Sweeping For Success

Every time that I step onto the mat, I have a game plan that I would like to implement. Losses come from not being able to pull the trigger on the game plan before my opponent starts to play to their strengths. With that being said, there are a couple factors that will always play a critical role in solidifying the advantage in your match.

We will give you the list, but today’s focus will be on sweeping if you weren’t able to pull the trigger first.

Sweeping For Success

Order of winning:

  1. The Takedown – if you get the first points on the takedown you could literally lay there the rest of the match and win. (This isn’t recommended because nobody likes a staller but remember if it is a competition there are rules and techniques in place to make it an educated and calculated risk.)
  2. Securing of positions – once you managed to get the takedown it is time to work your positioning to continue to score points from each position. (Most competitions allow you to work through each position allotting a numerical value of points for each when obtained for the first time.) So you literally could take your opponent down, transition from side control to north/south position to knee of belly and finish in top mount and it would be near impossible without your opponent submitting you to come back from that score.
  3. Submission – You have worked up a very nice lead from points on your opponent and now it is time to start working the beginning of the end. Take what is yours now and finish the match. (Not always as easy as it might seem.)
  4. X-Factor – if anywhere in between you find yourself in a position where you are on the bottom a sweep can always put you back into the winners bracket. Keep in mind that all of the factors work hand in hand and at any point can be exchangeable.

The break down would look like this………

Takedown – X-factor (you land on bottom) – Sweep – Securing of position – Submission. (There are many ways these could play out.)

So if you think about these 4 factors, I think it would be safe to say the most important one to consider is if you get thrown off your game plan and manage to be swept to your back it is most important to be comfortable enough to execute a few sweeps from each position that you might find yourself in. I managed to put together a few of my favourite and most effective sweeps that will get you right back on top and help you to keep your flow of progression right to the winner’s podium.

Sweep from the bottom half guard

The waiter’s sweep (recommended for more advanced than white belt).

The waiter’s sweep is a great sweep from deep half guard that can really put you back into an awesome position to continue the onslaught of your awesome game plan. Start working setting up that deep half guard and play around with this sweep today.

Sweep from bottom side control

There are a few variations to the sweep that work very well. This isn’t my favourite variation but you can mess around with this sweep to see if you like it. One big difference I want to note on my variation is using the foot closest to your opponent to trap your opponent’s foot and pull it to your butt so it will lift their hips off the ground to make the sweep easier.

Sweep from opponent inside your guard

Pendulum sweep – One of my favourites has been and always will be this sweep. It is pretty basic but is an awesome sweep for any situation inside the guard. It also has a great setup for an armbar. Check the video below as it has some great instruction that will have you sweeping like a high school janitor in no time.


Get out there and improve your competition winning abilities today!

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