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Best Weightlifting Gloves 2021

Best Weightlifting Gloves 2021

The Best Weight Lifting Gloves Reviewed

Harbinger Power Non-Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves

Unlike many sets of weightlifting gloves, these gloves do not feature a wrist strap. Whilst wrist straps are useful when attempting to break your personal records, they can get in the way of your progress when doing other exercises.

It’s important to build your wrist/grip strength, especially if you train in the gi. So these gloves are perfect in allowing you to lift like you would anyway, but without your hands being roughed up. If you do train in the gi, your hands are most likely roughed up anyway so you definitely don’t want to mess them up anymore. It’s no fun fighting for grips when your hands are sore and bleeding.

These come in five different sizes to provide anyone with the hand support they need regardless of their hand size.

Skott 2017 Python Weightlifting Gloves

These gloves are the thickest and most durable gloves on the list. If you are particularly prone to callouses and blisters then these are the ones for you. Some people have softer and more delicate hands than others, there’s no shame in that.

These gloves are particularly a good fit for the female trainee that ones to get the most out of her workout but is cut short due to said blisters, etc.

Skott sell these gloves in a wide variety of sizes so that the smallest girl and the biggest guy are both covered with the absolute best hand protection.

Fit Active Sports Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves

A downside to wearing weightlifting gloves is that they can sometimes be uncomfortable and cumbersome. Factor in heavy sweating from lifting hard and heavy and you can start experiencing a different kind of discomfort than before. Fit Active Sports remedy this by crafting a glove that only covers the parts of your hand that actually need covering and protecting; the palms and the wrists.

The front of the hand is completely open and exposed to keep your hand cool and comfortable whilst your palms are shielded from the rough bar and your wrists are supported at their weakest points. This also keeps the glove clean and fresh compared to it’s fully covered counterparts. No more sweaty, smelly gloves that stink out the whole gym.

Nordic Lifting Weightlifting Gloves

Nordic Lifting are all about substance and purpose when it comes to their weightlifting gloves. There’s no flashy designs or jazzy colours, no special features or gimmicks that don’t serve the true purpose of the glove; to protect your hands.

These gloves have been designed to keep your hands safe and secure when lifting and that’s what they do. The palm is fitted with thick, durable leather padding to stop callouses in their tracks and the heavy-duty wrist-strap allows you to pursue heavier and heavier lifts without worrying about your wrists failing. All of this without causing discomfort or limiting movement and/or control of your lifts.

Steel Sweat Weight Lifting Gloves

Steel Sweat have managed to create a great all-rounder glove here. You have the perfect amount of padding to protect your hands whilst increasing the amount of grip you have on the bar. There’s thumb support which can be a life-saver if the bar ever slips whilst you’re lifting it.
When you’re training hard and you begin to sweat, it can make the gloves a real pain to remove. To combat this, Steel Sweat have included quick removal tabs in the finger holes so you can get the gloves off quickly without it being an arduous task.
Despite being a thick and sturdy glove, their sweat-wicking technology allows your hands to breathe and stay cool and sweat free deep into your workout.

With a minimalistic black and white aesthetic, the glove looks fantastic too. Of course, the functionality of the glove is paramount but once that’s covered, it’s nice that a company goes to great lengths to make it look eye-catching and stylish too.


There’s nothing worse than being so close to hitting a personal best only to have your hands fail before your muscles do. You know you have it in you to pump out a couple more pull-ups but your hands are in pieces. You’re doing heavy rows and your back isn’t even close to burning out but you can barely keep your grip on the bar.

If you find that this keeps happening to you then you likely already know that your workouts are suffering for it. You know that you aren’t getting the most out of your time and that you’re leaving both strength and size gains in the gym. You’re wasting your time and you aren’t becoming everything that you could be.

But the answer is simple: you need gloves.

Many people have this outdated and silly view about weightlifting gloves. They believe that they’re not macho for example. But those views are just that; outdated and silly. There’s nothing macho about not being as big or as strong as you could be because your hands are letting you down. Get yourself a set of weightlifting gloves and you’ll be able to really work your muscles like never before, without being hindered by blisters.

Whilst it’s important to build hand/wrist strength and toughen up the skin, weightlifting gloves are still a great investment for gym goers. Your hands will grow stronger over time and the skin will harden, but you’ll still need them for when you really want to go all out and burn your muscles to the limits. Weightlifting gloves should be a firm fixture in every gym-goers gear bag.

There’s no need to suffer in the gym day in and day out and not get out what you’re putting in. The purpose of lifting weights is to work your muscles so they grow bigger and stronger. If you’re having to quit mid set because of your hand blisters or your weak wrists, then you’re quite simply wasting your time. At the very least, your time isn’t being spent optimally. Get yourself a good pair of gloves and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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