The Best Grappling Socks 2021

Besides the simple quality of hygiene practices and keeping your feet warm, how about discussing other aspects, such as strength, speed and flexibility? When these are present, you can expect superior results and fewer accidents in your grappling games. The addition of rubber soles in grappling socks offers many performance benefits. It also provides an incredible gripping surface, leading to better training practices. This is particularly relevant when you need to train standing, and especially in the case of grappling and takedowns.

Heat regulation is something to consider if you are staying in a place with harsh winters. Stretching your muscles, warming up your joints and exercising on a completely unresponsive surface will give you horrible foot pain. The benefits of practice and the extra thermal support provided by grappling socks go hand in hand when training for grappling or MMA sports.

In summary, here are several things to keep in mind: you need a comfortable, snug fit, excellent traction on the mat, exceptional sweat resistance, and a material that doesn’t rip or tear easily. Your equipment range comes down to what you want in your gear, and these highly recommended grappling socks have those qualities.

Best Grappling Socks Reviewed

Roll Hard Grappling Socks

These particular MMA grappling / grappling socks have been specifically designed for grappling and MMA training. Careful analysis of the materials used in the construction of these socks has resulted in the best materials available with the best possible value for money. Not only do they come in pairs, but they come in many varieties, especially in terms of scale. Perfect fitness equipment for everyday use in combat sports training

These are the most expensive, but they are the most advanced, which makes them incredibly useful, and they have the greatest long-term effect of any other pair in our guide to the most advanced grappling socks. The soles are made of neoprene, a stretchy rubber that offers heel-to-toe traction-enhancing capability. With its distinctive GRIPPY rubber feel, there is simply no way to slip. These blend between wrestling and boxing/wrestling shoes, making them a great choice for all kinds of sports and fitness activities.

These socks are very light, comfortable and have a modern ergonomic design. Movement and mobility are improved and a huge antimicrobial defence, and therefore, they have better health. In addition to the whole area of protection that applies to the foot, they also provide an important part of the protection of the ankle. The item is available in sizes ranging from very small to very large. The colour combination is black and red.

Ring to Cage Socks

The simple, clean style of these ring to cage socks brings them in simple, earthy block colours of black with green trim.

Neoprene is used to make the bottom of the sock with an elastic texture, which provides a strong and secure base that allows the socks to float smoothly around the carpet. The tiny rubber-like dots on the base of the socks provide a “sticky” effect and give the wearer the feeling of wearing wrestling shoes, even though the shoes are much thinner and lighter.

Because of the small dots on the surface of the yarn, these socks are ideal for grappling. When you strike while wearing them, the tiny rubber dots on the heels of the feet can be practically scraped off, especially when pivoting and rotating on the balls of the legs.

Otherwise, they do very well and maintain their grip throughout the workout when used for grappling.

Due to the anti-moisture properties of these socks, like the aforementioned socks, ring-to-cage socks are elementary to wear and remove at the end of a tiring lesson, reducing the possibility of the socks sweating/slipping.

To ensure protection while practising martial arts, it is important to wear proper protective gear such as ring-to-cage socks.

RDX Grappling Socks

The RDX  grappling socks are one of the best on this list. The RDX identity ensures both consistency and effectiveness. Other notable qualities include the fact that they also have these combat socks at a significantly reduced price, considering the nature of the product.

Their anatomically designed architecture, combined with state-of-the-art technology, results in the ideal blend. In addition, the architecture is very impressive and robust.

This particular pair of grappling socks is the one that most closely resembles a normal pair of socks. Subjects often describe their weight in comparison to normal grapple socks. There are different options to choose from, such as different sizes and a single style. The graphics have been fully sublimated, ensuring that the design will not peel, crack or fade. RDX is the only company to license the unique design of these grappling socks. There is an internal arch that fits to keep the sock snug to your foot.

The lycra offers improved comfort and four-way stretch and helps the polypropylene spandex lycra to fit the body better. These socks are highly hygienic, sweat-proof and can be safely washed in the washing machine. It can be concluded that in the long run these socks would be among the best choices.

SB Compression socks

SB is a brand of medical gloves that may not be easily identified by BJJ professionals. The company mainly produces yoga  gear, but also makes good grappling gear.

According to one study, the microfiber ankle support sock is designed for people who have recently recovered from ankle problems and are looking for a little extra protection.

Neoprene and lycra combined with an elastic material make these socks combat-proof, giving adequate traction when grappling and scrambling.

However, you have to be careful with the perfect fit sizes as the sizing can be a bit misleading.

