TimTam vs TheraGun Review 2024

You may have already heard of percussion massagers. They’re all the rage at the moment and for all the right reasons. Things like cold therapy, hot therapy, getting sports massages and deep tissue massages, foam rolling, using spiked balls, etc. are all great and all have their place. All of these things can make a radical difference in how your body feels and performs on a daily basis. Even doing something like foam rolling can make a world of difference and leave you free from pain and tension.

However, those things are for helping minor problems and increasing mobility and function and just generally helping you to recover that much better and feel that much better. If you’re suffering from more serious injuries, or you have deep tissue problems that normal massage can’t help, then you might need something a bit more heavy duty. Something like a percussion massager. And if you’re going to get and use a percussion massager, then you might as well go all the way and get one of the big hitters… like the TheraGun.

TheraGun Review

Before we get right into the good points of the TheraGun, we’ll delve into some of the drawbacks. The first and most obvious negative is the price point. The TheraGun is expensive. There’s no getting around that. It’s not just expensive in it’s own right, it’s also far more expensive than most of the other decent percussion massagers out there.

Another drawback is that the TheraGun is not a device that will completely replace the use of cold therapies, sports massagers, foam rolling, etc. If you’re thinking of getting a percussion massager so you can just completely skip all the rest of the stuff and think that that one device will have you covered, then, unfortunately, it’s not quite the case. The TheraGun is not the be-all, end-all, it’s just one tool in your arsenal of many. It just happens to do it’s job extremely well. It’s job being the heavy duty function of taking care of the more extreme pain and problems that present themselves in your body. Mainly, like I said before, the aches and pains and knots that the other stuff can’t get to.

It’s also a fairly loud device. When you’re using it, you’ll hear it. Other people relatively close by will definitely be able to hear it. Make no mistakes about that.

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TheraGun Price

Yes, it’s expensive. It’s also probably one of the best damn percussion massagers on the market. Premium quality commands a premium price. Is it worth just quite what it costs? Maybe, maybe not. It’s definitely not twice as good as the TimTam massager which is a percussion massager at half the price. But it’s still far better than the $100 dollar models that have jumped on the bandwagon and flooded the market with shoddy gear.

Some people buy the TheraGun expecting it to solve all of their problems, as if it’s some miracle machine that can do it all. Put simply… it can’t. Obviously. But there’s no piece of equipment that can do it all. If there was, then there would be no need for anything but that one single bit of kit. The TheraGun doesn’t do it all, but it does what it promises to do extremely well and much better than almost every other similar massager. It may be worth paying that aforementioned premium to help with your issues rather than wasting time with massagers that just aren’t worth it.

And yes, the TheraGun is pretty damn loud but it’s not like you’re using it for hours on end. You use it for the short, focused time that you’re required to and then you’re done. That loud sound has a lot to do with just how powerful the machine is. And that power is what makes it work so well when it relieves that chronic pain you can’t seem to shake via any other means. That same shuddering power that causes that loud sound allows the device to relax thickened connective tissue, break down those stubborn knots and scar tissue and helps to really ease that deep tension out of the muscle in a way that those spiked balls just can’t.

Can You Put a Price on Pain Relief?

Should you buy the TheraGun? The simplest answer is yes but of course things are slightly more complicated than that.

This isn’t just a device for serious, competitive athletes. Most people live a very sedentary lifestyle which can wreak just as much havoc on your body and health than hard training will. This device can work wonders on everyone. It doesn’t matter what sport you do or how you train. You don’t even have to do a sport or train at all in fact, to reap the benefits of this device. However, it’s undeniable that those who are really working hard in the gym and beating their bodies up are still the ones who would benefit the most. If you already have injuries or deal with some form of chronic pain, the hefty investment makes more sense. If you’re relatively injury free, don’t have any joint or muscular problems and only have the dull ache you get from normal training, then maybe you don’t need the TheraGun.

As I said before, the main issue is the price. If it was a lot cheaper, then everyone should own one. It would be silly not to… if it was cheaper.

For those who are fed up with suffering from the somewhat severe pain and injuries, then it’s a wise purchase to make. You can’t really put a price on being free from pain if you’re in constant agony from decades of abuse on the mats and in the gym.

But for those aren’t at that pain level, then you can do without the TheraGun and instead, can pick up on the many, many cheaper massagers that are out there today.

