Polaris Squads 3 Rescheduled to August 7th

Polaris has been struggling with the Coronavirus and unfortunately, due to more government restrictions, the professional grappling invitational has been postponed until a further date.

Polaris Squads 3 was promising to bring back professional grappling to a UK crowd with a big bang but unfortunately due to ongoing UK government restrictions, fans will have to wait a little bit longer.

Set to feature some of the UK’s and USA’s biggest grapplers including the current three title holder Ashley Williams and ADCC medalist JT Torres, Squads 3 was set to be a huge event.

Originally scheduled for July 17th, Polaris Squads 3 has been rescheduled to August 7th. All tickets purchased will still be valid for the later date and there are no changes to the current lineup.

We look forward to seeing full crowds at the upcoming Polaris event and we’re excited to see everyone cheering their teams on!

Team UK and Ireland

  • Darragh O’Conaill
  • Ross Nicholls
  • Daniel Strauss
  • Ash Williams
  • Bradley Hill
  • Tom Halpin
  • Kieran Davern
  • Ben Dyson

Team USA

  • JT Torres
  • Edwin Najmi
  • Richie Martinez
  • Nick Ronan
  • PJ Barch
  • William Tackett
  • Jon Blank
  • Kade Ruotolo