Best Finger Tape 2021

Grappling for a long time is tough without the considerable use of a finger tape. Most Gi players attest to this fact. You are likely to see players wear it on their fingers, joints, several toes, or even on both of them. Folks frequently mistake it for a trendy piece since it’s very popular. Arthritis is a genuine problem in BJJ and other sports, and the use of finger tape is the best way to deal with this problem. For the time being, at least.

Repetitive damage to the joint, as well as minor fractures daily, is an excellent arthritis formula. The body’s preferred response to the damage inflicted is inflammation, which causes the joints to swell. The constant pulling and tugging cause inflammation because the finger bones are under a lot of tension. Arthritis is described as a loss of cartilage in the bones due to this continuous trauma and inflammation.

Osteoarthritis, also known as arthritis, is a form of chronic disease caused primarily by the constant wear and tear of BJJ. This is precisely where finger tape comes in handy.

Best Finger Tape

BJJ finger tapping begins with one vital step; choosing the perfect tape from the numerous tape collections. You would be amazed at the amount of pain you can spare yourself when you begin utilizing the tape at the first signs of finger injuries. Let’s see some of the best finger tape available on the market.

Monkey Tape Finger Tape

Monkey Tape is available in a package of four packs. Each package has 2 15-yard rolls which means you will get eight 15 yard rolls of this good finger tape in one package, and also, it still costs less than other bjj finger tapes. This can make it one of the least expensive finger tape since you get 120 yards of tape for a lesser amount than some other finger tape in this collection of finger tape. You can utilize it for a few months with no issues.

Each finger tape measures 0.3″, which makes it perfect for small fingers and knuckles, and you can use it for various taping styles like the X-taping, buddy system, etc. The Primate finger tape for BJJ, nonetheless, is not made of probably the most durable materials. Also, it might come off in case you sweat a great deal; therefore, it may be employed as a defensive layer, although not in case you are previously sprained.

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Tape

The gold BJJ hand tape measures 10 yards in length and is 0.5 inches thick. This finger tape provides one of the highest levels of finger defence in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. However, other activities such as Crossfit, MMA, and rock climbing will also benefit from it. This tape has an extremely strong binding contact area that won’t let go, and it won’t come undone even though you’re dripping sweat. The biggest issue is that each roll of finger tape contains ten yards, which means you’ll use it up faster.

However, Gold BJJ Tape is available in three-roll sets, twelve-roll sets, and six-roll sets, allowing you to buy thirty to 120 yards at once. Since this finger tape stretches 0.5 inches, it is neither too wide nor too narrow, making it suitable for taping your fingertips or wrists in various ways. This gives it a lot more versatility than other finger tapes, which are designed specifically for your fingertips.

Johnson and Johnson Coach Sports Tape

Johnson & Johnson tape is probably the thickest finger tape for contact sports. This particular finger tape measures 1.5″ in width, which helps make it ideal for wrapping up and taping bigger surface parts, including several toes or fingers. This particular finger tape for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is also suitable for the buddy system of taping sprains. You tape a few toes or fingers in concert to stop them from going to and fro. It is likewise really inexpensive, especially considering you receive four rolls of ten-yard tape in one bundle. This particular finger tape offers a powerful gripping surface also. Its strong adhesion capacity helps make it stick to the fingers very well. The Johnson tape is totally made of natural rubber material, though it is nonetheless breathable and allows the fingers to breathe regardless. You might, nonetheless, notice a little residue on the fingers after wearing this particular finger tape.

Mueller Athletic Tape

Mueller Athletic Finger Tape is without a doubt one of the finest BJJ tape available. Because of its superior efficiency, it has received a lot of positive feedback. It is only available in white.

It can also be comfortably used in the hospital, and it’s made entirely of cotton. It’s easy to split and wear, and it’s very comfortable. It is both inexpensive and adaptable. It can also be used to tape fingers, wrists, ankles, and other body parts.

Evolv Magic Finger Tape

Evolve Magic Finger Tape is some of the best BJJ finger tape on the market. It’s made of synthetic material and is fairly heavy, making it perfect for serious sprains. This BJJ finger tape is 3/4 inch wide and excellent and heavy. One great feature of this tape is that it is extremely stretchable because it’s made of rubber and latex; they are both elastic materials.