KO sports socks

This seems to be a new approach to the design of wrestling socks. Like the other socks in this series, the socks have a neoprene structure, which means that they are light and flexible and equipped with small black dots on the bottom for better traction. Like the previous socks, this also means that they are particularly suitable for wrestling and less suitable for striking. During striking sessions, the movement of the feet will cause all the pivot points to be torn off, especially when hooking and rolling.

Also mentioned earlier, these socks help to keep the feet warm on cold mats. When it’s freezing, this function is beneficial. Or, more importantly, it is applicable no matter where you practice because of the stability of cold temperatures.

KO Sports socks give you a good grip on the mat, they are sweatproof and the pads are made to withstand overuse.

Rymora non-slip socks

Specially designed for men or women. These toeless compression socks offer extra measures to stop any irritating friction during training, especially for women or men.

Although they are not specifically designed for grappling, they still work well during training. These types of non-slip socks are usually important for women or men. The socks have a secure collar to keep them in place around your ankle and from falling off. The breathable fabric prevents your feet from overheating and keeps them cool, allowing your stamina to remain for a long time. A versatile sock with a banded construction allows you to provide more support. It minimizes potential friction during your workout, while the smooth toe design helps you avoid any problems during your workouts.

The horizontal grip distribution design runs under the socks to provide stability during all activities and reduces the risk of slipping on the field or in the room. Keep in mind that these socks do not work well with swollen feet or ankles. Since the sock sizes are designed to fit both women and men, and the socks/feet are also removed, these toeless sports socks are the best socks for athletes.

Tilos Sports Socks

These socks have a range of colour choices and are very fashionable, making them an excellent choice for people who choose to wear their clothes rather than protective gear. Grappling socks are made from stretchy lycra with an elasticated cuff at the ankle, making them easy to put on and take off.

Although the previous pairs of socks had socks made of neoprene with excellent traction and grip between the wearer’s foot and the mat, the sole of the new socks is made from the same material.

Another great advantage of choosing soft leather cases is that they are marketed as perfect for beach play, so they are really durable and won’t tear or scratch easily. In addition, the socks are also heat resistant, allowing individuals to walk on hot sand without burning their feet. This knowledge does not apply specifically to a wrestling mat, but it still speaks to the defensive qualities of the socks.

Tilos sports socks were not designed exclusively for training. They can also be used in an outdoor environment and are particularly useful for avoiding the risk of being burnt by hot sand or other beach activities. The sleeve colour choices include eleven different colour options, ranging from basic black, purple, blue, etc., to camouflage and mottled. For larger or smaller fighters who are either average or taller, these are perfect.

Roar Neoprene Thermal Socks for Men

The Roar grappling socks seem to be aimed at people who have had lower limb injuries and are now healing. The sock has been designed to provide extra assistance in the same way that a splint or brace might. Several reviewers note that many who use the models still use them for fighting and MMA.

The two pairs of socks were good value for money, and because of this I am convinced to have two more pairs as the material seems to stretch. Many use these socks when they suffer from a severe case of mat burn.

ToeSox Yoga Socks

The main purpose of these socks is not for grappling, but these socks can still be useful in your wrestling exercises, even with this limitation. These socks have single toe holes, allowing the wearer to experience a sensation similar to wearing nothing while offering the added protection of having something on the toes.

Despite their unique appearance, the socks have different characteristic. While the rest of the socks are covered with small dots to help with grip, the bottom of the socks is covered with small dots of similar size to give the wearer the feel. There are a number of different coloured socks to choose from, such as black, grey, pink and white, but there are no variable size options. Because of the truly elastic material, they are constructed with something that is certainly not a problem unless you have massive feet.

The socks have anti-perspiration and anti-slip properties, allowing you to use them in rigorous practice exercises without the wearer becoming a slippery mess.

Sanabul MMA Socks

When it comes to manufacturers who produce high-quality products at an incredibly low price, Sanabul is truly the leader. When it comes to mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu or any other combat sports equipment, Sanabul holds that title. Foot Wraps have been a company issue for years, but their recent order of Foot Grips is among the latest technology in the sport of mixed martial arts. There is also a lot of variety at a great price!

There are up to six new styles of these fight socks in stock; each designed to meet the needs of a specific sport. This way, by including different colours of black, orange, yellowish, red, pinkish and white, you are given many options to choose from, including a range of sizes from very small to very large. In terms of the ability to stay upright during an MMA fight and grappling match, the socks have non-slip hooks that always give the right amount of momentum.

Protection includes the effects of friction, cuts and abrasion, slippage, ankle-twisting, etc. In addition, these materials are odour-repellent, easy to clean and defend against bacteria and fungi. The four-way stretch neoprene not only offers you a lot of comfort during training but also gives you the freedom to move around as you please.

