Best Home Infrared Sauna (Updated 2022)

As horrible as it is, cutting weight is a big part of the fight game. Whether you box in the ring, compete in BJJ or fight in the cage, there’s a good chance that you’ll spend some of your time cutting water weight for a competition.

One of the most common ways to do this is by wrapping up tight and sitting in a sauna to cut that stubborn weight. Some even go as far as to put on plastic sweat suits and ride a stationary bike inside said sauna.

But outside of weight cutting, saunas have plenty of other healthy benefits to them. It’s not all about killing yourself to make weight.

Regularly using saunas can help to detoxify the body of all the harmful toxins floating around inside. Just living a modern day life can bring you into contact with all kinds of horrible toxins and chemicals that find their ways inside your body. Sitting in a sauna can help sweat these out. This is especially important for fighters and other people who rely on their physicality to make their livings.

They’ve also been proven to improve blood circulation. Just sitting in a sauna can help passively improve your circulation and thus your cardiovascular health. How’s that for a quick and easy cardio boost?

Fighting and training to fight is also very stressful on both the mind and the body. Anyone who has used a sauna before knows how stress-relieving and relaxing it can be to get inside and forget about all your problems for a while. Not to mention that saunas can even offer pain relief which is handy for dealing with all those nasty injuries.

The best thing would be able to have your own personal infrared sauna (not to be confused with light therapy boxes) that you can use in your own home or gym whenever you want. So you can always have those brilliant benefits on hand whenever you need them.

Best Home Infrared Sauna

h3JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Sauna/h3 Amazon product

This sauna from JNH can comfortably sit two people inside at once with room to spare.

The doors are see-through and made from a special safety glass that can tolerate the higher temperatures you’d expect from a sauna. This same glass improves insulation so none of that precious heat escapes.

To make your time go faster inside the sauna, there are two premium speakers along with an amplifier. You can easily plug your phone or MP3 playing device in via 3.5mm auxiliary plug and play your favourite music whilst you relax.

There’s also a digital control panel that allows you to control the exact temperature and time spent in the sauna; none of the old-fashioned act of pouring water on rocks and hoping for the best, only to immediately burn up because you poured too much.
h3LifeSmart Dynamic Alicante 1 to 2 Person Sauna/h3 Amazon product

Traditional rock and water saunas can cause temperatures to rise up to 200 degrees but unfortunately, they do not penetrate your skin well, so that extra heat is basically wasted.

The Alicante Sauna operates at a much safer 130 degrees whilst providing all of the benefits and more than the aforementioned rock and water sauna. So you get an even better experience without worrying about heatstroke or just generally being too hot and uncomfortable.

You can enjoy this sauna for far longer and far more regularly meaning you get to detoxify yourself and improve your circulation far more than you would normally.
h3LifeSmart Dynamic Barcelona Sauna 1 to 2 Person Sauna/h3 Amazon product

The Barcelona features carbon energy efficient heating panels that produce a wider and softer heat.

Some saunas, that don’t use carbon panels, produce a far more harsh heat that just makes the whole scenario very uncomfortable and non-enjoyable. But worst of all, these saunas provide less benefits, so it’s a lose-lose situation with them.

Carbon heating panels are great as well because they use up far less energy than their traditional counterparts. Due to the Canadian Hemlock wood construction, the heat is better contained inside the sauna so you’re wasting less energy and saving more money. You can also expect you sauna to heat up much faster than other saunas, so you’re saving time as well!
h3LifeSmart Dynamic Maxxus Reims 3 Person Sauna/h3 Amazon product

If you need a lot of space in your sauna then the Maxxus Reims is the one for you. You can have three people sit inside this sauna comfortably without bumping elbows or knees. If you plan on using this sauna alone, then you can really sprawl out and relax without feeling restricted.

The sauna features FM-CD radio as well as MP3 aux connection capabilities so you can play your favourite music, podcasts or audiobooks.

This sauna is designed to fit snugly and effortlessly into a corner of your home or gym. This sauna looks great whether you want the sauna to be low-profile and hidden away in a large room or if you want it to dominate a small room.
h3JNH Lifestyles Joyous Canadian Hemlock Wood 3 Person Sauna/h3 Amazon product

Canadian Hemlock wood is the best wood to use on a sauna as it has incredible heat insulation properties so that you keep all the heat inside the sauna, rather than it leaking out into the open air.

Carbon fibre far infrared heating panels are located back, side and calf areas to maximise full body heating so that no part of you or the sauna is neglected.

JNH have equipped this sauna with the highest quality interior LED lighting for both longevity and energy efficiency: LED lights can be 50% more cost effective than normal lightbulbs and they generally last a lot longer also.

These lights will stay strong for years to come so you don’t have to worry about messing about and replacing them.


If you’ve got the space in your home, then getting a home sauna is a no-brainer. With a home sauna, you can enjoy health benefits such as improved skin, better sleep, detoxification, a stronger immune system and many more whenever you feel like it.

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