Gabi Garcia calls out Gordon Ryan Despite WNO Loss

Despite losing to Nathiely De Jesus, Gabi Gacia doubled down on her intergender match dreams against Gordon Ryan. Shortly after her loss, Gabi was interviewed about her match and her dream matchup against another gender.


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“Gordon, any time man,” says Garcia. “I think it is an easy fight against you than against these girls, they’re small and it’s hard for me, but against you… Let’s go man…”

The Greatest Female Grappler?

Despite her loss at WNO, it still remains that Garcia is one of the most accomplished Gi and No-Gi grapplers in the history of the sport, with an incredible 4 ADCC titles to her name, where it’s likely she will be looking for a fifth in 2021.”

Where-as Gordon is fastly cementing himself as one of the greats in such an early stage of his career, the meeting between these two is something that could promise potential.

Ryan also featured on the Who’s Number One card, where he called his submission against the young Roberto Jiminez by mounted Armbar. Despite the headline match featuring Craig Jones and Ronaldo Jr, Gordon once again stole the limelight by his backstage scuffle against Andre Galvao.

Will the match between Gordon and Gabi happen? It seems unlikely with Gordon training for his next Who’s Number One event, but you can’t knock Gabi Garcia, who’s obviously looking for her own money match.