Magic Finger Tape also has a strong adhesive, which means it will stay in place even if you are dripping sweat. The design appears to be plain and simple, with bright green color and no unusual patterns. And has some of the best capabilities and utility, despite its simple appearance.

Hampton White Finger Tape

Because of its high tensile power, this tape is ideal for grappling. It’s built with cotton and is designed to keep your skin cool and dry. Its simple packaging is sure to catch your eye. It is only available in black. It uses a water-resistant adhesive that helps the glue stay put for a longer period of time. It is more durable than most other finger tape and has low elasticity. As a consequence, it can offer superior joint and ligament support and defense. In terms of price and quality, it’s an excellent option for grappling and contact sports.

Powertrain Grappling Tape

This tape does not appear to be especially noteworthy. It’s also available in a drab, uninspiring package. As a result, many people could look down on this grappling tape for contact sports, but this could be a big mistake. Even though the packaging isn’t the best, this is among the best BJJ finger tape. This finger tape is available only in black color, which is an extra aesthetic issue you should consider. It has strong compression and is non-elastic.

It has the capacity to exert consistent tension on the fingers to keep sprained joints from moving. This tape isn’t as adaptable as many other BJJ finger recordings, but it’s ideal for people who don’t want their fingers to shift when fighting. You’ll get double finger tape in one box, which might indicate that it’s worth a lot of money.

Armadillo Skin Finger Tape

The Armadillo Skin Finger Tape is constructed entirely of cotton. It also doesn’t contain any latex or rubber. Latex and rubber finger tape are versatile, but they appear to leave residue behind. On the other hand, this specific finger tape does not leave residues behind, making it a simpler and safer finger tape for use in BJJ.

This grappling tape is simple to unroll and tear off, has a 7N glue ability, which is very solid, and yes, can provide outstanding support to ruptured fingers. This BJJ finger tape is great for trainers who desire to improve their grip‘s sturdiness and rigidity while still protecting their fingers. This BJJ finger tape comes in a collection of six rolls, each measuring 0.3 times fifteen yards. In the grand scheme of things, this is an excellent value for cash and an excellent option for most combat sports.

Metolius Climbing Tape

Another extremely strong finger tape is the Metolius Tape. It is also 1.5” wide and is primarily designed for climbing. Because this finger tape very big, it’s perfect for the buddy method of taping multiple hands together when you’ve fractured several fingers. It is good for a wider range of body parts, such as the feet and hands. This specific tape is completely made of cotton. This is a breathable and sturdy cloth fabric that you can cut into small pieces with ease. As a result, you can easily divide this tape into small parts and apply them to your fingers, even though it’s a little inconvenient.

This sticky tape has high adhesive ability, so it sticks well to the finger. The only issue comes from the bonding, which is very strong; it could be difficult to lose it from the fingers later. Again, this finger tape is excellent for you when your fingers are really damp while training, so you can be sure it will not slip off. This tape comes in four different colors – grey, lime green, gold, and yellow – and is available in one roll that is ten meters long. As a result, Metolius. The tape is perfect for people looking for visually appealing heavy cotton finger tape.

War Tape

The War finger Tape is a relatively sensible BJJ finger tape. This particular finger tape is somehow different in the incredibly grippy design, making it painless to latch-on and easy to fix. The sole finger tape obtainable in the market bears the manufacturer’s moniker printed on it. Many finger tapes are available in basic styles, while this bears the company‘s logo. Another excellent element of this particular finger tape is that you can easily cut it and use it without the help of knives or scissors.

You can basically have the finger tape unrolled and cut with your fingers before use in this particular situation. Obviously, it doesn’t exist without a drawback. This tape easy to tear, unlike than most finger tape out there, and the glue is not as powerful as many others on this list too. Many folks have discovered that this particular tape might slip off in case you sweat excessively. It measures 0.5 inches in width that is obtainable in 2 rows split from the 1-inch roll. That suggests you really get two rolls of the 0.5-inch BJJ or grappling finger tape in one bundle.

