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3 Supplements That Help Muscle Growth

3 Supplements That Help Muscle Growth

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Exercising is good, there is no question about this. Many health experts would urge anyone to do some regular workouts to keep their body strong and resistant to a wide array of illnesses such as cough and fever. 

We get more benefits from exercise if we do it while maintaining a proper diet such as keto or dolce. However, the challenge with nutrition is that it’s nearly impossible to get all the nutrients that we need without overeating. We can only eat so much at every meal. Because of this, there’s really a need to do some sort of supplementation. 

But the next question is this: what food supplements should we take when we are simply exercising or preparing for physically demanding events such as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu match? This article presents three types of supplements that we can take to maximize the benefits of all the exercises that we do. 


People who exercise grow bigger because of protein. This substance is the building block of muscle. When we exercise properly, we create micro lesions on our existing muscles, and we need protein to rebuild and make these muscles bigger.

We normally get protein from food such as poultry, red meat, and beans. However, we need to eat a lot of these to get the amount of protein needed to efficiently rebuild muscle. As we said in the introduction, we might have to eat a huge amount of food to get the right amount and diversity of nutrients. 

This is where supplements such as whey protein shakes, protein bars, amino capsules and other similar items become helpful. These can easily be bought from stores that are dedicated to fitness and exercising.  You can also read more information on 4 Gauge to achieve your desired muscle gains.


Glutamine is important if you are intensely exercising because it helps keep muscles from breaking down. It also gives the immune system a boost so that the body can be spared from illnesses such as the common cold and other health issues that are brought about by exposure to stressful situations. Examples of these are dry eyes and reflux coughs that you can read about on websites such as Refluxgate


A recent discovery, pycnogenol is the term used to refer to the extracts from the bark of the French maritime pine. It is said to help with vasodilation, which is the widening of the blood vessels to let more blood to pass through. This lowers blood pressure and makes the distribution of nutrients more efficient. 

Pycnogenol supplements come in the form of capsules that are easy to ingest. But there is one thing that you should bear in mind when you take pycnogenol and other similar vasodilation-promoting supplements. Their vessel-dilating effects come about because they increase the body’s nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide needs the action of the good bacteria in the mouth for their production. These bacteria are susceptible to antibacterial mouthwash, so it is wise to avoid using mouthwash when you are supplementing with vasodilators.

Supplementation ensures that we are able to ingest the right amount and types of nutrients. It shouldn’t be treated as an extra expense; supplementation has already become an important component of a healthy diet, especially when exercising. 

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