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Jiu-Jitsu Content to Keep you Sane While Your Gyms are Closed

Jiu-Jitsu Content to Keep you Sane While Your Gyms are Closed

If you’re like me then you’re probably at home without a gym to go to (actually I’m being forced to self isolate due to a knee injury), you’re probably thinking of BJJ 24/7 like the rest of us.

Thankfully the community is coming together to offer practitioners of the sport the opportunity to learn from home and we’ve collated some of the best. Check it out

Keenan Cornelious’ Daily Live Streams

Steaming at 12pm PST or around 7pm GMT Keenan has been going live every day with Miha and other special guests to give live q&a’s, lessons and rolling. So far they have done a Gi session, a nogi session and have even hinted at a plainclothes session. You can find out when they are going live by subscribing to Keenan’s youtube channel or you can catch up on the previous streams below.

Gi Stream

NoGi Stream


Other Live Streams

BJJ Fanatics

Everyone’s favourite competitor and co-owner of BJJ Fanatics Bernardo Faria is offering Fanatics customers free instructionals if you use the code FARIAFREE. This coupon can also be used for instructionals on their sister website Judo Fanatics.

BJJ Fanatics has also released a free John Danaher DVD where he goes through lots of drills and workouts you can do at home.


Techniqly are giving away a free Masakazu Imanari Instructional if you sign up for an account with them, plus they are offing 35% off any of their products if you use the code STUDYATHOME. Visit them here.

Tom Deblass

Tom Deblass has been doing free facebook seminars to help combat bored grapplers.

Lucas Lepri Online

Multiple time world champion and all-around good guy Lucas Lepri has recently said he will be opening up his instructional resource to the public free of charge to help competitors learn while they’re at home. Visit Lepri Online and sign up for an account to get access.

Jamie Hughes – Combat Media

Welsh BJJ Black Belt Jamie Hughes is offering his excellent instructional on the closed guard. You can watch it for full here.

Caio Terra

Caio Terra has opened up his online learning platform to everyone for the next two weeks. You can sign up for Caio Terra Online here.

Renzo Gracie Live Streams

Along with Keenan Cornelius, Renzo Gracie is also doing live streams on youtube and in classing Renzo style they’re amazing!

We will keep this post updated regularly to make sure you get some of the best content available while you’re hiding away from COVID-19. Stay safe everyone.


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