Ways to Tape Your Fingers

Let us look at some ways to apply finger tapes perfectly to keep the fingers from falling apart. We previously covered utilizing the perfect tape obtainable to avoid undesirable support or even unwinding of the wraps. Don’t hesitate to commit to taping the fingers tightly. In the conditions, layers are definitely more critical compared to individual strips. The main reason is very simple. The best finger tapes seal more efficiently against the skin of the hands. And finally, don’t overtighten the tape. If circulation is restricted, you will just make things even worse, so provide help without cutting blood flow.

The Buddy System

Buddy taping is the very best technique to help very terrible finger joints. You may use it for both one-time joint control or perhaps with X taping for a start. In clear terms, the buddy system would mean you tape 2 fingers to each other. This offers additional support, similar to what a sling does for the broken bone.

Even with being the preferred technique for fighters, this’s the best method suitable for rolling. The tiny finger is one of the most vulnerable fingers. It easily gets stuck within a sleeve or pants so frequently, and that can sometimes be discouraging. As a result, buddy taping can ensure that it stays as secure as it can.


Just like buddy taping, X-Taping is our choice technique when it comes to finger taping. It offers great support that gives the fingers so much mobility during practice sessions. It’s really durable and a lot tighter compared to individual joint taping. The X design enables the wrapping to hold itself together with the hands.

This finger taping pattern needs longer pieces of tape, and that is what has to be viewed when selecting a tape for x-taping. The wrap begins on the edge of a knuckle, and after a few circles around, it goes onto the other side, crossing over the palm edge of the joint. Right after several additional circles, it extends back, forming the X pattern.

Thumb taping

The thumb gives a genuine challenge concerning tapping. As a result, in the incidents of a thumb injury, the above-mentioned procedure of avoiding the mats is definitely the best option here. It’s incredibly simple to wound the finger over again by using it plain in your Gi training. If your thumb is hurting and you’d like to train with it, then be completely ready to work with plenty of tapes. Furthermore, make time for taping can be as it’s not easy.

Restrictive Taping

This process is fantastic to immobilize fingers firmly. It is meant to allow injured hands to cure instead of providing both support and mobility for chronically harmful ones. The issue with immobilizing just one finger or maybe a toe is that it makes it much easier to get gripped in a Gi. The most effective tip is staying off the mats until the pain reduces, using the buddy system or other styles of taping.

If you intend to practice with a new injury, the best thing to do is to use restricted finger taping and implement it together with the buddy technique.

What to consider when buying the BJJ finger tape

The best finger tapes come with these key features:

Leaves no residue behind

The most effective tapes will not leave behind a sticky residue when you drive them out, making it easier for you to clean up faster.

Strong adhesiveness.

The most effective tapes enjoy a deep enough adhesive to keep on the fingers during rolling sessions and do not fall off due to sweat. Some of the very best tapes are frequently zinc oxide adhesive, extremely gluey, and latex-free.


Many of the very best tapes offer cash back guarantees of sixty days and even longer in which you can get your money back in case you are dissatisfied.

Rigidity and sturdiness

The best bjj finger tape is usually made of similar materials or rigid cotton, which will provide help to the fingers. It would help if you didn’t plan to use an elastic tape like kinesiology tape, as these tapes do not offer perfect support for grappling sports.

Great value for money

Many of the very best models sell value packs with numerous rolls, and a few even toss in a carry case. Tapes with great value for cash usually enjoy a roll length of more than ten yards or thirty feet / 9.1 meters. Many will also be so long as fifteen yards / forty-five feet / 13.7 meters.

Perfectly sized

Finger tape for BJJ, is generally wide enough for fingers and can be around 0.3 inches / eight to 9mm wide. This implies you do not have to waste time slicing tape strips down to size as one does with normal sports tape.

Top benefits of best finger tapes

Helps in the prevention of injuries

Finger tape for BJJ helps you prevent potential injuries that are likely to occur in combat sports.

Therefore, BJJ fighters tape their hands and fingers to prevent potential injuries. Taking precaution by taking time to tape the hands can save your hands from nagging injuries.

Also, finger and hand injuries take some time to heal; therefore, you can end up staying outside the grappling mat for a long time.

This, it is wise to tape your fingers to avoid the age-long finger sores that follow combat sports.

