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Polaris Squads 2 – Date Announced, European Team Revealed

Polaris Squads 2 – Date Announced, European Team Revealed

After the first exciting instalment of the first Polaris Squads event, Polaris has announced Squads 2, but this time it’s in the gi!

On Saturday, November 7th, Polaris Squads returns with their new team competition format and with that announcement they have announced the European team, which is a bit of a powerhouse.

Polaris Squads 2 – Team Europe

This time Europe are not holding back on their selection, bringing THE best European gi athletes into the mix. Below are the competitors that have been announced for Team Europe

Team Europe – Under 95kg

Tommy Langaker 

Up first is Polaris fan favourite Tommy Langaker. The current 2020 European champion is a fan favourite known for his relentless pursuit for the back and the finish. 

Tommy’s last appearance was on Polaris was against UFC fighter Gilbert ‘Durinho’ Burns, where he was able to win via judges decision, even after coming close a number of times to finishing his opponent.

Tommy is going to be a tough nut to crack for the UK team that’s for sure.

Adam Wardzinski

Up next is the Polish powerhouse Adam Wardzinski. Wardzinski, who was meant to compete on the original Grand Prix pre covid, is back in the gi and ready to compete again.

Currently UAEJJF Grand Slam champion, Wardzinski was one of the first big-name Jiu-Jitsu grapplers to emerge from Poland and is probably considered one of Europe’s best submission grappler at his weight class.

Luca Anacoreta

Italian stallion Luca Anacoreta featured all the way back in Polaris 2 where he won against Pedro Bessa via triangle. These days Luca has been seen making waves in the European and international IBJJF circuit where he’s featured on numerous podiums.

Luca is known for his aggressive style and is also known for his fantastic Judo.

Max Linblad

Swedish born Max “Killer Carrot” Linblad is the last to fill the under 95kg roster. A BJJ black belt under Kent Hammarström, Linblad has featured on numerous IBJJF podiums very early on in career

Team Europe – Under 75kg

Espen Mathiesen

The second half of Wulfing House and teammate to Tommy Langaker, Espen Mathiesen is another name to watch on the mats during Squads.

After swiftly taking out Bryn Jenkins at Polaris 12 with an incredible armbar, Espen is back to bring team Europe to victory.

Leon Larman

Frenchman Leon Larman is a BJJ black belt under Julien Gaillard, but while he may not have reached the heights of Langaker of Mathiesen yet, he been making waves on the European IBJJF circuit.

Larman is known for his work Caio Terra, even representing CTA for a while and working with Caio at his headquarters in California.

Pedro Ramalho

Pedro Malho is another European name who is taking the IBJJF circuit by storm. Coming second at this year’s IBJJF European championships, he actually lost to Tommy Langaker in the finals.

Pedro is another aggressive Jiu-Jitsu competitor, so he will be out to make team UK’s day a difficult one.

Tommi Pulkannen

Finally we see Polaris veteran Tommi Pulkannen back in the Squads chair for team Europe. After competing in the first edition of Squads, will Tommi’s insider knowledge make him a key feature for team Europe?

Known for his incredible flexibility Tommi’s gi game is far better than his NoGi game, so watch out for some fun guard work from the Norwegian.

Polaris Squads 2 will be a closed-door event and streamed exclusively on UFC Fight Pass.

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