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Polaris Squads 2: Ash Williams vs Tom Halpin Title Match Completes The Lineup

Polaris Squads 2: Ash Williams vs Tom Halpin Title Match Completes The Lineup

If the excitement of Squads 2 wasn’t already enough, we can now announce the headliner matchup for Polaris Squads 2. Two of the best lightweight competitors in Europe Tom Halpin and Ash Williams will face off for the Polaris Featherweight Title.

With Nicky Ryan unable to defend his featherweight title (I mean have you seen him now?), it now means that the vacant title is up for grabs.

Firstly in steps current Polaris Lightweight and Bantamweight Champion Ash Williams, who is looking to cement his name as Polaris’ first triple champion. Ash’s recent form at Polaris has been unmatched, his outing at Squads saw him pick up move valuable grappler of the night with his 3  round performance. His Bantamweight match saw him take him Richard Alcar’s arm in swift fashion and he also took out standout competition Ethan Crelinsten in an incredible matchup.

Next comes his opponent, Irish grappler, ADCC competitor, EBI Combat World Champion and Ash’s Squads teammate Tom Halpin. At the last Squads event, Tom was the only grappler to secure a submission for team UK, which ultimately saw them go on and win the NoGi title for the team.

Halpin has had a mixed record on Polaris with wins against Brett Johns and loses against Ethan Crelinsten, however, Halpin is a dangerous competitor that should not be under estimated.

The title match will take place as the feature bout of Polaris Squads 2 and will be streamed exclusively on UFC Fight Pass.


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