TimTim Massager Review

The TimTam Percussion Massager is a heavy duty, deep muscle massager. This isn’t a toy or a kids plaything. This is the big gun you pull out when nothing else works and you need that rehab or relief. They promise that their device helps break down big knots, increases blood flow and releases stored lactic acid. The massager is so high-powered that you can actually see your very muscle tissue wobble and blur beneath the pulses of this massager. You’ll see first hand how this TimTam can go deeper than almost any other piece of kit. This massage “heals” the problem area that you’re working on, which effectively helps to stop the pain messages that the area sends to the brain so you can train and live pain and discomfort free.

As everyone has different physical issues to deal with, you can purchase several different attachments that go on the end of the drill-like device. The standard tip is a round, silicone ball-shaped tip that is great for dealing with general problems and can provide you with terrific relief. But if, for example, you have a specific area that you need to target that’s particularly deep or tough to get to with a bigger all-purpose tip then you can use a precision tip; this is a much more pointed and focused tip that really digs in deep.

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Build Quality

The device itself is compact yet robust. It looks and feels expensive and high-quality. It’s an incredibly powerful piece of kit that has been designed to last a long time. Some of the cheaper percussion massagers can deliver similar levels of power but are just gonna fall apart after minimal uses or will slow down, get weaker, etc. Not so with the TimTam; it will be as strong on day 1 as it will be years down the line. Every part of it has been designed to be as tough and durable as possible; no weak links that will break down or have to be replaced.

The comfortable handle allows you to use it yourself wherever you need to without assistance. The head has 90 degrees of articulation to help you get to all those tough to reach places. It also gives you plenty of options in hitting the same, stubborn area from different angles. You or your patients alike can feel the power of 2000 strokes per minute with ease.


Who Uses a TimTam?

Top athletes such as Georges St. Pierre (GSP) have willingly endorsed this massager and all of it’s excellent benefits. GSP was once the biggest star in the UFC, with companies lining up to work with him. He can really have his pick when choosing which companies to align with and which products to use and promote. There’s absolutely no reason for him to endorse a product that he doesn’t feel is the best out there. He has also had his fair share of injuries. Serious injuries too, the kind that can end a career dead in it’s tracks and significantly affect quality of life. So it speaks volumes that he’s chosen to endorse the TimTam over all others. It also shows that whilst the TimTam is excellent for use with all kinds of sports, it’s perfect for those who specifically train in combat sports and experience the exact kind of issues and injuries that arise when performing in those specific avenues.

TimTam vs TheraGun

It has a massive advantage over the TheraGun with it’s price; it costs less than half the TheraGun whilst still being on par with it. The TheraGun is definitely not twice as good for being twice the price and many would still pick the TImTam if both massagers cost the same. Having said that, it’s still quite expensive. It all depends on your specific problems and issues that you want to deal with; will buying the TimTam be an expense that you can do without? Or will it be an invaluable investment that will serve you well over the years? The main factor really is your current physical state.

If you do suffer from chronic pain or injuries and problems that you can’t seem to shake, then the TimTam is one of the best investments you can make. It’s incredibly hard to make progress in MMA when you’re so focused on pushing through physical pain at all times. Chronic pain can massively affect your life outside of the gym too; some people are in constant pain and can’t walk, sit down, sleep, etc. If you’re one such person then splashing out for a TimTam is a no-brainer when the only alternative is dealing with needless pain. Ordinary people and athletes alike swear by the TimTam and its benefits. People have tried every other therapeutic measure, and have only seen middling results at best, report that the TimTam gives them both short-term and long-term relief. They report that with regular use, they both feel miles better after a single use but also that their problems seem to dim or even disappear over the long term too.


The TimTam massager and the TheraGun massager are the kings of the percussion massagers. There are tons of percussion massagers on the market these days but those are the two that stand head and shoulders above the rest. They are far more powerful than anything else out there and are really able to dig in and ease out the knots that foam rollers and the human hands just can’t get to.

At the end of the day, not everyone needs a high-powered percussion massager. Everyone can benefit from one, but not everyone needs one. The TimTam is expensive but it’s not prohibitively so like the TheraGun. So it’s still at a price where you can buy it to try it without really breaking the bank, unlike the TheraGun massager.

TimTam Percussion Massager
Heat infusion to help loosen muscles Quiet operation Developed by the legendary Firas Zahabi
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