The quick and easy way to dye your BJJ Gi

I’m sure a lot of you have this problem, you’ve got a BJJ gi that’s been sitting in the closet that’s been going unused for a good while, but you’re desperate to be rolling in a new gi? Well now you can easily breathe new life into that faded and dirty looking gi without staining your entire house. All you need is £10-£20 and a washing machine.


Items needed

  • One old bjj gi (preferably white) – I used my old white Tatami Zero G V2 gi.
  • A washing machine
  • Dylon washing machine dye


To start the process you first need to wash your old gi, I did mine on a quick 30 degree Celsius wash to get out any dust or excess dirt that may have been caught up in the fibres. Once your gi has been washed take it out of the machine and set it aside.

Next you need to shop for some [amazon_textlink asin=’B0091UDFH0′ text=’Dylon brand washing machine dye’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’attacktheba01-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’fa8cbfe6-034e-11e7-a230-816874bc1064′]. The dye comes in a rainbow of colours, so whether you want a flamingo pink-coloured gi, or looking to dye it an ibjjf-standard black, there are lots of options. For a standard bjj gi you will need around 2 or 3 packets depending on weight and how dark you want your gi. I used three packs on mine and honestly I would have used two had i realised how dark it was going to be.

Once you bought your dye, you will also need 500g of salt. standard table salt is fine but Dylon also sells it for very cheap. The salt makes the material more porous.

When your back home load your dye powder into the drum of the washing machine and load the salt on top of that. Next place you gi inside and run the machine at a 40 degree Celsius wash and watch the magic happen!

Once your machine has finished you will need to wash you gi again. So leave it in the machine, add you detergent and run another 40 degree v cycle (I actually ran a 90 degree Celsius cycle to make sure all the dye comes out of the gi, however this has shrunk it ALOT. Thankfully it was already too baggy on me, so it fits me quite nicely now.)

Once your washing cycle has finished, take you gi out and marvel at your newly dyed Gi. If your patches and stitching on your gi is synthethic you will have noticed that neither of those have been dyed, meaning you have some crisp new patches and so cool contrasting stitching. If you have any embroidery on your gi, that will ended up getting dyed.


Below are a few snapshots of the Gi after it had been dyed. I decided to dye mine navy. If you have anymore questions, please let me know!

IMAG0745 IMAG0746 IMAG0747 IMAG0748

Products Used

[amazon_link asins=’B0091UDFH0,B00HMPOZIO’ template=’ProductPicture’ store=’attacktheba01-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2f91bfa1-034f-11e7-9680-05727c0e9c9a’]