Rogue Competition Kettlebell Review 2024

Whatever type of lifting you prefer, a kettlebell can be useful in your training. They are an excellent tool for strengthening and conditioning the body, as well as for both one-sided and two-sided training. Rogue Fitness is a US-based company that manufactures a plethora of strength training equipment, and one of their areas of specialisation is kettlebells.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the Kettlebell Rogue Fitness Competition. Compared to other competition kettlebells, this bell has some unique construction features. In this review, we will look at the construction, performance, dimensions, durability and price of this kettlebell.

Rogue Competition Kettlebell
Rogue competition kettlebells bring the class and sophistication of an athletic tool to the everyday home.
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Finish and design

The Rogue Fitness Competition Kettlebell is similar to other kettlebells produced by Rogue Fitness but is designed slightly differently. It is similar in that it is created with a single cast iron, which means that it is a single solid piece of iron. That being said, this kettlebell has no extra caps, inserts or metals in one, so it is quite strong and durable.

Another similarity is the lower finish of the machine. In other words, the bottom of this kettlebell is made flat by a machine, so it is not unevenly moulded. Finally, this kettlebell has a powder-coated finish similar to their other cast iron bells. This makes the exterior slightly rougher than your smooth steel bells, which can be both a good or bad thing depending on your personal preference.

The differences concerning this kettlebell concern the dimensions and construction of the outer body. This kettlebell has slightly different dimensions compared to other Rogue Fitness cast iron bells, and this is a design feature that allows this bell to be used in competition, but we will talk about the dimensions below. Probably the biggest change in the design feature is the four tapered sides. The flattened areas of Rogue Fitness under the handle create a snug fit on the arm so an athlete can focus on technique and stay comfortable.


The handle is designed in the same way as the other Rogue Fitness kettlebells. There’s a powder-coated finish, which I think is always a nice touch. This material will be a bit more resistant to rust and offer a slightly rougher surface, so it feels good with and without chalk. Also, there are green rings towards the bottom of the handle to indicate the weight of this 24 kg or 53 lb bell in this case.

For dimensions, the diameter of the handle comes to 33 m, which should come as no surprise to the competitive kettlebell athlete. These dimensions will accommodate a variety of hand sizes and are used to allow the bell to be used in competition.


A competition kettlebell will have consistent dimensions for two reasons. Firstly, it allows a kettlebell to be used in competition, which is to ensure consistency between the objectives of the federation. This creates equity at all levels for all athletes, as the weight will be evenly distributed by each kettlebell. Second, the handle, bell size, width and height will all be similar regardless of weight. For the competition, this is beneficial as it allows the athletes to concentrate on technique.

Rogue Competition Kettlebell
Rogue competition kettlebells bring the class and sophistication of an athletic tool to the everyday home.
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For performance, we perform a variety of movements, but perhaps our favourite to test the consistency of the grip is with the Russian Swing Kettlebell. This is a good move because almost any athlete can perform them and they require a dynamic movement. This means that the kettlebell will move at a decent speed so that we can have a decent feel on the handle when we evaluate the performance with and without chalk.

Without chalk

This kettlebell is similar to other Rogue Fitness Kettlebells that have powder finishes. I am personally a fan of the slightly rougher texture, and I think it does a good job of reducing friction on the hand compared to smooth handles. Although, if you have sensitive hands, I recommend giving yourself time to acclimatize before doing long sessions if you are worried about handwear.

With chalk

Powder-finish kettlebells tend to work a little better with chalk in terms of pure adhesion. It gives you a pretty good “lock” feeling, and I often compare it to using a bar with a solid knurl. Similar to the “with chalk” section, I could see that this was a problem for some athletes. For example, if an athlete wants the kettlebell to be a little looser in the hand so that it can turn easily, they may not like the “locked” feeling.

Rogue Competition Kettlebell
Rogue competition kettlebells bring the class and sophistication of an athletic tool to the everyday home.
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Who benefits?

I say this in every kettlebell review, but I think every strength athlete could benefit from using a kettlebell in training programs. They are versatile and can be useful for conditioning, strengthening and active recovery (when properly programmed). If you were to ask me to distinguish between the populations that could specifically benefit from this kettlebell, then I would provide you with two populations.

First, the competitive kettlebell athlete. This is obvious because this kettlebell is designed with competition dimensions, so obviously these demographics would benefit. Although, keep in mind that this kettlebell has four tapered sides, so it may feel different to the altered athlete.

Second, the kettlebell beginner. Since the dimensions of this kettlebell are consistent, it will feel similar on several weights. For this reason, I think it could be a good bell for a new lift to learn. Also, there is a large grip, so there is a slightly wider range of errors if the grip is a problem.


In terms of pure durability, I felt no immediate alarm. I am a fan of the unique cast iron, as it suggests a longer life span of the bell compared to bells made of several materials. In addition, I like the powder-coated finish because it adds a bit of resilience to the mantle and can be beneficial in prolonging rust or chip rates.

The only problem I would recommend keeping an eye on is for those who store or use this kettlebell in a damp or humid environment. At the end of the day, this kettlebell is still cast iron, so it is possible that it will rust over time, especially on the bottom where chips may be more prevalent.


The expected price you will pay for the Rogue Fitness Competition Kettlebell is approximately $97.50. This price is a little higher than other kettlebells at this weight, but you must remember that this is a competition kettlebell. For this reason, I feel that the price is a little too expensive because it is a niche kettlebell, and it is slightly lower than its competitors. Although, if you just need a 24 kg kettlebell, there are cheaper options.


In conclusion, I thought this kettlebell was a solid option for several reasons. The unique cast iron gave a feeling of long term durability and felt solid throughout the workouts. In addition, I was a fan of the four tapered sides, which offered a different feel when this kettlebell was in contact with my wrist. Conversely, I could see a long-time kettlebell user having problems with this type of design.

If you need a durable competition kettlebell at a reasonable price, I think the Rogue Fitness Competition Kettlebell is a good choice for you.

Rogue Competition Kettlebell
Rogue competition kettlebells bring the class and sophistication of an athletic tool to the everyday home.
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