The Best CBD Hemp Oil (Updated 2024)

An unfortunate amount of fighters, BJJ practitioners and athletes in general end up using/abusing painkillers.

Everyone knows the danger of painkillers, but sometimes people feel like they’re the only choice that they have. They think they’ll only use small amounts for a short amount of time, but before they know it they’re desperately dependant on them and firmly in the realms of addiction.

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The Best CBD/Hemp Oil Products

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Below we’ve listed the top 5 hemp oil products currently on the market.
 Best Overall - Yours Nutrition Organic Hemp Oil Organic Hemp Oil for Pain Relief & Joints 1000 mg - Made in USA - Natural Relief for Anxiety Headaches Stress Fibromyalgia & Sleep - Advanced Nanoparticle Delivery System for Improved Absorpti...

After a gruelling class, you’d expect to come home and pass out almost instantly. But you all know that that’s not the case. You end up laying in bed with your body in bits but your mind racing.

You play over your sparring sessions in your head again. You can’t stop thinking about how you could’ve escaped that position or that submission, about what you’ll do next time.

Well, after using Yours Nutrition Organic Hemp Oil you’ll be calm, relaxed and drifting off effortlessly into a deep, rejuvenating sleep.

This oil helps with both physical and mental well-being. You can wake up in the morning after the best sleep you’ve had in years with all of your aches and pains seemingly gone. Perfect for getting yourself into tip-top shape before class that night.

This oil is to be ingested, using the dropper that comes with the oil.

 Runner Up - Naturalab Premium Hemp Oil

This is another ingestion based oil with a smooth peppermint flavour that tastes great.

People with multiple sclerosis have even reported that this oil helps them with their symptoms. So if people suffering from MS can feel the benefit, then just imagine how useful it can be for people using it deal with training pains!

It can even help with ADHD, so if you sometimes struggle keeping your focus during class, a dropper of Ozio Originals could do wonders for your progress.

The mood elevation and anxiety-easing properties could also help calm pre-match jitters when competing.
 Eden Gardens Cannabis Essential Oil

Now don’t be frightened by the word cannabis on the label. Only the medicinal component is in this oil. You don’t have to worry about getting high or failing drug tests, etc. There is no THC whatsoever in the product.

Unlike previous entries, you must not consume this oil!

To use it, you must dilute it down with water/other oils and apply it to your specific problem areas. If you have a nagging injury or a part of your body that always seems to throb or ache, apply the oil to said area and sit back in amazement as the discomfort disappears.

Using the product on your skin in it’s undiluted form could cause unwanted skin afflictions.

It even comes with a brochure called 150 Ways to Use Essential Oils so you can get the maximum bang for your buck.
 Best Natural Flavour - Endocanna Organic Hemp Oil

Endocanna only create top quality products. Everything they produce is made with the highest quality ingredients and procedures, and this hemp oil is no different.

This hemp oil is organic, non-GMO and infused with organic hemp seed oil and Vitamin E oil.

The hemp extract itself is derived using a CO2 extraction process that keeps all the ingredients pure without running any of the vitamins and fatty acids.

You can rest assured that every batch undergoes further testing to make sure that it’s as pure and potent as it can be.

Endocanna Organic Hemp Oil is also a good source of essential omega fatty acids, so you’re killing two birds with one stone every time you take a dropper of the stuff.
 Best Overall Flavour - Restore Calm Hemp Oil Spice Flavour

Something that sets Restore Calm Hemp Oil apart from other brands is that they give you twice the amount you would be getting from some other brands, but without a drop in quality.

You ingest this oil, like some of the others on this list, by placing a drop underneath the tongue. Like all hemp oils, they are perfectly safe to use on a daily basis to combat pain, fatigue, anxiety and stress.

Hemp and CBD oils actually reduce inflammation, rather than just covering up pain like some painkillers do. So by using Serenity Hemp, you’re actually getting rid of the cause of the pain, rather than just covering it up and possibly causing an even worse injury.


MMA is absolutely brutal on the body. Hard training and competing for years on end is going to break you down. Rickson Gracie is said to have as many as 8 herniated discs in his back and Marcelo Garcia apparently has to push through constant pain in both his training and daily life.

Knee injuries, back injuries, spine injuries and many more. All of them can leave you in anguish and looking for a way out.

But that doesn’t mean you have to take harsh, addictive painkillers.

Have you heard of CBD/Hemp oil?

You might remember recently the controversy when Nate Diaz was seen vaping CBD oil out of a vape pen at a post-fight press conference.

Former UFC Heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez, has also come out in support of using CBD oil, as well as many other fighters.

Why are they using it?

CBD and Hemp oil have very strong anti-inflammatory properties which makes it perfect for aiding in recovery and helping you get a good night’s sleep after a tough session.

Cannabidiol oil (CBD oil) is the medicinal only component found in the cannabis plant. Using CBD oil is nothing like using marijuana. With CBD you’re only getting the medicinal, non-psychoactive part of it.

It is perfectly legal!

You won’t get high from CBD and there is no addiction factor to it either. CBD is becoming a commonly prescribed medication to help people dealing with chronic illnesses who would suffer side effects on harsh prescription medicines.

CBD oils and Hemp oils can be a vital supplement in your arsenal if you use them correctly.

When you turn up to class on a Friday night and everyone there is tired, worn out, worn down and their bodies are in bits, you’ll be raring to go.

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