Triple Polaris Champion Ash Williams Launches Online Platform

In a climate of uncertainty when it comes to our sport, most people have looked to online platforms to get their regular dose of grappling action, whether it’s watching matches, zoom classes or studying instructionals, people are doing what they can to keep their grappling abilities sharp for their eventual return.

If you don’t know who Ash Williams is, you’ve been living under a rock. A black belt under Braulio Estima, training in Wales at Chris Ress Academy, Ash has taken the European scene by storm.

He’s featured on numerous UK and European grappling invitationals and has truly made a mark by becoming the first Polaris Triple champion, currently holding the Bantamweight, Featherweight and Lightweight titles consecutively.

Ash Williams Online

Now Ash has teamed up with us! We’ve both excitedly been working on his new online platform over the last quarter of 2020 and the first few months of 2021, and now we’re happy to announce that Ash Williams Online is now live! 

To celebrate this milestone we have also released his first instructional “Enter The Arm Dragon”.

Enter The Arm Dragon

Apart from being the Polaris triple champion, Ash is also known for a killer arm drag. It’s become the signature takedown that he regularly hits and now it’s offering to you!

This instructional features 26 lessons from Ash on how you can successfully implement this into your own wrestling game.

So if you’re looking to upgrade you takedown abilities. Visit Ash Williams Online today!