Best Adjustable Kettlebell 2017

Kettlebells are the rage these days, and for good reason.The muscles/muscle groups that are
considered the most vital in BJJ are your core and your posterior chain.

If your posterior chain is weak then your whole posture is weak. If your posture is weak, then good luck trying to effectively pass someones guard or trying to avoid being swept.

If your core is weak, then your guard is pretty much useless. Even though BJJ is a technique based martial art, you can’t deny that some level of physical strength and fitness is required in order to be effective.

You need a strong, stable core in order to control the person in your guard, to work your angles and submissions and be prepared to explode back up to your feet if things aren’t going your way. Possibly the best way to develop these essential muscle groups is by using kettlebells.

The most famous kettlebell exercise, the kettlebell swing, works your entire posterior chain and your core all throughout the movement. This is why kettlebells are becoming more and more popular in all gyms, but especially in gyms that cater specifically to athletes and martial artists.

Kettlebells can give you a complete workout in half the time without having to jump on a hundred different pieces of equipment.

The only issue is that it can be expensive to stock up on a complete set of kettlebells. Both for the individual and for actual gyms. Most gyms might have a couple of bells, maybe a light one and then another kettlebell that is much, much heavier. You often have to choose between a weight that’s too light or a weight that’s far too heavy, with nothing in between so that you can progress correctly. Top companies have realised this problem and come up with an excellent solution: Adjustable kettlebells.

You can add or remove weights in small increments so you can make progress without having to possibly injure yourself by moving up too much, too fast. Below, we’ve sourced the best possible adjustable kettlebells for your workout regime.

The Best Adjustable Kettlebells

Kettlebell Kings Adjustable Kettlebell 10lbs – 40lbs

With this bell, you can adjust the weight in 5Ibs increments making it perfect for smooth progression. With these small increments, you’re essentially buying seven kettlebells in one.

When fully equipped, it forms the shape of a traditional rounded kettlebell, so you’ll be able to do all of your favourite exercises without having to adjust for different shapes, etc.

The handle is constructed from a smooth, high quality metal bending to give you complete comfort when working out. You can focus on the exercise without being distracted with an uncomfortable grip.

Mir Adjustable Kettlebell 10lbs – 83lbs

This is the adjustable kettlebell you should go for if you want the maximum amount of weight available.

This bell offers weights from as low as 10lbs, all the way up to 83lbs. The weights are so easy to quickly add or remove, that you can mix it up with low weight, high reps for endurance as well as high weight, low reps for strength in the very same workout. With the same piece of equipment! However, the speed does not impede the safety of the weights and you can workout as hard as you like without worrying about errant plates spinning off of the bell and causing damage or injury.

Empower Kettlebell 5lbs – 12lbs

If you’re only interested in light weight, high rep workouts or just using your kettlebell to build that vital BJJ endurance then the empower kettlebell might be the one for you. This is also a good purchase if you’re brand new to kettlebell training and want to buy something light, low-risk and with a soft texture so you can get used to it.

This bell has three different weight options: 5lbs, 8lbs and 12lbs. You can start off at the lowest setting to really get your form down before moving up in weight. Empower also chuck in a full body workout DVD in with the kettlebell to help you with form and give you some ideas of how you can use and integrate it into your workout.

PowerBlock Kettle Block 8lbs – 40lbs

You’ve probably seen the famous PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells before. Well, PowerBlock have decided to add that winning adjustable weight formula to the kettlebell too with their Kettle Block product.

The weights move up in small increments; 8lbs, 12lbs, 16lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs and 40lbs. I’ve spoken before about how important it is to your progress that you’re able to increase your weights/reps in small increments in order to continually progress, and this kettlebell makes that possible.

Like the bell from Kettlebell Kings, you’re essentially getting seven kettlebells in one with this set.
PowerBlock have given you more than enough room for your hands to fit on the grip when doing two-handed swings, which can be an issue on some of the cheaper kettlebells. Though not any kettlebells that are on this list.

Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell 24lbs – 36lbs

The Rocketlok bell is the best option for when you want an adjustable kettlebell but want it to look as much like an ordinary kettlebell as possible.

The way you adjust this bell, is by loading the inside of it with cylindrical weights that fit inside each other like a puzzle. You then close the sturdy plastic cap on the front and swing to your hearts content.

The outside casing and the handle of the bell is made of strong, cast steel. The adjustable weights are also made from this solid cast steel so you need not fret about the bell becoming damaged with use.

As the weights slot in to each other, it allows the weight to be spread evenly across the bell, with the balance and centre of gravity staying consistent regardless of how much weight you’ve added/removed.


Kettlebell workouts will give you an undeniable edge over your opponents on the mat. Even if you don’t compete, having a strong posterior chain can help you dramatically in your everyday training. Having extra strength and endurance allows you to train harder, more often and put more sparring rounds in to help you get the most out of your training.

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