Grappling Socks Buyers Guide

Grappling socks are a great way to keep training, even if you have an injury on your feet. They are especially good for any injuries on the lower feet, but they are also great at preventing mat burn. We go through some of the options which you should consider when buying grappling socks.


Grappling socks can be made with various materials, but the most common material you’ll find is neoprene. Neoprene is a hardwearing material, which is also great at wicking away moisture. However, a number of people have said that they find neoprene can make their feet too hot and also too tight, which is why there are other elastic fabrics.


To withstand the intensity of regular grappling sessions, it’s important for your grappling socks to be well constructed. It’s not uncommon for overlay or double locks stitching to be used in the construction as they are the most durable when it comes intense sports.


Witch grappling socks, you have two options when it comes to toes, individual toes, or the more traditional sock style. Both have their own benefits, individual toes allow each toe to move independently, which means the movement isn’t restricted. The other traditional sock style means grapplers don’t need to worry about extra fabric and are much easier to get on and off. 


Neoprene and elastic aren’t as grippy as bare feet, which is while you’ll often find grappling socks have some rubber gripping pads at the bottom of the socks. Be careful about too much grip, however, as this can restrict your movement.


Unlike normal shoe and sock sizes, grappling socks come in the more traditional small to large size, so it’s a good idea to check the correct sizing before you buy.


The collection of socks on this list can all provide the wearer with what they want out of a grappling sock: a good fit with minimal excess, strong grip on the mats, anti-sweat properties and a sturdy material with minimal ripping and tearing. In many ways the differences between the socks are like the differences between different types of shoes. It depends on the person wearing them and what they are expecting from the shoe.

What to look for when buying the best grappling socks

Not only does the key function of a grappling sock secure your ankle and feet, but it also helps you get your footing in the first place.

The first defensive function is to create a boundary between the outside and inside. The adhesive rubber surface of the best grappling socks prevents the transmission of germs and prevents germs from leaving the material. Another advantage of the wrestling / grappling socks is that they secure the ankles and feet because they have a stronger grip. To provide extra traction even on mats and wet and damp surfaces, the soles are made of rubber with a special texture that gives the rubber more texture than if it had been solid. Fewer ankle and knee fractures also means _ fewer knee and ankle injuries. They also help prevent injuries such as fractures, sprains and strains in the toes.

The materials used in the best combat socks should be of high quality. In addition, the higher the quality of the materials, the more practical the socks are. When developing a new product, the best development options are neoprene, spandex and lycra, and you can use two. The soles should be rubber and have a specific traction feel.

An important feature of a grappling sock is its ability to prevent germs. It is imperative that antibacterial and breathable surfaces are in place.

The important thing is that your opponent does not notice that you are using grappling socks, because if they do, it will influence their next response and could potentially tip the balance in your favour. Also, the foot should be very comfortable in the grappling socks, they should be light and they should be easy to put on and take off. The last point to keep in mind is that they should be realistically priced.


When grappling at high intensity, grappling socks must be well designed. As a rule, bright or double locks are used in the design because of their increased durability in tennis and volleyball activities.


The most common material used in the manufacture of grappling socks is neoprene. Strong and excellent at wicking moisture, neoprene is an excellent material. It is also said that many people complain that neoprene fabric makes their feet very hot and tightens their feet. That is why there are alternative fabrics that are not made of neoprene.

Toe adjustment

The individual toes give each toe freedom of movement, which means that there are no restrictions on movement. In addition to the standard wrestling sock, grapplers no longer have to deal with excess fabric and are much faster to wear or remove.

Choosing a size

For the most part, grappling socks are sold in different sizes. It is important to remember that one size does not fit all.


The elastic pads used at the base of grappling socks are not as strong as neoprene or elastic. Care should be taken with excessive grip, as this can limit your mobility.

Hygiene and training for combat sports

Combat sports clubs are notorious for the spread of skin infections, ranging from MRSA to ringworm. This is to be expected, given everything that happens during practice. Firstly, there is a lot of interaction with other sweaty people. Training happens on the pads, which means you can see what’s on them if you’re training. There is also combat gear. You can go from hand wraps to MMA gloves and shin guards to helmets and carry bacteria if the conditions are right. Hand washing is one of the most important hygiene factors. This is where your best fight socks come in.

I think we generally neglect our feet during exercise. As a minor scratch starts to change colour and ooze fluid, nothing happens. The usual thing is to apply something, tape it up and carry on. Occasionally that will be enough. Often, especially with MRSA, you will need to see a doctor.

We rarely wear grappling socks. Even when you are faced with a dilemma where you need socks, these shoes will rarely end up on your foot during grappling sessions, but they will get a lot of wear and tear on bare ground. If you train in MMA, this really is one of the smartest items you can buy as you spend a lot of time training in various gyms. And, of course, that’s just the hygiene factor. Rather than just helping you stay germ-free, grappling socks have a wide range of additional benefits.

