Why the UFC needs to return to Las Vegas ASAP

Las Vegas, Nevada, was once know as the fight capital of the world as it earned a reputation of being the place where all the biggest fights that were scheduled to take place happened.

Indeed, the biggest boxing matches and the biggest UFC events would all take place at iconic venues in the American city, however there have not been as many main events to take place in the classy location for some time recently.

Of course, that is hardly down to the fact that Las Vegas is not a stellar location or a destination that still has the appeal. In fact, it is more simply down to what has been going on over the last 18 months that has made things difficult for the state to host the epic contests that they normally would.

Pandemic has hit Las Vegas hard

The Coronavirus pandemic, which still exists 18 months or so after it first appeared, caused shockwaves throughout the world when it first broke, with a number of businesses and industries all having been impacted in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Las Vegas was hit particularly hard, though, as they were unable to host the big and frequent UFC main events that they would traditionally have had, as Dana White had to move it to a remote island in the Middle East to keep the promotion running safely.

Furthermore, the casino industry within the city was also impacted heavily, as it had to be closed to tourism and punters that would generally prefer to experience the physical casino experiences. Of course, the sector itself managed to boom in new ways as players turned to online options, especially when they were able to find things such as the Platin online slots easy to bonus that was available.

However, the UFC did not necessarily have that privilege and were, as mentioned, forced to temporarily relocate.

UFC needs to return to Las Vegas soon

Although the relocation is likely only to be as temporary as possible, many of the UFC events that take place in the United States of America have been scheduled to take place in different states around the country, such as Texas and Arizona.

However, it would seem that there are plans to get back to Nevada and Las Vegas as soon as the promotion can, with a number of events already scheduled to take place at the iconic location. For instance, there are a number of UFC Fight Nights set to take place, with dates on 22 May, 5 June, 19 June and 26 June.

There is only one main UFC event, though, currently scheduled to take place in the shining lights that the region has to offer and this does not take place until 10 July, when UFC 264 takes place with Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier go against each other for the third time.

Las Vegas has undoubtedly been hit hard because of the pandemic from an economic point of view, as they have been closed to hosting sporting events such as UFC, whilst the casinos have been closed to punters that live close by or to tourists who continue to flock to the region annually.

Should the UFC make an imminent return, then the city should be able to start its recovery and thrive once again.