Best Ab Roller 2021

Ab Rollers are the best option for those individuals who don’t have money or time for the gym. The best Ab roller can help them get their dream abs without spending much time and money.  The Ab rollers strengthen your abs as well as your arms, back, and shoulders.  The thinner Ab Roller allows you to perform more intense workouts and get the desired abs in no time.  If you are a beginner then get a knee pad and use a wider roller as it is safer and helpful.  

Best Ab Roller – Our Top Picks

If you are looking for a new Ab Roller or want to upgrade your Ab roller, then here you can find the 10 Best Ab Rollers that can help you choose the best Ab roller for your workout sessions. 

EDITORS PICK – Rogue Fitness Ab Roller

Rogue Fitness Ab Roller is an abdominal roller that makes your workout sessions safe and easy. This simple training roller offers greater performance and high-quality manufacturing tends to provide more consistent results. The Rogue Fitness Ab Roller comes with a durable rubber tire, a nickel-plated steel shaft, and offers a great grip on all surfaces. 

The closed bearings of Rogue Fitness Ab Roller offer smooth rotations, and the wheel is rounded a bit on the edges can be challenging for you as you need to keep the roller straight to avoid unnecessary turns during every rollout.

The Rogue Fitness Ab Wheel is made with a nickel-plated steel shaft that does not include any plastic, and it is very durable that lasts through the most intense core workout sessions.  The Ab wheel comes with NBP rubber handles for easy-grip and reduces slipping.  The exclusive design of the Rogue Fitness Ab Roller makes this wheel more exciting than other Ab rollers available in the market. 


Stretch tire with durable rubber tread
Nickel-plated steel shaft
Sealed Bearings offers smooth rotation
A bit rounded edges makes this roller an extra challenging for the user
31.75mm diameter NBP rubber easy-grip handles

Easy-grip handles prevent slipping 
Durable design
The rounded edges of the wheel makes can be challenging for users
Strong built made of high-quality materials
Sealed bearings for smooth rollouts 
No plastic used
Perfect choice for advanced users


For beginners, the rounded wheel can be very challenging to use 
Expensive compared to other branded rollers

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is one of the best Ab rollers that were built-in resistance to increase muscle growth and delineation in arms and abdominals.  A dynamic engine contains a durable carbon-steel spring that provides assistance on the rollback and resistance on the rollout and enhances arm and abs workouts.  

The perfect Fitness Ab Carver features a wide wheel tread that improves stability when rolling right or left to work obliques.  The comfortable handgrips are placed to help improve core and arm muscles, and also, it is easy to remove handles for easy transport and storage. The Ab Carver comes with high-density foam knee pads for greater comfort while rolling.  The package includes a one-year manufacturer warranty and a downloadable 21-day Perfect Fitness Ab Carver workout plan. 


-Resistance Rolling Out
Ultra-wide Wheel
Assistance on the way back
Ergonomic Handles Work the Deep Core
38 Core Muscles
Rolling left and right
Compound Movements 
Dimensions : 9 x 7.88 L x 9-inches; 0.96-Ounces


 Designed to offer a sturdy abs training 
Comes with a wide wheel that can be angled
Exclusively designed side grips
The Ab roller works fine on a hard floor or carpets


The manufacturer used low-cost materials 

MKHS Ab Roller

MKHS Ab Roller is a heavy-duty and ultra-wide Ab roller wheel, and this 7ll Ab roller assures stability and balance, and it does not roll right and left. Also, the reinforced metal part of the Ab roller can endure high-intensity exercise that allows you to train your full core, including the abdomen, lower back muscles, abs, and obliques. 

The ergonomic design and high-quality make this MKHS meet various training levels and helps you obtain your dream abs quickly.  The Ab roller comes with a multi-layer that makes the roller shock absorption, anti-slip, and noise curbing, and the removable handles provide the best grip. The built-in spiral spring offers a rebound facility that prevents you from injury this feature is very helpful for beginners.  The Ab roller is the perfect choice for those individuals who want to experience good workout sessions as it works well on most of the surfaces, including hardwood floors, carpet, concrete floors, etc.  Also, you can notice that the Ab roller helps you aim at your abs eve with less extension. 


