Best Kids Punching Bags (Updated 2022)

Kids and heavy bags don’t mix. Heavy bags are tough and dense and can easily hurt or injure your hands and wrists if you aren’t prepared. This is true for when adults use them. Throw a full power roundhouse at a dense heavy bag and you may just find yourself falling to the floor in pain with a big, growing welt sprouting on the top of your shin. So you can imagine just how bad it can be if a child is using one without adequate protection.

But even if the child has fully wrapped hands and a decent pair of gloves, the heavy bag and other bags such as the banana bags might be too tough for them. There’s no point pushing them through just so they can smash their knuckles and tweak their wrists. Just like a child would use child-size gloves and shin-pads, they should also be using training equipment that has been designed and optimised for them. Like punching bags that are actually designed to be used by kids.

Best Kids Punching Bags Reviewed

Set up a kids punching bag and just try to keep a kid from hitting it. You’ll fail. Like a moth to a flame, a kid just can’t help themselves. Get your a kid one of these great punching bags and they won’t be able to stop themselves from training hard. This is the perfect start to getting your kid into combat sports.

Century Kid Kick Wavemaster

Century themselves agree with me in saying how equipment like this can be a great introduction to boxing, kickboxing, MMA, etc. for kids. Punching bags like this one are fun. It’s easy for the kid to get enamoured with it and use it non-stop. They’ll soon be begging to go to actual classes and hone their skills.

With four heigh adjustments, this bag can be used by kids of all ages and sizes, meaning that you can start your kid young and keep them going without having to shell out on bigger bags as they age. The durable nylon cover will help in this regard too.

It can be filled with either water or sand and weighs approximately 170 pounds when filled up. Which means that it’s tough enough to take a beating from any kid without tipping over but still manageable for an adult to move it around if needed.

Efouroutdoor Fitness Punching Bag

If you find the idea of setting up a punching bag daunting or just annoying, then this is the punching bag for you. This bag is mainly inflatable. You do have to fill the base with either water or sand, but it’s nowhere near as frustrating as filling an entire heavy bag with sand and then having to drill into the ceilings and walls and deal with hooks and harnesses just set the thing up.

Due to only the base being filled, it can be quickly and easily moved around your home and just easily stored away.

The bag stands at 5.25ft tall, so once the base is correctly filled it can be used by both kids and adults.

The exterior of the bag features different numbered targets so you can better aim your strikes and hone in your precision. The numbers also allow you to call out the numbered targets and train someone else whilst they use it.

Efouroutdoor Fitness Punching Bag

This is another great inflatable style punching bag where you only have to fill the base of it. Filling the base of the bag is quick, easy and relatively painless. Sand is preferable as it makes the bag sturdier and able to withstand heavier strikes from the older kids. Though water still works extremely well and is most likely a lot more convenient for the majority of folks. It only takes 4 gallons of water to correctly fill the base which brings the weight of the bag up to about 24lbs. This is enough weight to make the bag sturdy and able to take a hit but still light enough that even a small child can move and manoeuvre it about.

This bag is perfect for kids aged from 2 years old up to a higher limit of 7 years old, which is a nice, wide range of ages to cater to.

Unlike some other bags, this bag has a rather wide diameter which allows a wider striking zone and allows your kids to throw a myriad of strikes, not just limited to punches.

RDX Kids Boxing Set

This is the perfect set for the kid who wants to take their boxing seriously. The other punching bags work great and they will work fantastically for almost everyone, but some kids will want their own proper punching bag. This is a great a compromise from having an inflatable bag and a full on heavy bag. As stated before, a full adult-sized heavy bag is too much for a kid. Too tough on the hands and legs of someone who’s still growing into their full potential.

The bag is remarkably easy to set up and install and the lighter weight makes it a dream when hanging it compared to hanging heavy bags that weigh hundreds and hundreds of pounds.

This isn’t just a bag though, it’s a complete boxing set. It comes with a great pair of gloves that you can use both with the bag and without and a skipping rope. If you take your boxing seriously, you better take your skipping seriously too. Apart from that, the set includes every piece you need to install the bag safely and correctly.

Surprising your kid with one of those punching bags will make their day. Set up one of these bags and it’s almost inevitable that your kid will find themselves getting into boxing or kickboxing, etc.


If you’re lucky and your child is already passionate about boxing and MMA, they’ll be able to rapidly improve due to having their very own punching bag at home.