5 Popular CBD Products for Jiu-Jitsu Athletes

Everybody is talking about the potential benefits of CBD, and it’s easy to see why. After various high-profile news stories, notably that of Billy Caldwell’s search for medicinal cannabis medicine to treat his severe epilepsy, it seems that the UK is gradually waking up to the discussion around this cannabinoid.

CBD has found a particularly strong foothold in the world of combat sports, due to its apparent pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Users of CBD, who also train jiu-jitsu and MMA, report that the compound helps with sore joints and muscles, helps with relaxing after training and promotes better sleep.

Today we’re going to talk about 5 popular products carried by our friends at The CBD Barn. The CBD Barn is owned and operated by a group of jiujitsu and MMA enthusiasts from the south coast of the UK, and carries some of the best CBD and full spectrum hemp products produced by the best-known manufacturers in the UK.

Raised Spirit CBD Coconut Oil

Raised Spirit is the brainchild of ex MMA / UFC fighter Nick Osipczak, and combines delicious, organic coconut oil with full-spectrum hemp extract made from milled hemp flowers. It’s formulated to be extra strong, and with “professional athletes” in mind. According to the official blurb:

“Developed specifically with professional athletes in mind, our unique PRO formula packs 1,000mg of CBD into this mighty jar. A unique blend of two of nature’s most powerful Super-foods: Hemp and Coconut, our Organic CBD Coconut Oil is hand made by infusing milled hemp flowers into melted coconut oil. Eat it raw, spread on toast, add to your favourite drink or recipe, or massage directly on to your skin for amazing results. Jar size: 196ml 1 teaspoon ≈ 27mg CBD Recommended usage 1/4 – 1 teaspoon eaten or stirred into a hot drink 1-3 times a day. Each individual will experience slightly different effects. It is best to experiment with portion sizes taken at different times of the days to discover what works best for you, depending on the desired results.   This product contains Hemp Oil and Coconut Oil. The THC content is less than 0.1%”

Personally, I use a teaspoon of Raised Spirit CBD Coconut oil in my coffee in the morning, and sometimes in a cup of tea in the afternoon. I find that it promotes a calm state of mind and can help with any niggling aches and pains I may have from training jiu-jitsu.

The amount of CBD per serving is easy to understand too – Nick says a teaspoon will provide approximately 27mg of CBD, which is a good hit.

High Tide – CBD Infused Cold Brew

Combining two of our favourite things – CBD and beautifully made cold brew! High Tide are based down in the south of the UK and have an extensive history in the world of coffee, so they know how to make a good cold brew. They also claim to have a great way of making the CBD water soluble, meaning that it’s easy to absorb when ingested. According to them:

“Coffee And Non-Psychoactive CBD For A Low Acidity Caffeine Hit To Help Elevate Stamina And Performance For The Ultimate Pre/Mid/Post Sports Drink. Naturally Low In Fat And Low In Calories. Guaranteed 0% THC per bottle. Each 250ml bottle contains 5mg CBD.   Vegan, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Stress-Free Ingredients – Filtered Water, Single Origin Coffee & CBD (Hemp Extract)”

I sometimes use it in the mornings instead of my normal coffee. It’s a smooth sip, with a powerful coffee flavour, and the slightest hint of hempiness. You get the hit from the caffeine but it’s mellowed somewhat by the effects of CBD. Highly recommended. Plus CBD Barn sells individual bottles, which are hard to find elsewhere.

Soft Gel CBD Capsules from Kanaco

The Soft Gel CBD Capsules from Kanaco are perfect for anybody who doesn’t want to faff around with other delivery methods for their CBD. If you don’t want a tea, or a gummy, or oils, or anything like that, you just want to pop a pill alongside your other multivitamins, then this is the product for you. 25mg of CBD in one hit. Very convenient.

The official blurb:

“Soft Gel CBD Capsules – 30

Pack contains 750mg CBD in total.

Relax without sedation and relieve without intoxication.

Full spectrum soft gel capsules containing Organic Cannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil. We carry the 25mg CBD per capsule version, that comes along with other minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC and over 40 naturally present terpenes. CBD is in water-soluble nanoemulsion form to increase bioavailability.

Usage guidance:

25mg: 1-2 capsules taken up to 2 times daily with a glass of water.

Simple and easy – get an exact amount of CBD in a single soft gel!”

CBD Gummies from Love Hemp

Coming in a pack of 10, each CBD gummy contains 10mg of CBD. Taking your CBD this way has two advantages. One, you know exactly how much CBD you are getting in each gummy. Secondly, as you have to chew the gummy, you take advantage of the sublingual absorption method. This is considered one of the better ways to take CBD as it can go directly into the bloodstream through the lining of the mouth, rather than going through the gut where it may not get absorbed as efficiently. Sublingual absorption has a higher “bioavailability”. Their official blurb:

“Sugar, Gelatin, Glucose, Citric Acid, Fruit and Plant Natural flavouring, coconut oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. Supplemental Facts

  • Serving Size = 1 Gummy Servings sweet
  • Amount Per Serving Calories 7
  • Fat – 0g
  • Carbs – 2.2g
  • Sugar – 2g
  • CBD 10mg

Recommended Use*

Take 1-4 gummies daily as needed. Do not exceed 10 gummies per day.

Does not contain yeast, wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, or peanuts.  Store in a cool, dry place.

Laboratory tested for quality and consistency. This packaging is bio degradable.”

Ben from CBD Barn chomps on these when he’s super stressed out, and uses them to power through loads of emails with a slightly dopey grin on his face.

Hawaiian Haze CBD Flowers from Kanaco

Receiving your first Hawaiian Haze CBD Flowers shipment in the post can be quite a pleasant surprise. The flowers are potent, stinky and sweet, and resemble what most people probably recognise from their teenage years. But these flowers have only trace amounts of THC – they are from EU organic industrial hemp, so they are packed full of CBD and other delicious cannabinoids and tasty, smelly terpenes. Trimmed, dried, and vacuum packed.

The official blurb:

“Kanaco CBD Flowers

Strain: Hawaiian Haze

These dark green buds have a sweet aroma, the taste of pineapple may leave you daydreaming about a tropical island holiday. This CBD hemp flower is our most terpene rich!

This strain has a high concentration of CBD and very little THC (<0.17% EU-Certified hemp) terpene-rich, colourful and sweet aroma. No psychoactive experience, just the relaxing & calming body high.

EU-Certified Hemp

THC <0.17%

CBD 3.9%

The CBD flowers have been hand selected and carefully trimmed. Perfect to put in tea or an added health kick for your morning smoothie.  ”

Personally, this is my absolute go-to product. I use it in the evenings especially after training jiujitsu or in the gym, there is nothing quite like the relaxing body feeling that comes from the CBD flowers. Once I even accidentally dropped a bud in my vaporiser… although I cannot recommend you do that, I found it very pleasant and relaxing indeed. CBD Barn carries a few different flavours of CBD / Hemp bud / flowers, so take a look around their site.

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