Intelligent Brake
Automatic Rebound
Widen Roller
Mute noise reduction 
Non-slip handle
Reinforced wheel plating improves balance and strength
Wear-resistant rubber wheel


Built-in carbon steel
Durable and Strong 
Noiseless spring
Grip comfort
Anti-slip pattern 


Improper form can cause injury and put more pressure on the lower back

EnterSports Ab Roller

EnterSports Ab Roller is an ultra-wide Ab wheel with 3.2ll width, which makes this roller half the size more compared to other brands. This ultra-wide wheel gives you great stability and allows clear movements for a more rigorous workout.  The roller will not wobble and can hold the load up to 600pounds. The EnterSport sAb roller is made with superior quality and strong stainless steel, durable PVC, and non-slip TPR. It assures comfort and safety, and no noise. Ab roller never damages the wood floor or carpet. 

Multi-directional Ab core workout  Ab Roller kit comes with free bonus gifts, including a knee pad, two resistance bands, and handle grips. The combination of push-up and resistance allows you to work out more in a short time.  The knee pads protect your knees during workout sessions. 


Superior Quality
Ultra-wide Ab Wheel
Strong stainless steel, non-slip TPR
Multi-directional Ab core workout
Durable PVC
Core Training
100-percent Satisfaction Guarantee


Strong Stainless Steel, Top Quality
3.2” Wide AB Wheel
PVC and Non-Slip TPR assures comfort and durability
Six-in-one versatile workout options
The professional design offers a noiseless experience 


The knee pads are comparatively smaller than other brands 

Luyata Ab Roller

Luyata Ab Roller is an ultra-wider roller wheel that comes with a 3-inch wheel roller that holds up to 440lb. The Ab roller is made of non-slip durable rubber and strong stainless steel that assures comfort and stability during your workout sessions.  Luyata Ab roller is a no noise roller that never damages the wood floor or carpet. Strong knee pads are made of NBR material that offers extra comfort and prevents injury and protects your knees. 

Luyata Ab roller kit offers other workout equipment, including two resistance bands, jumping rope, and push-up-bars. The resistance band offers controlled return and the combination of push-up and resistance rope allows you to build strong muscles in just a matter of time. You can adjust the jumping rope to a particular height and you can use it outdoor and indoors. 


Best all-inclusive exercise set
Thick foam knee mat
10Pc AB Wheel Roller Kit
Push-up bars handle grips
8-shaped Stretched Band
Resistance bands
Bigger Abdominal Muscles
Dimensions : 10.5 L x  W x 5.9 H inches; 3.75 Pounds
Ultra-Wider Roller with base knee pad
Full body workout
One-year Warranty
100-percent satisfaction guarantee


Super comprehensive Ab wheel roller set
 Training with the Ab roller promotes a beautiful figure
Focus on the abdominal muscles, upper body, back, arms, and shoulder 
Two push-up bars
One jump rope- adjustable length


Handles are not thick enough

Vinsguir Ab Roller

Vinsguir Ab Roller is the best Ab roller that is worth the spend money on. The Ab roller comes with a free knee pad, unlimited sections, and it is easy-to-assemble and disassembles. You can use your Vinsguir Ab roller at the office, gym, home, and with simple workouts, you can get efficient results. The 8cm ultra-wide ab roller assures the stability and balance, as the roller does not move right and left.  With this Ab roller, you can get the desired workout effect and avoid injuries. 

 Vinsguir Ab Roller offers a comfortable grip as it has an EVA rubber cotton handle, TPR smooth rubber wheel surface, no noise, which makes this roller perfect for workout sessions and you can enjoy exercise and get your desired abs in no time. The rollers’ high-strength stainless steel shafts can hold a maximum weight of 440pounds. The Ab roller is easy to assemble and easy-to-work out in the gym and at home. 


Easy-to-use for new users
2-round version
Single Wheel Version
Thick stainless steel tube
Does not hurt the floor
Anti-slip comfortable handle 
Quick assembly and disassembly Pros:


Wider Wheel
Ergonomic Handle
Load bearing holds up too 440lbs
Works various muscles in one motion
Compact size
Improves Breathing
Reduces Back Pain
Affordable Price 


Not ideal for individuals suffering from back pain
Too small

Fitnessery Ab Roller

Fitnessery Ab Roller is one of the best personal fitness trainers that help you to build bigger and stronger abs, build stronger muscles, burn calories, and enhance your overall health.  This Ab roller comes with three free bonus gifts and offers a lifetime money-back guarantee. The superior quality of Fitnessery Ab roller makes this roller the best personal exercise equipment. It is made of durable and strong material that withstands even the most rigorous workout sessions. 

