The Best Free-Standing Heavy Bag 2021

The Best Free-Standing Heavy Bags Reviewed

Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

With something so big and substantial as a heavy bag like this, you want to make sure that it actually looks good. Many heavy bags don’t, but this one does. Century have designed the Wavemaster to look as good as it performs and even offer three colour choices: black, red and blue.

The durable vinyl coating and high density foam of the bag allow you to throw heavy shot after heavy shot without either your bag or your hands suffering. Century have managed to toe the line between offering a tough, durable bag and a bag that you can actually use without hurting your hands and wrists.

The base of the bag is also very low-profile whilst servicing all of it’s structural role to the fullest and offering great weight distribution.

Everlast Power Core Free Standing Bag

If you want a heavy, sturdy bag to practice your power punches on then this is your bag. The compact base allows you 360 degrees access to the power core bag so you can practice your footwork and landing those devastating heavy shots.

The Tri-Disc foam structure allows for maximum energy dispersion and the PowerTransferRingCollar technology gives superior impact, absorption and recoil.

As these heavy bags don’t swing back and forth wildly like their traditional hanging counterparts, things like absorption, dispersion and recoil are even more important.

Everlast have gone to great lengths to ensure that this freestanding bag has all the features and benefits of the classic heavy bag.

Century BOB Body Opponent Bag

Hitting a heavy bag is good fun. Wrap your hands up well, put on a pair of broken in gloves and go at it. But what is even more fun, is being able hit a heavy bag that’s in the shape of a man.
Rather than just punching some curved section of a heavy bag, you can aim those heavy shots at an opponents jaw or their body.

You can work on your distance better and see just how class you have to be in order to connect a clean shot on the jaw. Oe exactly what kind of angle you need to use in order to effectively land a liver shot to your opponent.

The BOB offers you precision and accuracy in ways that the traditional heavy bag just doesn’t.
You can easily just the height of BOB too so anyone can have a pop.

Ringside Elite Free-Standing Punching Bag

A problem that bad quality freestanding punching bags sometimes face, is that they can move drastically when hit. This is not something you want. With a hanging heavy bag, sure, you want it to move back and react to your punches. But punch an inferior quality freestanding bag and it can topple over.

Ringside have combated this problem by creating a bass that can hold weights of up 270 pounds. Even the biggest guy will have trouble knocking that over by accident.

But if that weight is still not enough, they’ve included a removable foam collar that helps reduce movement if you need it.
The shock-absorbing foam and durable synthetic leather shell allow this bag to take a beating like no other.

You can dish out punishment to this bag on a daily basis and have it last years to come.

Century Versus Fight Simulator With 10184B Base

A lot of MMA fighters like to put down a heavy bag on the floor to practice their ground and pound. There are tons of great drills that you can do on a downed heavy bag, including the aforementioned ground and pound and practicing transitions. Understandably, you can’t do this with most freestanding heavy bags… but you can with this one.

Century claim that this is the most versatile of its kind on the market.

The low-profile base allows you to even practice low kicks, without smashing your shins open on a wide base like some other bags. It provides more than three times the striking surface compared to other products. This same low profile base allows it to be used on the floor as a grappling dummy.

Every base is covered with this bag for a full and complete workout.


Putting up a heavy bag is a real bag. It’s not as simple as just attaching it to your ceiling and then wailing on the bag.

Firstly, you have to make sure that your ceiling can actually bear the load. This is definitely not a step you want to skip and you need to make sure that it can handle it structurally.

If you don’t do your due diligence at this point then the consequences can be dire. Your entire ceiling could collapse in on itself. Even worse if you live in an apartment with neighbours above you. You could be hitting the bag when everything just comes down and your poor neighbour falls through the floor with all the rubble and debris too.

Even if your ceiling can handle it, it’s a massive ordeal to screw everything in properly and then actually put the bag onto the hook.

Heavy bags, as the name suggests, are heavy and thus can be extremely difficult to set-up. Especially if you’re on the smaller side, trying to set one up for yourself. For some it’s impossible.

Heavy bag stands go some ways into mitigating these issues but if you really want to eschew those problems completely but still be able to use a heavy bag, then you’re going to need a free standing heavy bag.

These look like heavy bags but with a wider, thicker area at the bottom where you load them up with either water or sand to keep them in place whilst you hit the bag. These are far easier to set up then hanging a heavy bag and easier than setting up a stand.

All the fun and benefits of a heavy bag with none of the cons.

Heavy bags are one of the most versatile training tools available. They’ve been a common staple in boxing train since forever and will continue to have a stable home for years to come. With these freestanding heavy bags, every barrier that heavy bags have presented have been torn down. Now anyone can own a heavy bag and reap all the rewards.

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  • I’ve tried all those bags at various gyms.. I train in Muay Thai, and moo Do Kwan, I haven’t tried the elite ringside yet I want to buy it for my home I am 6ft 2 and 350 lb I’ve heard a lot of good things about this bag you seem to be an expert what do you think will it hold up to my size and strength?

  • I’ve been doing kickboxing for the past few years and want to start working out at home since I can’t get to the my kickboxing gym anymore. What do you recommend as a good freestanding bag that doesn’t move as much for kicking and punching? I’m 6”-10” and 190 pounds.

  • Absolutely, especially for your size, a longer bag might be better so you can really dig into the bag without much movement.

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