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TimTam Massage Gun Review

TimTam introduced an updated version of its portable massage device, adding a retractable threaded rod, which allows you to easily adjust the angle to reach different muscle groups. While this is a nice upgrade, it is still much stronger than competing models such as the Theragun G3PRO. Let’s take a look at the TimTam upgrade …

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Rogue Fitness Ohio Lifting Belt Review

Founded in 2006 Rogue Fitness has grown considerably since its first production of lifting equipment. They are based in Ohio and have over 500 employees. In 2016, USA Weightlifting signed a 4-year contract with Rogue Fitness to become the official weightlifting manufacturer. For many strength athletes, Rogue Fitness is known for its high-quality lifting products. …

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Rogue Competition Kettlebell Review

Whatever type of lifting you prefer, a kettlebell can be useful in your training. They are an excellent tool for strengthening and conditioning the body, as well as for both one-sided and two-sided training. Rogue Fitness is a US-based company that manufactures a plethora of strength training equipment, and one of their areas of specialisation …

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Best Vibrating Foam Rollers 2021

Vibrating foam rollers are an exercising tool used during stretching exercises. The added vibration to rolling helps in thorough blood flow, it increases your range of motion and improves flexibility. The most viable foam rollers have been made available on Amazon for customers to do their research on the kind of foam roller they want, …

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