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Submission Underground 13 – Leg Locks Don’t Work

Submission Underground 13 – Leg Locks Don’t Work

In a world of lockdown where no-one is training (that we know of), in what only looks to be a warehouse, in an undisclosed location (but most likely in New Jersey), in the USA, Chael Sonnen pushes on with his grappling invitational Submission Underground.

The 13th instalment of this grappling invitational saw grappling household names such as Craig Jones, Vinny Magalhães, Richie Martinez and Ethan Crelinstein take to Sonnen’s cage for an evening of submission only action, including a highly anticipated matchup between Jones and Magalhães.

One of the few people to have defeated Gordon Ryan, former ADCC champion Vinny Magalhães and always prided himself on his hyper flexibility and his claim that “Leg locks don’t work” due to him never being finished by a leglock, would be put to the test by Australian grappler Craig Jones.

As the match begins immediately sits to his preferred Z-Guard position and inverts into a DEEP heel hook from the 50/50 position. After a very audible pop and the fact the Magalhães’ heel was rotated past 180 degrees, jones releases the lock with sheer horror on his face.

After another deep heel hook setup on the opposite leg, this one Magalhães’ escapes, the two have a friendly word with each other with Vinny saying to Craig “it’s already fucked, let’s keep going.” The two continue the match until 45 seconds left on the clock Magalhães decides to call it quits.

In a post-match interview, you can visibly see Magalhães’ ankle start to bruise and swell, saying that his initial game plan was to ride out the main match until overtime but he soon realised that he wouldn’t be able to do that because he wouldn’t be able to cross his feet for the spiderweb position.

Craig Jones’ remains undefeated in the SUG cage where rumour has it Rafael Lovato Jr wants a piece of the undefeated champion.

Submission Underground 13 Results 

  • Joe Baize defeats Nick Maximov via heel hook
  • Don Stoner defeats Alexander Larmey EBI OT fastest escape time
  • Ethan Crelinsten defeats Andrew Alexander via EBI OT submission
  • Gabriel Checco defeats Jake Ellenberger via triangle
  • Austin Vanderford defeats Richie Martinez via EBI OT submission
  • Craig Jones defeats Vinny Magalhães via verbal tap

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