QUINTET 3 Heads Stateside to Las Vegas

QUINTET announced their third competition and a move over to stateside. On Friday October 5th, the day before Conor McGregor faces Khabib Nurmagomedov, Kazushi Sakuraba will be bringing his team-based grappling event, Quintet, to the American masses in Las Vegas.

Hoping to capitalise on the big fight week, QUINTET will be bringing some of their biggest names to the event, including a new team, Team Alpha Male, headed up by UFC Hall Of Fame fighter Urijah Faber. Since retiring from the UFC Urijah has been working the grappling circuit, most recently when he competed at Submission Underground 4 against Paulo Miyao.

Return of the Champions

QUINTET 3 looks like it will be the organisation’s best competition to date, with 2 returning champion teams facing off. The current roster for QUINTET are a follows:

Team Sakuraba

“I am excited to be able to hold the grappling event QUINTET that I produce in Las Vegas.” says QUINTET founder Kazushi Sakuraba. “I think that the format to the 5 to 5 team war and the winning system was able to show his interestingly at the past three competitions. Everyone, please be sure to check historical events with their eyes. ”

Kazushi Sakuraba
Josh Barnett
Marcos Souza
Roberto Satoshi Souza

Team Alpha Male

“I’m super excited to bring Team Alpha Male to this event.” said Team Alpha Male owner Urijan Faber. “QUINTET takes that to a whole other level, adding more tools and more complexity. We can not. wait! ”

Urijah Faber
Dustin Akbari
Chris Holdsworth

Team Polaris

“Team Polaris is looking forward to competing once again at QUINTET.” say’s Polaris co-owner Ben Tong. “We have the talent and the tactics to win again.”

Gregor Gracie
Craig Jones
Marcin Held
Dan Strauss

Team 10th Planet

“The rules of QUINTET are the same rules my guys train every day at 10th Planet.” Say’s Eddie bravo, founder of 10th Planet. “If it is not broke – do not fix it: we are coming back with the same team that won QUINTET 2. ”

Geo Martinez
Richie Martinez
PJ Barch
Amir Allam
Adam Sachnoff

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