Subguards custom-printed rashguard review

Back in the Summer I decided it was time to take Attack The Back into the realms of apparel and clothing. Being a blog it’s always difficult to startup and try and do something outside of your comfort zone. After debating what to do I decided a rashguard was probably a good start, so I decided to keep it local and got in touch with UK-based rashguard designers Subguards. I chose Subguards because I know they already have a good reputation within the UK BJJ industry and have designed rashguards for many Jiu-Jitsu clubs and Meerkatsu.

I got in touch with Gareth and arranged for them to print a custom rashguard for Attack The Back and after a number of months rolling with it Gi and NoGi, here are my findings.

Build Quality

The rashguard is built with the standard 4 panel layout (One Front, One Back and Two Arms). All the panels are attached with double overlocking stitch to ensure maximum flexibility and strength. Each piece is custom printed with a design that Gareth from Subguards ran with based on the design I gave him.

I ordered a large rashguard, which is what I normally order for most jiu-jitsu gear and the fit was perfect. The arms and torso both fit my body perfectly. The feel of the rashguard is quite thick and sturdy and feels like it’s not going to fall apart after the first roll, after a few months of rolling gi and NoGi, there is a small bit of bobbling but this is standard for rashguards that are being regularly trained in.

Design process

The design process is a relatively straight forward process. As a gym, all you need to do is send them your logo and they will design your rashguard, send it to you for approval and then order. However I had a more of a specific design in mind and because I did not have Abode Illustrator is made the process a little more difficult. However Gareth, the owner said to leave it with him and he would come up with a design.

When I received the rashguard, it was everything I wanted and more! Subguards had created a fantastic-looking rashguard and also threw in a pair of incredibly designed Vale Tudo shorts. The turn around time from confirmation to receiving the rashguard is around 2-3 weeks.