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How to prepare for your first bjj competition – Part 2 – The Guard Pull

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I remember the first time someone ever jumped or pulled guard on me. It happened really fast! They gripped my gi and before I knew it I was pulled to the ground in his guard and he was already setting up his first sweep or submission. I was prepared to attempt a throw and thwart his take down attempts but I had never seen this form of take down and was surprised at how effective it was. Low risk and low effort Although it’s very important to learn basic wrestling…read more

Chael Sonnen – American Hero

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So this amazing piece of music was brought to my attention the other day. A 20 minute collection of the best of Chael Sonnen’s put downs put the ambient music. “I am candy coated poison, my friend. Trust me.” “Anybody that tells you bad guys don’t win never met Chael Sonnen.” Chael’s impressive career in the UFC came to a crashing ending after he fail his drugs test, causing the UFC to terminate his contract with the organisation. The music depicts Chael and his best but also reminds us of his…read more

5 minutes with Polaris Pro Jiu Jitsu Invitational

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If you do BJJ in the UK and haven’t heard about the latest Jiu-Jitsu event, Polaris Pro, then you have obviously been living under a rock. Polaris Pro is bringing the big BJJ names together in Wales. Names such as Keenan Cornelius, Kit Dale, Dean Lister, Pablo Popavitch and many more are all converging to Cardiff to take part in a huge submission-only event. However, the event has been shrouded in secrecy a little, so I managed to get hold of Matt from Scramble and asked him a few questions…read more

The Mighty Mendes Brothers – Rickson Cup full fights

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This November Rafa and Gui Mendes travelled to Japan to take part in the Japanese Rickson Cup. The new federation tournament setup by BJJ legend Rickson Gracie to give competitors more options to fight, other than the IBJJF. These fights show some of the best jiu jitsu out there. The brothers flow from move to move, to prosition to position and play a game that every BJJ practitioner would dream of having. Here are the brother’s full fights as courtesy of the AOJ youtube page. Enjoy! Gui Mendes vs Nakamura…read more

7 reasons why you should start BJJ

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It keeps you fit Lets face it – BJJ is the best workout because we exercise our entire body in one session and we burn copious amounts of calories. Think about all the times you’ve heard beginners tell you how sore they have been after their first few training sessions even though they have played so many others sports. Grappling based sports are easily the most challenging for the body. You can learn practical skills BJJ is the perfect combination of a workout and learning self-defense skills, as the Gracies had shown…read more