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Learn the ultimate BJJ takedown! The Eri Seoi Nage

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Want to take your opponent down like Rodolfo Vieira? Of course you do! Known for his brutal takedowns Rodolfo is the master of the Eri Seoi Nage and here is Carlson Gracie Essex Black Belt Alain Pozo to show you how! Rodolfo Vieria combines the best of both worlds: that includes Judo, and Wrestling, to initiate some of the craftiest take downs in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) today. The awesome BJJ scout has done a whole series on Rodolfo’s takedown strategy.

The life of a full-time Connection Rio resident – An interview with Sam Crook

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For anyone who’s let BJJ into their life, one of their things to do on their bucket list is travel to the Mecca of BJJ, Brazil. Often people will take a two week training holiday with connection Rio or one of the other fight holiday firms that a cropping up all the place. However, a lucky few get sponsored and have the opportunity to train in Brazil for months at a time, and that’s what’s happening to my team mate Sam Crook. Sam trains at Fightworx Torquay under my black…read more

5 reasons why your kids need to start BJJ

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It builds their balance and coordination Everyone talks about how great of an exercise jiu-jitsu is and they wish that they could have started earlier. To get your kids involved in jiu-jitsu at an early age (usually 6 years old, as many Gracies suggest) is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Developing balance and coordination at such an early age will not only keep them fit and healthy, but it will also help your child become an athletic and energetic individual throughout their lives. Although children do…read more

How to prepare for your first bjj competition – Part 1 – The Take Down

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How did I prepare for my first ever competition? There were so many things that I learned the hard way that I wish I knew before I began competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and submission grappling tournaments. However, the main thing I learned for my competition was that live sparing during Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or submission grappling class did not completely prepare me for my first competition. Why not? The knees. Whenever you roll in call you start on the knees and rarely from standing. This causes many bjj fighters to have…read more

The path that everyone forgets…

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When people take up a sport they want always strive to be the best, the champion, an so forth. But for me I’ve decided that my path will be a litter different, I want to be the best teacher that I can possibly be. During my hiatus from ATB (Mainly form being too lazy to blog, a spell of chicken pox and a 2 week holiday in Gran Canaria) i’ve been given the opportunity to teach out Thursday classes when our regular purple belt teacher is unable to do so….read more