TimTam Massage Gun Review 2024

TimTam introduced an updated version of its portable massage device, adding a retractable threaded rod, which allows you to easily adjust the angle to reach different muscle groups. While this is a nice upgrade, it is still much stronger than competing models such as the Theragun G3PRO.

Let’s take a look at the TimTam upgrade to understand how it works and see if it will meet your needs.

Is the TimTam Massager powerful enough?

First of all, immediately after turning on the power and applying the massager to your body, you will notice the raw power of this device. The TimTam has always been known for its power, and the latest model doesn’t disappoint.

Secondly, I started by applying light hand pressure on my muscle, and I never really needed to press any more, because the percussive power was abundant. For the sake of the test, I tried to apply more pressure, but I didn’t do it for long because it wasn’t necessary.

Overall, the power aspect is a plus, but it is much louder than some of its competitors, who are just as powerful if not more so, but also quieter.

I personally rated the TimTam an 8 for its power. The power was so great that you didn’t have to stay in one place for too long or press the device to feel its effect. It’s ideal for those who need to treat multiple areas and for those who could easily tire themselves out using other devices.


How does TimTam feel?

Rather than simply describing the power of the TimTam, I have also included the descriptions below for the feeling it gives you when used on different areas of the body.

Back: Even though I could reach my own traps with little effort, once a buddy used it on my traps and lower back, I was even more impressed. It really relaxed my extremely tight traps and my back in general. Just make sure to avoid the spine and shoulder blades! The noise is also quite annoying near your ears, to be honest.

Legs: Although I was able to apply it easily on my quads and calves, for my buttocks, hips and hamstrings, I needed a partner to reach them. It was an enjoyable, if not intense experience. To be sure, that’s where the power is so valuable, because you can really dig deep into areas with greater muscle development.

Front shoulders, forearms: I thought it did a great job on those two areas, I could paint them like a brush and feel the positive effects without too much effort.

TimTam Percussion Massager
Heat infusion to help loosen muscles Quiet operation Developed by the legendary Firas Zahabi
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TimTam Accessory Options

If you plan to take this masseur to sporting events, locker rooms or simply on a business trip, the good news is that it comes with a nice carrying case. Some other portable massagers do not include a case, which represents a $50 savings up front.

In addition, the TimTam is also compatible with up to six attachment heads, including a hot attachment, a cold attachment and a blade design, which they call the recovery blade. An additional purchase is required for these heads. It is the only portable massager I have ever heard of that offers a heated or cold tip or blade.

  • Standard round tip: Included with the TimTam, which makes sense because it is the most versatile tip. It is a good balance between flat and pointed tips.
  • Flat metal warm-up tip: this accessory was very nice on my chest and quadriceps, and is a bit less intrusive than the trigger tip, so I can see why they call it a warm-up tip.
  • Sharp metal trigger tip: simulates a therapist’s thumb. It really gets deeper than the round ball attachment and the flat tip. It is ideal for treating stubbornly tight pain points.
  • 2 hot plastic tips, 2 cold plastic tips: Using heat to warm up or a frozen surface to cool down is the next level for a portable massage device. This is an interesting feature.
  • Recovery Blade: This accessory seems to help hit larger athletes or specific areas of the body with deeper muscle development more deeply.

TimTam Massager Battery Life

First of all, the 30-minute battery life is not a big problem if you use it for personal use. Secondly, it is so powerful that I have regularly used it for 2-3 minutes at each session without having to use it longer. Third, the good thing is that they sell backup batteries. If you are a coach and want to use this device in your team, I suggest you get an extra battery.

Finally, the charging port is self-contained, so you can replace the batteries fairly easily and continue to use it while the other battery is charging.

Is a TimTam Massage Gun worth it?

After looking at the TimTam, I would say that buying a TimTam is worth it if you want a powerful and easy to carry portable massage device. However, if you have to consider noise, you may want to consider other options, such as the Theragun G3PRO.

Multi-Zone Targets: The TimTam works very well on many different areas of the body, from traps to calves. It shines on the quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks, thanks to its power.

Lightweight and portable: for those who travel often or need to bring it to sporting events, this massager is for you. It comes with a carrying case and it helps to carry it from one place to another.

Cooling and heating options: If you like heated and cooled massages, this portable massage gun is for you. It has the ability to be hot or cold, unlike its competitors.

TimTam Massager Review

  • Power ★★★★★
  • Versatility ★★★
  • Accessories ★★★★
  • Battery Life ★★★
  • Self-Use ★★★
  • Brand ★★★
TimTam Percussion Massager
Heat infusion to help loosen muscles Quiet operation Developed by the legendary Firas Zahabi
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


Star Rating ★★★★

TimTam has released numerous versions of their electric drill style massager. They have continued to update their original version and add to its versatility and add user-friendly accessories and features. The current model offers an excellent range of features and helps to quickly eliminate muscle pain. It is easy to make a personal request or you can also ask a partner to help you.