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Best Sauna Suits 2019 | Cut Those Final Pounds With Our Favourites

Weight cutting is a harsh reality in almost every combat sport. But it’s especially common in both MMA and BJJ.

You’ve most likely seen fighters step into the cage and wondered just how in the hell they can weigh in at their chosen weight class. They look huge!

But anyone in the know, knows that fighters stepping into the cage can sometimes weigh 20+ pounds than they did when they weighed in the night before.

They do this by cutting weight. Cutting weight is not the same as losing weight.  With losing weight you expect to be losing fat tissue, and maybe muscle, and hope that weight stays off.  With cutting weight, you are cutting the excess water weight that you hold in your body.

People most commonly cut weight by chucking on a sauna suit and alternating between doing cardiovascular exercise and then sitting in a sauna. Sometimes they even merge the two and use an exercise bike inside the sauna.

The sauna suit helps sap the water from your body dramatically. If you’re not wearing a sauna suit, don’t expect to be making weight. You need a suit to effectively drain the fluids.

If their diet and training running up to the fight is on point, they can expect to lose all the water weight they need to weigh in at their weight class limits.

After weighing in, they then carefully refuel and rehydrate. That 10-20 pounds that they lost quickly packs itself back on to their frame.  You might think it’s unfair that fighters are allowed to do this. But it’s a big part of the MMA/BJJ game.  And if you want to win, you’re gonna have to play that game.

Picking a random sauna suit isn’t going to cut it. Missing weight can have a myriad of disastrous consequences so you won’t want to take any chances. We’ve researched what we feel to be the most effective sauna suits on the market for you so it’s one less worry and inconvenience you have when cutting weight.

Our Favourite Sauna Suits for Weight Cutting

RDX Non-rip MMA Sauna Track Suit

Cheap sauna suits will rip. Most sauna suits are designed for sedentary use but can even tear quite easily if you snag them on the bench inside the sauna.

If you really want to go about your weight cutting in the most efficient way possible, then you’ll need a suit that is going to stand up to the rigours of training. Not just cardio, but light sparring.

RDX have you covered with this very durable track suit. It is constructed with sturdy EVA nylon construction so you won’t be suffering from any rips or tears when you’re grappling with a partner.

The suit tightens around your neck. wrists, ankles and any other possible openings. According to RDX, this allows for up to 70% more sweat output.

ARD-Champs Heavy Duty Sweat Suit

This sweat suit features two layers to maximise sweat output and increase durability. It features a nylon and PVC coated fabric and a rubberised inner lining so it stays taut to your body at the vital points.

This rubberised lining and the elastic cuffs help seal in the heat. With a sauna suit, you don’t want any openings where air can get in to cool you down. The whole point of the sauna suit is that it’s meant to be hot! That’s what makes you sweat and sweating is what allows you to cut out all that water weight.

ARD-Champs have made this sweat suit with durability and sturdiness in mind. You’ll be able to exercise comfortably without worrying about tearing the suit.

RDX MMA Neoprene Sweat Sauna Shirt

The other four suits on this list are of a track suit type, whereas this one is a bit different.

It doesn’t look dissimilar to a surfing suit/rash-guard.

This is a thick suit that covers your entire torso up to your elbow joint and down to just above your knees. With the right fit, it’s meant to be tight, so bare that in mind when choosing your size. If it’s loose in any areas, then the effectiveness of the suit drops significantly.

As this RDX sauna shirt is meant as an under layer, you can even double down on your efforts and wear this under one of the sauna tracksuits on this list.

Though saying that, this sauna shirt is better suited to sedentary use like just sitting in a sauna and cutting weight. You can still jog in it, but it won’t be as comfortable as some of the other products.

2Fit Heavy Duty Sauna Sweat Suit

If you’ve had trouble finding the optimal fit for a sauna suit, then 2Fit might be the company for you. You can purchase sizes from small, all the way up to 6XL. No matter how big you are, or weight class you compete it, it’s almost guaranteed that one of those sizes will provide you with an adequate fit.

Another benefit to this sweat suit, and other sauna suits on this list, is that they keep your muscles and joints nice and warmed-up. How catastrophic would it be to get deep in to your weight cutting session in preparation for match, only to injure yourself in the process because you hadn’t warmed up properly. Well, this Heavy duty sauna suit from 2Fit can help prevent the unthinkable.

RAD Anti-Rip Sweat Suit

This suit features a study and durable construction with adjustable velcro straps. Perfect if you have thin wrists and are struggling to get a tight fit on conventional, non-adjustable sauna suits.

Like a lot of the sauna suits out there, they can come up quite small. You may need to buy 2+ sizes more than you normally buy when purchasing this suit. But luckily, RAD has size options up to 6XL for you to chose from so even the biggest trainee should be alright.

The nylon and PVC coated fabrics help prevent rips and tears when training, even when grappling or striking. Even with the sturdiness, you won’t find your training ability impeded whilst wearing and training in this suit.


As I said above, if you need to cut weight, then you need a sauna suit. There’s no way around it. Sauna suits not only make you sweat far more than you would usually but also holds that sweat so it doesn’t go everywhere and make a mess.

Also, as you might imagine, these suits can stink quite a bit with prolonged use so you’d be happy to know that all the chosen products are machine washable.

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