The UFC’s women’s division disappears after Cris Cyborg Santos is Cleared of Her USADA Ban

Guess who’s back in the UFC?

Cris Cyborg has been cleared of her Anti-Doping violation ban by USADA after her appeal was successful claiming that the diuretic Spironolactone she was using was under medical supervision.

A statement released by USADA claims:

“After a thorough investigation of the circumstances that preceded her positive test,” including a review of medical history, the agency accepted her explanation that using the diuretic was “in accordance with her physician’s recommendation for the treatment of a legitimate medical condition.”

“Nonetheless, because Spironolactone is prohibited at all times under the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, USADA advised Justino that her use of the medication without a valid TUE violated the UFC Anti-Doping Policy,” the release stated. “Accordingly, Justino applied for a TUE to authorize her use of the medication, with retroactive effect.”

USADA said in the statement that Cyborg participated in multiple interviews with USADA’s investigative team and allowed the agency to interview her doctor as well.

“USADA recognizes that over the course of a career, athletes may experience illnesses or medical conditions that require the use of a particular medication for proper treatment,” the statement reads. “While athletes are educated and encouraged to apply for a TUE in advance of using a prohibited substance or method, the UFC Anti-Doping Policy permits athletes to file for retroactive TUEs where the use of a prohibited substance or method was medically justified. Athletes are cautioned, however, that applying retroactively is at their own risk and the only guaranteed way to avoid an anti-doping policy violation for using a prohibited substance or method is by obtaining a TUE prior to the use of a prohibited substance or method.”

Cris Santos also released a statement on her Facebook and Instagram saying:

I am extremely happy that USADA took the time to carefully review the detailed TUE application that I submitted, and agreed that my use of the prescription has always been medically justified. I look forward to returning to the octagon as soon as possible, and proving that I am the Pound for Pound champion of WMMA. I would also like to thank my fans for their continued support, who made a very difficult time easier for me.

What’s that I hear? The sounds of crickets chirping?