Scramble ‘EDO’ Rashguard Review

A few months ago I was sent a gift package by the innovators in Jiu-Jitsu and grappling wear Scramble. You may remember my review of their Kimono collaboration with 100 Athletic today, well today I’m back with another review, their EDO rashguard.


The EDO rashguard from Scramble is the perfect blend of modern city life with traditional roots, something that Scramble has been able to do as a company. The design itself is very ‘Scramble’, it’s modern, slick with that touch of Japanese influence that runs through the brand.

If you don’t know already, the design on a rashguard is printed onto lycra through a process called sublimation printing. Meaning you can get high-quality designs onto fabric if the process is done correctly. And high-quality is exactly what I would describe this garment, the printing on this rashguard is second to none, with truly intricate detailing coming up crisp and clear on the material.

The front and back of the rashguard feature well-known scramble logos and designs, while the arms feature their signature Japanese Katakana scripture. Again, all nice and crisp, with no miss-printing in sight.

Construction and Feel

The construction of the rashguard is also excellent quality, all the seams are sewn with double locking stitching on both sides of the garment, allowing for an incredibly flexible and strong join.

The material feels a bit more robust than other rashguards I have trained in, a little thicker and stretchier. This robustness really shines as i have been wearing this rashguard consistently for a couple of months, under a gi and doing NoGI, and there are no signs of bobbling on the back of the rashguard, where it normally rubs with the mats and kimono.


Scramble has delivered another excellent-quality product, showing why they are forefront leaders in the BJJ garment industry.

Buy It Now

Scramble UK – £37.99
Scramble USA – $59.99
Scramble Australia – $85


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