Polaris Pro – By The Numbers

On January 10th 2015, the Polaris Professional Jiu-Jitsu Invitational was broadcast live to the world and since then the world of grappling has never been the same. As the brainchild of Scramble and Tatami Fightwear, their goal was to bring some of the world’s best grapplers together, to show off their skills on one of the biggest submission only events in the world.

On December 9th they return to their spiritual home in Cardiff at the Ice Arena to bring us their biggest cards to date. As a celebration of this, Attack The Back and The Grapple Club have collaborated to give you an insider look at their previous events. We’ve got some never-before-seen stats and facts we think you may enjoy!

This is, Polaris Pro – By The Numbers.

About the author


Richard Presley

A purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Richard is the owner and primary writer of Attack The back. Check out my About Me Page to learn more!

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