Guest Post: Refine your BJJ Techniques with Expert Help and Advice

Dedicated students (and even masters, coaches and teachers) across all martial-arts constantly work at refining their techniques. This is true across all styles, but is especially true in a style like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, where moves are intricate and highly technical, and counters even more so. A student would like to spend time with an expert instructor, working on refining his or her technique, but such time is, of course, relatively limited. This can get very frustrating.

This is a problem that has dogged martial arts students for decades, where a student has the dedication and the will and is willing to make the time to perfect his or her mastery of a fighting discipline, but is sometimes held back by the fact that his or her instructor has a great many students, many of whom have exactly the same needs and requirements. This limits the amount of time an instructor can give to each student.

Studying videos of bouts and training sessions – a partial answer.

Now one thing that students of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu do these days to refine their techniques is to examine videos of various bouts, to see what they did right, and even more importantly, to see what they did wrong. Exponents examine their videos together, talk things over with each other, and try to figure out how to perfect their methods.


Making things easier…

Black Monkey Experts, a BJJ video platform  has just made this whole process a LOT easier.

It’s a site where BJJ exponents can upload videos of their bouts and training sessions. There’s a panel of expert instructors right there on the site that people can then ask questions of.

They’ll tell you what you did wrong, what you could do to get it right, and how you can get there through training.

Sometimes, you’ll need to use a different technique; at other times, you’ll have to work harder at perfecting a technique you already know, or you’ll have to execute it differently. Whatever you need to do to improve, these men will help you see what it is, and help you to get there.

Win Stuff!

There are even more benefits to posting your videos – and questions – on Black Monkey Experts. The site regularly hosts awesome competitions where the best question wins exciting prizes!

Does your question interest other BJJ exponents? Is it the most shared question this week? You can win a free rashguard, or another equally useful prize.

And that’s only the beginning, of course. Black Monkey has a lot of prizes and exciting offers coming your way.

How can it help me?

At the link below, a BJJ exponent was under his opponent. He was able to rise from a bottom half-guard and for a while it seemed that he would be able to move into a back mount. But somehow he couldn’t manage to accomplish this, despite strenuous efforts, with the opponent managing to successfully block him. He put up his video on Black Monkey Experts at the link below, asking for advice.

Watch the video so you understand the situation involved, and then read on.

Adam Wardziński fielded this question. He felt that the exponent in the video had allowed his opponent to control his head in the half guard. What he needed to do was to press his chest down on to the opponent’s back, and to control his hips with his thigh.

As you see above, this is specialist advice, exactly focused upon the problem at hand. With this advice, the person asking the question can replicate the situation with a training partner, again and again, until he gets the technique right.

That, after all, is the essence of success at BJJ – perfect understanding of response and technique, coupled with intense training to make the execution perfect.

Another issue that many BJJ practitioners have is adapting to a gi or no-gi grappling environment. Gi grappling allows the use of many techniques that involve the clothing, which no-gi grappling generally disallows.

In the two links below, exponents ask questions that highlight this difficulty with gi – no-gi grappling, and the experts on the site set their doubts to rest. Check out the judo throws advice.

You’ll see that the experts’ advice at the links above ranges from the highly technical, right down to even such basic detail as bowing and showing respect.

How expert are the experts?

One of them is Maciej Linke, who won four gold medals in the Polish League between the years 2004 and 2010. He also took the bronze at the 2008 World Cup, and has consistently ranked within the first three places in various European and World championships. Linke is a dedicated MMA fighter as well, taking part in professional contests since 2004. He won the Scottish Immortals FP championship belt as recently as 2015.


Maciej Linke is known for his iron control, and specializes in the Half-Guard and in takedowns.

Another expert is Maciej Kozak, a black belt in BJJ with a particular preference for modern jiu-jitsu. Maciej Kozak specializes in a ferocious open guard game, and is a highly technical fighter, relying on perfectly-executed technique, rather than brute force. He has won first place at the Polish Championships, at the World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championships, and the FILA Grappling European Championships, respectively.

A creditable fighter, a jiu-jitsu exponent of polished technique, and one willing to assist you with YOUR execution of technique.

Finally, there’s Adam Wardziński – a competition specialist par excellence. Adam is so competitive that there is no listing his triumphs at BJJ – to list his 1sts alone in various championships in recent years would take half this page. According to  IBJJF rankings, Adam is the finest brown belt in the world, period. He certainly is someone who can advise you on improving your technique.

The Site is Open to new Brands

And don’t forget, the site is always looking for new brands to join the project, so if you need to project your brand, Black Monkey Experts is the place for you.

The follow blog post was written on by Paweł Kaczyński from Black Monkey Deals. If you would like to write for Attack The Back please email

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