Polaris Pro 5 Location Revealed?

So there’s been a bit of quiet on the Polaris Pro front and while everyone has been eagerly awaiting their announcement for Polaris Pro 5, which normally happens in April, the guys at Polaris have been working some magic behind the scenes.

Today has been the first bit of new activity from the Polaris team, meaning things might be shifting and a few announcements may happen soon. The first was a change to their Facebook picture, which shows a picture of a city skyline, with a Polaris-style bat signal.

And that city? New York.

Looks like Polaris is moving from their last location Dorset and setting their sights in the Big Apple!

(This post is just speculation, but as soon as it is officially confirmed, we will let you know!)

Also, I apparently thought the Freedom Tower was The Shard. I’m an idiot. Nothing to see here…

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