 90-day warranty comes as standard when purchasing products, but what really inspires confidence is the 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

If a company can trust themselves with a one year warranty, then you should be able to trust the quality of their products.

Types of Punching Bag Stands

Freestanding vs Wall Mounted

The best way to categorise heavy punching bag stands is to categorise them into wall-mounted bag stands vs free-standing.

Freestanding heavy bag stands are the easiest and fastest way to get your punching bag mounted. Simply build your stand, add some additional weight, add your best punching bag and away you go.

Generally, there’s very little assembly required, you just have to make sure that your bag stands are secure.

When it comes to a wall-mounted punching bag stand there are a few things you need to do to get it right.

Firstly you need to find a location that you know is going to be sturdy, a brick wall, or a supporting joist is probably a must, then you need to find bolts that are going to be strong enough to mount the stand and the bag, plus deal with the shock absorption.

However, they take up a very small footprint of a room and because the punch bag stand is hung up on a wall, it’s generally out of the way.

Single vs Multi-Station Punching bag Stand

Boxing bag stands can also be sold as a single or multi-station, this means you’re able to hang a heavy bag and also a speed bag.

A single station punching bag stand accommodates a single heavy bag, whereas a multi-station punching bag stand can accommodate a heavy bag and a speed bag.

Honestly, it comes down to your experience in the said equipment, if you have speed bag experience and you would like the addition of a speed bag, then you can get a multi-station for not much more than a stand that primarily holds heavy bags.


You no longer have an excuse not to buy that heavy bag you always wanted. It doesn’t matter how strong and structurally sound your ceiling is and it doesn’t matter how well you can drill or not.

Get one of these best punching bag stands and you’ll be able to let off steam and get in a workout whenever you like.

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