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EBI 10 Results – Geo “Freakazoid” Martinez Beats Eddie “The Wolverine” Cummings to Retain Bantamweight Title

EBI 10 Results – Geo “Freakazoid” Martinez Beats Eddie “The Wolverine” Cummings to Retain Bantamweight Title

Tonight EBI moves from the Orpheum Theatre, Los Angles to south of the border in New Mexico. Tonight fans got their wish as two of the hottest young submission stars, Eddie Cummings and Geo Martinez, come to blows in what maybe EBI’s most exciting final.

This year Eddie dropped down a weight class, seeking another EBI title to bring back to Renzo Gracie’s Academy, taking out all of his opponents in quick succession via submission. On the other side of the bracket Geo Martinez dispatched his opponents with great ease, both looking like these matches were the warm up for the main event.

The final found Cummings attacking numerous leg locks while Martinez defended them with grace. In the last minutes of the round The Wolverine switched it up and went for back attacks and sinked in a deep triangle, that Freakazoid hung out in until the buzzer.

In overtime Geo Martinez successfully submitted from the spiderweb position and Eddie Cummings could not return the favour, crowning Freakazoid the champion.

Tonight’s EBI featured a host of talent including Kristian Woomansee, Baret Yoshida and Wales’ own Ashley Williams but we all knew what it was going to come down to in the end.

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EBI 10 Results


Geo Martinez defeats Kristian Woodmansee via darce choke
Marcelo Cohen defeats Joey Diehl via kimura
Bruninho Barbosa defeats Suraj Budhram via calf slicer
Ricky Lule defeats Javier Gomez via inside heel hook/kneebar
Eddie Cummings defeats Alessandro Costa via outside heel hook
Alexis Alduncin defeats Ashley Williams via overtime submission
Baret Yoshida defeats Eric Medina via overtime submission
Arturo Cadenas defeats Pablo Rogel via heel hook


Geo Martinez defeats Marcelo Cohen via outside heel hook
Ricky Lule defeats Bruninho Barbosa via guillotine
Eddie Cummings defeats Alexis Alduncin via inside heel hook
Baret Yoshida defeats Arturo Cadenas via no-gi ezekiel/amassa pão choke


Geo Martinez defeats Ricky Lule via katagatame
Eddie Cummings defeats Baret Yoshida via inside heel hook


Geo Martinez defeats Eddie Cummings via overtime submission

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