Scramble Kimono Backpack Review

Our final Scramble review comes in the form of their popular backpack release, the Kimono.

Designed after a Jiu-Jitsu gi, this back is full of secret pockets and compartments, that’s perfect for any Jiu-JItsu practitioner on the go. No Longer do you have to carry around big bags to training and work, this all-in-one space saver is also a lifesaver. But what makes this bag any good? Let’s dive in further.


Designed with the jiujiterio on the go the Kimono is designed after our favourite piece of training gear, the Gi. The bag itself comes with numerous secret compartments, which is perfect if you need to store a gi along with other items of clothing and equipment. The first thing you notice on the bag is the front flap that folds over to represent the kimono aspect. Inside that flap are two spacious storage areas which are ideal for your everyday bits and pieces.

Next, you have the main compartment area, which you can use to carry your everyday equipment or jiu-jitsu gear. The inside of the bag is also lined with a waterproof lining, so it’s ideal for storing your dirty gi, until you get home to wash it.

The rear of the bag features a secret laptop compartment, which sits nice and flush to the back. The rear of the bag and the adjustable straps are nicely padded, perfect for long journeys. The straps also include a chest strap for more even weight distribution.

Day-to-day Use

Personally, I have been using this for my photography adventures, it’s size and form is perfect to be able to carry my gear and laptop to shoots, without having to carry all of my equipment everywhere. The chest strap is a welcome relief since camera gear can get quite heavy and the additional pockets make for carrying my bits and pieces super easy. I have taken my camera gear along with a kimono and the two separate areas for my camera gear and kimono is a lifesaver since I always worry about putting my camera gear in with a used kimono due to the moisture and sweat.


This bag is perfect for on the go types, but if you’re looking for it to carry more than a gi and some camera bits, you better look at their holdall. Get The Kimono Bag

Buy It Now

Scramble UK – £54.99
Scramble USA – $76.99
Scramble Japan – 8,900 Yen
Scramble Australia – $125


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