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Are close outs ruining Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

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Over the last few years there has been a saddening trend hitting the high-level IBJJF competitions, the close out. If you’re un familiar with close outs, basically what happens is two team mates will meet in the final and one with bow out, awarding their friend, training partner or instructor the win. All the top teams are notorious for it, especially Gracie Barra, Checkmat and Atos. It happened in the 2015 Europeans and in the 2014 Pan American Championships five out of the nine finals closed out, which caused a bit of…read more

66 things every BJJ white belt needs to know

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1. Good Jiu-Jitsu technique exists when you’re a hammer (offence) and when you’re a nail (defence). It doesn’t matter whether you are “losing” or “winning”, in a “bad” position or a “good” one. You should be working on improving those positions. 2. Don’t hero-worship the upper belts. Fight the technique and positions, not the reputation and belt of the person. 3. What seems like a blur of indiscernible action (i.e. a scramble) can be broken down into its component parts once you are able to accurately perceive the situation. It…read more

10 ways to market your BJJ academy

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By night i’m a blogger and a BJJ practioner and by day i’m a professional SEO and marketeer. The BJJ community has given so much to me in the form of a new lifestyle, hobby and obsession, so I want to give something back to the community to hopefully help those starving professors breathe new life into their gym and get the new bodies through the door for 2015. Create Walking Billboards The best way to market your product is to have other people do it for you. Whether it…read more

Gotch’s Bible Workout – Your new year’s BJJ conditioning sorted

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Known in Japan as “The God of  Pro Wrestling” Karl Gotch is the king of fighter-specific training and conditioning. This workout can be done easily at home and the only equipment you need for this routine is a deck of 52 playing cards. Born Karl Istaz in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1924, he later became famous as Karl Gotch. He was an excellent amateur wrestler who even competed for Belgium at the 1948 Olympics in freestyle and Greco-Roman disciplines. Gotch later wrestled in the United States and at the end of…read more

The Language of Jiu Jitsu

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White You are learning to speak your first words. You do not fully understand them yet, but you are starting to build a vocabulary. You can sometimes get your point across with a single word, or two strung together, but that is usually by accident. Blue You have built up a word vocabulary and are even starting to use sentences. They are not always well punctuated, and are most often very simple. You are starting to notice the intricacies of those who write well, but you are unable to match their…read more