How to hand wash your grappling socks

As socks made from delicate materials such as merino, cashmere and silk wool should be hand washed to avoid long term damage. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t have access to a washing machine, you can wash grappling socks by hand without breaking a sweat. The following instructions will get you up and running:

  • To clean your socks properly, turn them inside out.
  • Put some in the sink and use cold water.
  • Use liquid soap or something else to start with, such as soapy water, if liquid soap is not available.
  • Let the socks sit in the water for at least five minutes. When you get your hands on the dirtiest batch, let it sit for at least 30 minutes.
  • Place the socks in a basin of warm water and agitate them to remove dirt and grime.
  • Run cold water in the sink and use it to clean your socks until they are no longer sudsy.
  • To keep your clothes looking their best, avoid brushing, wringing or spinning them, as this can trigger fraying, snagging and stretching.

How to clean your grappling socks with a washer

There are four simple rules for cleaning your socks: 1) wash in cold water, 2) use enough soap, 3) wash at a warm temperature and 4) use enough water.

  • Remember to turn the socks inside out before throwing them in the washer. By using this method, users can ensure that their socks are properly washed as most odour-causing bacteria accumulate in the sock. Trying to turn them inside out would also keep them lint-free.
  • Are socks of different colours and styles separated? It is important to be careful when adding a darker or coloured sock to a load of lighter coloured socks, as the colour will leak out and stain the whole box. Alternatively, if you combine red socks with white ones, you may create a pink sock.
  • Use a mild detergent to fill your washing machine.
  • Wash the socks in water on the gentle cycle to prevent shrinkage.

Benefits of grappling socks

They help prevent blisters.

Lack of socks increases the risk of developing blisters while you are exercising. They are really painful and sore. Make sure your feet don’t move freely while you sleep. For sweaty feet, worn socks are now the best choice. Wearing socks improves the fit of your shoes and prevents bacterial diseases.

Fast muscle purging

Grappling socks help to remove waste products from sore muscles. Once lactic acid builds up, blood flow to the affected area is impeded. For athletes, the best grappling socks can help remove lactic acid, stimulate circulation and relieve soreness. They will help you perform better in the workplace.

They prevent the foot from smelling

Wearing the right pair of grappling socks will prevent your feet from smelling. Foot odour is usually found in damp, hot, humid environments such as your feet or shoes. Wearing clean socks all day can help keep unpleasant odours at bay. Athletes who sweat heavily should always have a new pair of socks. Padded socks are beneficial in that they have extra fabric to wick away perspiration.

Wool and cotton are the most suitable fabrics for socks. Nylon is good, but it does not absorb anything.

The ability to exercise regularly without muscle fatigue

Selecting the perfect pair of wrestling or judo/jiu-jitsu socks will help you to have a higher muscular endurance. The new technology helps a lot when training for long periods of time. It promotes relaxation and increases endurance. They reduce muscle soreness and stiffness that can occur after exercise.

Vigorous physical and mental recovery

Wrestling and judo accidents happen all the time. Grappling socks help you get back on your feet quickly and stay there. The sleeves help relieve soreness and protect your muscles. They help with rapid muscle repair. You can help with post-exercise swelling by using them during a marathon or half-sprint.

Grappling socks can prevent venous blood from pooling.

Blood tends to pool in the legs if you sit for long periods. People have problems with fat accumulation, varicose veins or venous clots in the legs. Having the right socks will help reduce the possibility of varicose veins. They work to bring the blood flow from the heart back to normal.

Socks can also provide a comfortable travel experience.

You need to plan your trip when you have to fly. When you sit for long periods of time, you get thirsty. If you sit for long periods of time, your vein could form a blood clot. More formal: socks will improve blood circulation. Include those with stretchy fabrics and precise fit specifications.

Grappling socks help protect your feet from the shock and pressure of standing.

Things like pressure and impact can cause injury to a wrestler’s feet or an athlete’s feet. A soft, comfortable pair of socks will help your feet stay warm and dry in these environments. As shock absorbers for gymnasts, football players use a lot of energy in their feet. Grappling socks offer protection and help the player to play for a long time. They help you to increase your endurance while training.

Final thoughts

Many wrestling athletes still have a long way to go in selecting the right style of wrestling socks. This is only natural; those who like them don’t need to look back.

The catalogue of grappling socks on this list have excellent grappling properties, with negligible rips and tears. There are few distinctions between these socks. Therefore, the choice is now based on the person wearing them and their footwear requirements.

Don’t neglect to take care of your feet by wearing a pair of the best grappling socks every time you have to practice your combat sports.

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