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Fight 2 Win 144 Results

Fight 2 Win 144 Results

Fight 2 Win 144 gave us everything we were hoping for when the promotion announced the star-studded programming for the event and, once again, a trip to Dallas, Texas resulted in a spectacular night of elite level. The first three fights on the card all featured pillars of the top level of bidding, including a women’s match and two title fights just to make sure there was something for everyone.

The first of these was a close match between Jonnatas Gracie and Edwin Najmi. True to his reputation for subdued stealing, it didn’t take long for Najmi to lock a tight triangular flying chokehold that forced Gracie to escape, but immediately began working to get past his guard. Najmi then managed to return to a standing position briefly before the fighters re-engaged on the ground, this time with Gracie on her back. Najmi in turn began to work on his passing game, even briefly attempting a D’arce Choke, but it wasn’t long before Gracie returned to the position and the two grapplers were both fighting for Toeholds. Gracie managed to sink into a right ankle in the last minute, but there wasn’t enough time left for her to make the finish, even though it seemed to tip the balance and earn her the split decision victory.

The co-headline event saw another close fight between Nathalie Ribeiro and Talita Alencar for the women’s F2W cock-weight Gi-free F2W Championship. Ribeiro immediately started as an aggressor, immediately working for the leg tangle and forcing Alencar to disengage and get back into Ribeiro’s guard. Alencar began to raise the stakes with an attempt by Toehold and a Cartwheel Pass, although neither was successful and the attempted pass landed him instead in a tight Armbar. Alencar managed to free his elbow to escape before making another short attempt on a Toehold and forcing a scramble accordingly. After the two women engaged in a leglock battle, Alencar managed to get the upper hand and quickly took Ribeiro’s back to lock a tight body triangle. Ribeiro managed to escape slowly, preventing even Alencar from switching to an armband just after the time had elapsed. Ribeiro got the split decision in a match that really could have gone either way.

The final match of the evening was much quicker than those that preceded it as the Bellator’s recently retired world champion Rafael Lovato Jr. faced Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa. Lovato Jr. shot the guard at first, but Barbosa was able to pass to Half Guard almost immediately. From there, Barbosa worked slowly to control the sides and stopped the MMA fighter in a strong position. As Lovato Jr. attempted to escape, Barbosa made a lightning-fast transition to an armband and secured the tap almost immediately.

Fight 2 Win 144 Results

Black Belts

  • Lucas Daniel Barbosa Submits Rafael Lovato via Armbar (New LHVW Champion)
  • Nathalie Ribeiro defeats Talita Alencar via Split Decision (New F2W Bantam Weight Champion)
  • Jonnatas Gracie defeats Edwin Najmi via Split Decision
  • Jordan Burton III defeats Aaron Brooks via split Decision
  • Caio Caetano defeats Rehan Mutalib via Decision
  • Bruno Jacaré Dias defeats Filipe Matos via Decision
  • Bobby Emmons Submits Angel Lopez via heel hook
  • Kenny Cross Submits Stephen Hall via choke
  • Joseph Baize Submits Don Westman via inside heel hook
  • Rafael Lang Bjj Submits Brett Oteri via Armbar
  • Andrew Wiltse Submits Isiah Wright via RNC

Brown Belt

  • Clay Mayfield defeats Edgar Christian Benitez via Decision

Purple Belts

  • Jorge Valladares Submits Kemoy Anderson via Kneebar
  • Dan Cavazos Submits Dylan Nugyen via Choke
  • Sathya Wiltse defeats Carson Steicher via Decision
  • Dante Muschamp Submits Colton Phoenix via Armbar
  • Jacob Couch Submits Dominic Alfano via heel hook
  • Elder Cruz defeats Francisco Papasidero via decision
  • Chase Sosa Submits Jazz Ortiz armbar
  • Lucas Espinoza defeats Carlos Neto via Decision
  • Alejandro Wajner defeats Amador Barraza via Decision
  • Stephen Shnayderman Submits Von Wood via Armbar
  • Troy D Mercer defeats Marco Soto via Decision
  • Walker Madden Submits John Paul Robledo armbar


  • Icaro Moreno Submits Dandre Adams Straight via Armbar
  • Gui Balmante Submits Chris Ditto Armbar

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