EBI By The Numbers – An Infographic

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EBI – By The Numbers – An infographic by the team at <a href="https://www.attacktheback.com">Attack The Back</a>


  • Do the submission based match finishes mean regulation time, or overtime?

    If overtime, does that count for situations where someone finishes first, and then the other person has to out-finish them? Also does that count as two finishes or one?

    I’d be interested to see these numbers without overtime finishes, if those are included. For example, RNC’s finished in regulation time by itself. I wonder if that number is higher than Heel hooks? Obviously getting to start from either spiderweb or back control will influence the number of RNC’s if that is included.

    • That counts as 1 finish to win.

      33 out of the overtime matches were finished by submission and 19 were finished by submission (Mostly RNC and Armbar)

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