Protection of your fingers

Contact sports like BJJ, Judo, and rock climbing puts gradual damage on the fingers and toes.

Once you practice contact sports for some time, you’d understand that games like BJJ aren’t the light art that it’s believed to be. Especially in BJJ Gi, just where injuring the hands is inescapable, plus you will inevitably deal with finger injuries a lot. After some time, this damage can result in earlier onset arthritis on the fingers.

This’s one reason makes BJJ fighters have their fingers taped. BJJ places immense stress on the hands, and also, you have to guard the fingers throughout your practice sessions. By taping the fingers, you’ll help protect the hands from any form of damage.

Helps to Strengthen

When you initially begin training in BJJ, your hand will likely not be conditioned for tugging and grabbing on the Gi. It requires a very long time to position the hands properly for the Gi game. Perhaps it can take a year or even more.

By taping your fingers as a beginner, you will provide additional support to the unconditioned fingers. As the fingers get stronger, you will hurt them lesser with a tape than when you are just starting without any.

Use Finger Tape for BJJ if you Want to Stay Healthy.

Most BJJ trainers tape their fingers; it looks like it’s the only way they can teach. For many veteran grapplers, it’s not possible to practice when their fingers are not taped.

Without taping the fingers, they are not in a position to shoot grips on their opponents without having immense pain. They cannot enjoy numerous guard games like Lapel, spider, or even the lasso guard.

Once you’ve trained for long, you’ll most likely need to begin taping your fingers and hands to continue training. Theirs no guarantee that you will not feel discomfort, but using a finger tape will make it much more bearable for you.

Frequently asked questions

What are finger tapes, and why is it helpful?

BJJ finger tape is essentially made of strict cotton or some cotton-like strip of cloth with an adhesive. It is used-to tape around an injured or sore finger for added support and balance, or maybe used-to tape an injured finger to the next finger for additional support. You can also utilize it for toe-tapping.

Finger tape for BJJ could also protect against scrapes and cuts, protect injured fingers and knuckles, and stabilize sore joints. Some think taping the fingers can improve the Gi grips, though.

Should I use finger tapes when I am not practising grappling?

Some warn against using finger tapes constantly, especially if you are not hurt, because it will stop you from freely exercising and moving your fingers. Or even limit blood circulation, especially when it is not properly fixed.

What is the difference between BJJ finger tapes and normal sports strapping tape?

The primary distinction between the BJJ finger tapes and the normal sports strapping tape is that it is intentionally produced at a narrower width to fit fingers (usually 0.3 inches / eight to 9mm) and was created to remain on the fingers even during intense and sweaty training sessions.

Does Taping Fingers Really Work?

Many grapplers think that bjj finger tape doesn’t work. What the question is, would you rather have health hands for the rest of your life or banged up joints

The truth is there’s not one other method to defend the fingers from the pain of BJJ Gi. You can do all the hand revival things you would like, but that will not prevent the hands from wearing down.

Most BJJ professionals will always agree that taping is great practice if you wish to prevent your fingers’ harm while practicing. There’s no other method to defend the fingers apart from taping them up to alleviate grappling pains.

Is the glue used in BJJ finger tape skin-friendly?

Latex-based adhesives used by certain manufacturers may cause skin irritation. Some people have allergic responses to it. The latex-free adhesive, on the other hand, is normally suitable for people of all skin types.

What is the right material to use for finger tapes?

Using cotton to manufacture finger tape for BJJ is strongly recommended. It is soft and breathable, making it ideal for use on the skin. As a result, even though the athlete is sweating profusely, it is possible to wear it.

The Bottom line

Finger tapping is good finger protection, and injury prevention device for BJJ and other grappling sports, provided it’s done the right way. Keep a watch on your fingers when you are using them. To ensure they’re not reactive on your skin.

Visit the doctor if the tapes are reacting with your skin or if you’re injured, and you’re wondering if finger tape can help you practice.

BJJ is a traditional grappling sport that is practised across the world. And the more you work out in BJJ, the more difficult it will become for your body. Therefore you’ll save much cash in the long run on therapies for your disfigured bones if you use finger tapes. Our review of the best bjj tape will help you select the most appropriate type for your need. This will undoubtedly assist you in locating a high-quality material at a reasonable price.

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