The Fitnessery Ab Roller package includes a comfortable knee pad for extra support, and ultimate Ab workout E-book, six-pack Abs Nutrition E-book. These high-value gifts are not available with any other brands. 


High-quality materials like PVC, stainless steel, and non-slip rubber
Comfortable EVA handles
Three bonus gifts, including nutrition guide, knee pad, and workout guide


Strengthens shoulders and arms
Ultra-comfortable hand grips 
Helps tone and sculpt abdominals
Every purchase include three incredible free bonuses gifts
Comes with non-slip rubber wheel  for smooth, stable, and fluid movements 


The extra knee pad is not comfortable
E-book is not very helpful

Bluerise Ab Wheel

The Bluerise Ab roller is one of the best and the simplest rollers and perfect home gym equipment.  The Bluerish Ab Wheel offers the best workout experience and helps you strengthen and tone your legs, abdominal, arms, shoulders, and back. Also, this Ab roller helps you tone hard-to-reach lower abs muscles without performing hundreds of crunches or sit-ups.  

The Bluerise Ab Wheel is easy-to-use and helps you get the desired workout results. It is the perfect choice for both the experienced and beginners, and exercising just 10mins a day can help you improve your back, chest, shoulders, abs, and arms in one movement and helps you get the perfect body shape and abs. The Bluerise Ab roller wheel is durable, safe-to-use, and strong, and the material is non-toxic and will not bend easily. 


Non-skid wheels
Two styles
Not easily deformed
100-percent satisfaction guarantee 


Durable 2 non-skid wheels for extra stability
Easy-grip handles
Tone and Strengthen abs arms shoulder, and back


No spring assisted

Epitomie Fitness Ab Roller

Epitomie Fitness Ab Roller is the best choice if you want to strengthen and tone your abdominal, arms, back, etc. Now, you can skip the sit-ups and crunches as the Epitomie Fitness Ab roller does more than the sit-ups and give more than just abs. The Ab roller strengthens hips, obliques, triceps, shoulders for enhanced muscle building, and stability.  Epitomie Fitness Wheel allows you to roll without swaying as it comes with two wheels that offer two times more stability than other rollers and distribute the weight perfectly. 

You can use two settings to tone up using only abs roller.  Epitomie Fitness Ab roller allows you to set the wheels ultra-wide for improved muscle building and extra stability. If you want to tone up, then set the wheels closer for less stability. 


Two wheels for 2-times the stability
Cut the crunches
Non-slip handle
A strong, stable six-pack is possible
Rubber Treads for perfect traction
Maximum comfort performance grips
Two-wheel settings for more exercises


Adjustable wheels
Comfortable handles 
Lifetime satisfaction guarantee
Tones shoulders, abs, and upper back 
Free kneeling mat


No manual for assembling the roller 
Does not support heavier weights 

Auoplus Ab Roller

Auoplus Ab Roller comes with a jump rope and kneepad, which helps you maximize your cardio exercises and enhances the speed for greater fitness workout sessions. The soft knee pad fits comfortably and protects your knees from getting hurt.  The Auoplus Ab Roller allows you to widen the large wheel to 3.5-inches so that you can have more balanced and stable rolling.  The wide roller avoids the roller move in different directions, safe-to-use, and the perfect choice for beginners and experienced people. 

The Auoplus Ab roller wheel is built with a strong and thick metal tube, and it supports weight up to 400lbs. The wheel surface is designed with a non-slip TPR soft rubber, silent and firm, and it wouldn’t damage carpet and wooden floor surface, and the handgrips are made of sweat absorbing soft EVA foam, durable and comfortable. 


Comes with jump rope and knee pads
400lbs load-bearing
3.5-inches wide wheels for stability and safety
Comfortable and durable soft EVA foam easy-grip handles
Perfect roller for home or gym
Durable Rubber Tread 


Safety and stability
3-in-1 roller wheel 
Excellent quality
Adjustable jump rope 
30 days return and refund guarantee
Quick assembly
Adjust the length easily


No issues so far


If you’ve never used an ab wheel before, then you might be in for a surprise. Whilst people of all fitness levels can use them, they can be hard. Few other pieces of kit can provide you with such a quick and effective workout. The kind of core strength that you’d gain from using an ab roller regularly will give you a massive edge over your BJJ and MMA competitors.

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