Rose Namajunas poses nude for Women’s Health “Naked in 3 Words” Campaign

Known for her coyness outside of the ring, Rose Namajunas generally tends to shy away from the spotlight. However back in 2017 she took part in Women’s Health’s “Naked in 3 Words” Campaign.

The Ultimate Fighter strawweight alum bared it all on her Instagram page with her 3 words “Cut. The. Shit. Be yourself, work hard, love your body and put your best self forward. What are your 3 words?”

Namajunas, who’s current record is 8 wins, 4 losses, last fought in the UFC back in May, where she lost against Jessica Andrade.

“My naked body is … the story of my whole life.” Said Rose in her interview with Women’s Health. “There’s a lot around us that we can’t control, but my body, my mind, and my soul are pretty much the only things that I can. All the scars on my body, all the bumps and bruises, all the muscles – that is a story of everything I have done. And it’s not just my story. My ancestors who came before me gave me this vessel to sculpt and mold.”

“I have a middle finger that was jammed in one of my craziest fights, and it looks like a swollen turkey to this day. There’s a bone chip that’s in there, and it’s a reminder that this finger contributed to my fight, and to my beautiful house, to everything in my life. It might be ugly, but it’s mine and I love it. I’ve got some big old knees, big old feet. I could nitpick, but at the same time, I think it’s all friggin’ beautiful.”

Rose is currently ranked Number 2 in the UFC’s strawweight division.