Best Mattress for Muscle Recovery (Updated 2024)

Daily life keeps us up and active. Whether our exercise comes from football practice, playing tennis at the club, whether you’re a yoga instructor or MMA fighter, our bodies are sore and tired at the end of the day.

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What you’re probably looking forward to the most is a good night’s sleep, but unfortunately, many find themselves waking up in the morning so stiff they can hardly move.

One lesser-known way to accelerate muscle recovery is to make sure you’re sleeping on the right mattress. Check out the best mattress for muscle recovery on the market today.

Bear Mattress

This mattress was engineered for optimal cooling, comfort, and muscle recovery. Because the cover is made with Celliant® fibers, the mattress reflects infrared light back into the body to promote blood circulation and improve muscle recovery. Cole Beasley of the Dallas Cowboys says, “This is an amazing bed! I slept like a baby! I’ve tried the big brands and Bear has them beat in my opinion!” The mattress is described as a perfect blend of cooling comfort, contouring pressure relief, and core support designed for all body shapes and all types of sleepers.


Like the Bear mattress, Amerisleep also utilizes a Celliant cover to safely recycle thermal energy into infrared light. Amerisleep guarantees their mattresses will help you sleep more and wake up less at night, thus promoting healing of the body. One happy customer states, “My daughter really loves this bed and has no complaints. We bout it because of her back problems and it was well worth the expense.” The mattresses are categorized into two main groups: The Firm Collection; ideal for back and stomach sleepers, and The Soft Collection; ideal for side and combo sleepers.


Lull’s three-layer memory foam mattress is described as the perfect combination of comfort, supp­­­ort, and therapeutic pressure relief for nearly everyone. The memory foam evenly distributes weight and contours to your body’s curves, which provides relief for pressure points – joints, lower back, and neck. The mattress also ensures proper lumbar and neck support. “I love this mattress – it’s so comfortable and I get a really good night sleep,” says a customer. “I was tossing and turning over every 2 hours but not with the new Lull.”

Beausommet by Essentia

Described as the ultimate marriage of firmness and pressure relief, the Beausommet is all about promoting repair and recovery of body and mind. This mattress is designed to give the illusion of firmness while contouring the body where needed with outstanding support. The top layer of memory foam recovers faster for ease of movement, optimal blood flow, and support with a touch of softness. The second layer gives added support and pressure relief. “We love the cozy, relaxed feeling we get when climbing into our king-size Beausommet,” one customer explains. “Having trouble getting our Labradoodle off the bed! It’s now his go to place.”


This mattress is designed to replenish lost energy and aid in total recovery from daily depletion. Pro Athlete Lauren Fisher says, “With my PerformaSleep mattress, I now sleep through the night without waking up, my joints and bones feel rejuvenated, and I wake up ready to tackle my workouts and competition.” The mattress consists of three unique layers: The CopperCool Gel Layer helps maintain a comfortable temperature and aid recovery, the Enersorb Layer provides a comfortable cushion, and the PerformaBase Layer has a strong base which provides maximum support.

Ministry of Sleep

The Ministry of Sleep is a movement dedicated to improving how the world sleeps. The mattress is designed to conform to all body types and all sleeping styles – from front, to back, to starfish.  Their slogan is, “Never too soft. Never too hard. Always just right night after night.” The one-of-a-kind custom memory foam is proven to aid with a faster recovery from aches, strains, and more severe injuries. One user says, “The sleep on the MOS was better than any I’ve had from more expensive mattress brands.” The memory foam differs from traditional mattresses because it is open celled. This helps to reduce body heat, aid ventilation, and reduce perspiration while sleeping. While these mattresses are new to the market, there are already a huge amount of brands and prices. We would look at memory foam mattresses recommended by The Dozy Owl to get a in-depth idea on your next mattress purchase.

Alexander Signature

The Alexander Signature is comprised of breathable high-density gel memory foam for a comfortable and cool sleep. This collection is available in three styles: Soft – best for side sleepers, Medium Plus – best for back and side sleepers, or Luxury Firm – ideal for back and stomach sleepers. says the Alexander Signature is the highest rated mattress online. One customer describes this matter as “a great fit if you’re in the market for pressure relief without getting stuck or sunk in”.

Signature Sleep 13-Inch Spring Coil

The 13-inch Signature Sleep mattress is comprised of three layers of support and softness. The top layer is a triple foam layer of support that is great for supporting the back and hips. The foam also works to relieve pressure points and contours to your body. The second layer is 10” of individually encased coils that are strategically placed to support the three-zone target areas. The mattress is covered with quilted rayon and bamboo which allows your body to breathe while you sleep. Many reviewers have reported the improvements in their sleep experience since switching to a Signature Sleep mattress.

The Original Sports Mattress by Chiromatic Sleep Systems

With a tagline like “the Chiropractor’s choice for a perfect night’s sleep”, how could the Chiromatic not make the list? Made with Chiro-Zone patented technology, this mattress is cinically proven to reduce back pain and stiffness and improve overall sleep quality. The Original Sports Mattress was designed with muscle recovery and body ergonomics as primary focal points. The Original Sports Mattress comes in three different versions: Class I Firm Feel, Class II Luxury Plush, Class III Luxury Firm. Dr. John R. Allen says, “My patients notice the difference from whatever mattress they had prior, and comment on how improved their condition became when they switched to a Chiromatic.”


This mattress is all about customization, hence their slogan, ‘One size does not fit all’. The foam is a mixture of memory foam and latex to create a supremely contouring, comfortable, and cooling experience. Where most of the customization comes in is with the high-grade polyfoam. Varying density in the base layers feels different than varying density in the upper layers. One customer states, “Helix had the right feel, I didn’t get hot, and five hours of sleep on this mattress felt like seven.” Helix takes materials found in ordinary mattresses and combines them to form an all-encompassing, unique, hybrid sleep system.

Having a mattress designed to meet your specific physical needs is important. Sleep is necessary to rejuvenate your body and heal muscles, so if your bed is hurting rather than helping your recovery, it may be time to consider a different approach. There are thousands of mattress styles on the market; each one designed to target a specific need, just remember that not even the best air mattress is going to help you recover, you need something luxurious.  The mattresses showcased in this guide all aid in muscle recovery and help to reduce daily aches and pains.

Guarantee yourself a quicker recovery and a more peaceful night’s sleep by choosing to cozy up on a healing mattress each night.

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