Danaher Death Squad Breaks Up

In a literal end of an era, the Danaher Death Squad, a grappling team lead by one of the greatest minds in martial arts, John Danaher, has disbanded.

In an instagram posted by the former coach of the team, John Danaher talks about how members of the team have decided to part ways and disband the squad, due to members being unhappy with current training locations (currently Puerto Rico), disagreements with the location of the new gym which John and Gordon were apparently looking at.

Where Will The Members Go?

While the post remains fairly cryptic, the rumours flying around about the squad have the rife. Gordon has made it clear that he loves Texas, especially Houston, and it’s been rumoured that he’s been looking at property in Houston, along with places to open up his own gym. Nicky will be following Gordon as he is supported by his brother.

John Danaher has always expressed his love for New York, and with the pandemic slowing down, and New York finally reopening, there is a possibility that he will go back to Renzo Gracie Academy. It’s also rumoured that he will follow Gordon.

Inside sources have said that Craig is possibly looking at returning to Australia to open his own gym once the country has opened up. Until then he is free to travel the US, as he recently received his Green Card.

Garry Tonon has always says that he’s disliked New York, so depending on where Danaher ends up, he could end up back on mainland America, but not in New York

It’s unkown what Nick Rodriguez will do, but the model turned grappler could possibly move back to New Jersey and train an numrous gyms.

It’s likely more junior members of the team such as Ethan and Oliver Taza will follow Danaher to where ever he goes.

Whatever the individual members of the new disbanded Danaher Death Squad decide to do, the team changed the face of submission wrestling and BJJ for ever and we are now looking at the future of a wider reached team under individual former members.